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Chapter 2358 – Boundary s.p.a.ce

Fire Dragon Empire, Fire Dragon City:

Twenty flashes illuminated in the city’s Teleportation Hall. As these flashes faded, players in standardized equipment emerged from the array. The moment these players appeared, they attracted envious, awed looks from many of the building’s other occupants.

Even the lowest-level player in the group was Level 99 and wore standardized Level 95 Dark-Gold Set Equipment. Standardized Dark-Gold Set Equipment couldn’t compare to ordinary Set Equipment of the same level and rank, but its Basic Attributes were on par with Level 95 Dark-Gold Equipment.

At this stage of the game, most ordinary experts were stuck at Level 95 and would be lucky if they had a full set of Level 95 Secret-Silver Equipment. Not even large Guilds’ core experts dared to dream of wearing Level 95 Dark-Gold Equipment.

The man leading the group was a Level 100 player, and not only did he wear five pieces of Epic Equipment, but he also carried a crimson axe that radiated a chilling aura with an indiscernible rank. The weakest of this man’s equipment was Level 95 Dark-Gold rank. Even among such high-leveled and excellently-geared players, he was conspicuous.

While the crowd wondered who these players were, two Level 99 players with dense life auras approached the group.

These two were none other than Cold Memory and South Dream, whom s.h.i.+ Feng had met earlier.

“Owl, you actually made a trip here? If your grandfather finds out, he’ll definitely scold you,” South Dream said, pinching the bridge of his nose as he gazed at the Level 100 Berserker youth named Burning Owl.

Burning Owl was one of South Dream’s childhood friends. He was also one of the Azure Chamber of Commerce’s Vice Guild Leaders. Apart from the fact that he had his family’s support, Burning Owl had earned the position through his superior abilities and talents.

“Of course. This is an important day that decides our family’s position. How could I miss it?” Burning Owl said, chuckling. “How did it go with my second sister?”

“We tried, but Wonder intends to stay with Zero Wing. We have no choice but to ask Silk Moon to join Dark Pursuit,” Cold Memory said, frustrated. “However, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader has promised to arm Wonder with the Guild’s full support.”

“Zero Wing? Support my second sister?” Burning Owl could not help but frown. “Zero Wing really knows how to take advantage of people. Are they planning on relying on my second sister’s ident.i.ty to claim benefits from Azure? Second Sister is too gullible.”

The Azure Chamber of Commerce’s influence stretched across both of G.o.d’s Domain’s main continents. Even the various superpowers desperately fought to join the Chamber. As for his second sister, she was a free spirit that never cared about the family’s matters. Unlike her, Burning Owl constantly managed many of Azure’s affairs, which meant he had to deal with the powers that continued to seek a place with Azure.

“I am impressed by Zero Wing’s ability to nurture Lifestyle players. I’m confident that Wonder will perform well in the compet.i.tion,” South Dream added.

“Hopefully, that’s the case, but if Zero Wing’s Guild Leader tries to take advantage of my second sister, I’ll show him the power of my Heaven Piercer team,” Burning Owl said, nodding as a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

Neither Cold Memory nor South Dream offered a response.

The Heaven Piercer team Burning Owl controlled was certainly powerful. It might not have a lot of members, less than 50 in total, but every member was an expert among experts in the Azure Chamber of Commerce. Even the weakest member could rival peak experts. If these players split up and targeted a Guild, even as a Tier 3 Sword King, s.h.i.+ Feng would find them difficult to deal with.

Meanwhile, s.h.i.+ Feng and his two companions reached a large forest’s edge on their Mounts a short distance away from the Fire Dragon Empire.

A gigantic magic array enveloped the forest, and a ma.s.sive spatial tear was faintly visible in the sky. It was as if this entire forest were located within the spatial tear. The only way to enter or leave this forest was through the ma.s.sive steel checkpoint.

This was the Dark Hills, a famous boundary s.p.a.ce among the neighboring empires and kingdoms. It was also a well- known trade hub between the nearby countries.

Although the Dark Hills was a trade hub, it was not open to individual players or ordinary powers. Only the various major powers from the neighboring kingdoms and empires had access. When they needed to find precious materials, they usually came here.

All trades in the Dark Hills were done through a bartering system. There were also large-scale player-auctions from time to time, in which incomparably precious items would be sold. Most importantly, the Azure Chamber of Commerce controlled the Dark Hills. Occasionally, Azure would sell items that could only be found on the western continent, which were very attractive to the various major powers.

Azure’s presence was the reason that the Dark Hills had become such a famous trade hub.

A large number of players stood in line for the checkpoint, with many of them driving carriages filled with non-bag s.p.a.ce items. They were all looking to trade their items in the Dark Hills.

Due to Azure’s forces at the checkpoint, none of these players dared to make a fuss as they waited. The Chamber of Commerce had stationed all sorts of war weapons and magic arrays at the checkpoint as well to secure its rule over the area, and a small army of experts had garrisoned in the Dark Hills.

Not even an army of tens of thousands of experts could shake Azure’s rule in the Dark Hills, much less a small team. After arriving, s.h.i.+ Feng’s group quietly stood in line, waiting to enter the Dark Hills.

It was a dozen minutes or so before they reached the steel gate, reinforced by a magic array.

“Second Miss, Guild Leader Black Flame, please wait here for a moment. I’ll handle the entry procedures,” Cloud Hunter said before approaching the Azure members stationed at the gate.

“You and Second Miss can go in.” The robust man at the gate said after examining Cloud Hunter’s proof of ident.i.ty. He then pointed to s.h.i.+ Feng and said, “He must wait out here for now.”

“Why? My Guild Leader is coming with us,” Silent Wonder explained.

“This is a very important day. To maintain the peace, outsiders aren’t allowed on the premises. However, since he is your companion, Second Miss, I’ll make this easier, but he’ll still have to undergo an inspection before he can enter,” the robust man decided, chuckling.

“Why aren’t your men inspecting them, then?” Silent Wonder demanded as she gestured to a group of players that walked through the gate without an inspection. None of those players were members of the Azