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Chapter 2237 – Difference in Growth

Asura’s members fell silent as they watched s.h.i.+ Feng and the others enter the bar. When they saw Aqua Rose and her companions, in particular, they were overwhelmed with shock.

“How does Zero Wing have so many Refinement Realm experts?” Cleansing Whistle muttered, dazed.

Although Zero Wing’s members hid their levels with Black Cloaks, Cleansed Whistle could tell by their movements that these players had already reached the Refinement Realm. As Zero Wing’s members walked, they used subtle movements, minimizing their Stamina consumption. It was almost a form of training for them.

Ordinary experts might not see the difference, but as someone who had reached the Refinement Realm as well, Cleansed Whistle noticed immediately. In fact, She had even incorporated that subtlety in her daily life as a form of continuous training to minimize her Stamina consumption while in the fields.

Once she had become familiar with this form of subtle movement, she had begun to subconsciously use the technique while fighting powerful Bosses or other experts in high-speed battles, significantly reducing her Stamina consumption. This was the greatest difference between Refinement Realm experts and ordinary experts.

However, reaching the Refinement Realm wasn’t easy. Cleansed Whistle had run around and fought countless experts to train. She had also run across multiple fortuitous encounters in the game. This combination was the only reason she had successfully reached the Refinement Realm.

And yet, every Zero Wing member before her was a Refinement Realm expert. The situation was both unbelievable and frustrating.

“Is this really the Zero Wing we know?”

The situation even shocked Lifeless Thorn and Solitary Nine.

They were very familiar with the power Refinement Realm experts wielded.

First-rate Guilds, which ordinary players thought of as unreachable, would be fortunate to have 10 or so Refinement Realm experts at this stage of the game.

Even after carefully recruiting the best of the best among the Ice Crystal World’s Adventurer’s Alliance and putting them through countless life-or-death battles, the Asura adventurer team only had a little over 20 Refinement Realm experts. On the other hand, despite remaining in Star-Moon Kingdom and rarely venturing out on dangerous expeditions, Zero Wing had 100 Refinement Realm experts…

For a moment, Lifeless Thorn and the others wondered if they had teleported to the wrong city and were looking at some superpower’s main force, not Zero Wing. However, when they saw s.h.i.+ Feng’s familiar figure, as well as Shadow Sword and the others, whom they had previously met, they had no doubt that these were Zero Wing members.

Just what have the commander and his Guildmates been doing? Yan Ya wondered as she gazed at s.h.i.+ Feng.

When she had lived in the Ice Crystal World, the Matchless Family, a Guild that hadn’t even been first-rate, had been colossal to her, not to mention a Guild like Zero Wing, but after adventuring around the various kingdoms and empires on G.o.d’s Domain’s continent, she had learned one thing.

Although Zero Wing might be very powerful, it was only as strong as a first-rate Guild. Across the expansive G.o.d’s Domain, first-rate Guilds could, at most, lord over a small kingdom. Compared to the various superpowers, a first-rate Guild was nothing.

However, Zero Wing had a team that wasn’t any weaker than a superpower’s main force…

While Solitary Nine and the other Asura members focused on Zero Wing’s Refinement Realm experts, Lifeless Thorn’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to Fire Dance, Gentle Snow, and the few others that stood beside s.h.i.+ Feng. His expression s.h.i.+fted as complex emotions overcame him.

Even if he weren’t a match for s.h.i.+ Feng, Lifeless Thorn had a.s.sumed that no other player in Zero Wing could defeat him after he had reached the Flowing Water Realm, yet as he stared at Fire Dance and the others, they felt immensely dangerous. He could tell that they had also reached the Flowing Water Realm, and their combat standards were no weaker than his.

There was also Yan Tianxing and Yi Luofei. Lifeless Thorn could sense that those two had even greater combat power than his own. They were even stronger than the superpowers’ peak experts he had met thus far.

After a moment of silence, s.h.i.+ Feng swept his gaze across Asura’s members and nodded approvingly. He had to admit that Asura’s development speed was impressive, and it was now full of talented players. Asura had been faring far better than he had expected.

Although it didn’t have the support of a complete Refinement Realm Legacy, Asura had nurtured so many Refinement Realm experts. It was an amazing feat.

Lifeless Thom, in particular, had already reached the peak of the Flowing Water Realm and was only one step away from the Void Realm. Any superpower would try to recruit him at all costs. If he had already reached the Flowing Water Realm without the support of a legacy, he might rise to become a Domain Realm expert with such help in the future, something that even the various superpowers dearly lacked.

“Since everyone’s here, let’s head out,” s.h.i.+ Feng said.

“Where are we going, commander? We’ve just arrived in White River City and haven’t prepared anything,” Solitary Nine asked.

As players who constantly fought on G.o.d’s Domain’s frontlines, they had made it a habit to prepare before heading off to complete a task, regardless of whether they intended to raid a Dungeon or explore a new map. Most of these players had different environments, and players could easily die if they weren’t prepared.

“We’re going to the Purple Frost Field, and I’ve already seen to the necessary preparations. Here, distribute these to everyone,” s.h.i.+ Feng said as he revealed a bunch of Master Ice Resistance Potions and Advanced Ice Resistance Armor Kits.

“Purple Frost Field?” Solitary Nine hadn’t expected that answer; he had never heard of that place. However, he did not pay it much mind. G.o.d’s Domain was quite large, after all, and there were many Level 80 maps he hadn’t heard of before. He obediently accepted the potions and armor kits s.h.i.+ Feng handed him.

When Solitary Nine inspected the items, however, his eyes went wide with shock.

Master Ice Resistance Potions were practically impossible to find on the market at this stage of the game. Even if they showed up, they usually sold for at least 60 Gold, yet s.h.i.+ Feng had handed him 200 bottles. Solitary Nine hadn’t even seen the Advanced Ice Resistance Armor Kits before, and when he saw their Attributes, he knew that these items were extraordinarily valuable. One could easily fetch several hundred Gold if they sold the armor kits as a five-piece set.

When Asura’s members received their share, they were similarly astonished.

Even superpowers would likely struggle to obtain so many of these precious items, yet s.h.i.+ Feng handed them out without any hesitation…

Once everyone was ready, s.h.i.+ Feng instructed Asura’s members to use their Black Cloaks and head to the teleportation area. The team then teleported to one of Star-Moon Kingdom’s border towns before using s.h.i.+ Feng’s Spatial Gate and their Mounts to traverse the remaining distance. After three teleportations and riding their Mounts for several hours, the team reached a snow-covered field.

This was none other than the Purple Frost Field, a Level 90 to Level 100 neutral map.

As the biting-cold winds a.s.saulted them, the team noticed Level 90 monsters roaming the winter field. Every monster had a humanoid shape made entirely of crystal. Even the weakest of these monsters was a Lord, and they all traveled in groups of 20 to 30, each led by several Great Lords.

[Frost Giant] (Elemental Creature, Lord) Level 90

HP 55,000,000/55,000,000

[Frost Wanderer] (Elemental Creature, Great Lord)

Level 91

HP 120,000,000/120,000,000

Asura’s members gasped when they saw these monsters. These monsters were more than 10 levels higher than they were, and with how harsh this map’s environment was, their combat power would be limited. Trying to defeat a single group of these monsters would be suicidal.

“Commander, are we really going to explore this place?” Solitary Nine could not help but ask.

He was Asura’s lead MT, but even he doubted that he could hold his own against one Frost Wanderer, not to mention a group of Frost Wanderers and Giants.

“We’re not here to explore. We’re here to kill a Boss,” s.h.i.+ Feng said, shaking his head. He then turned to Cola and said, “Cola, open a path for us! We don’t have a lot of time to waste! The longer we take, the more Stamina well lose to cold.”

“Alright, leave it to us!”

Cola grinned when he heard s.h.i.+ Feng’s orders. He immediately led Turtledove and Ye Wumina to lure every Frost Wanderer and Frost Giant in the area.


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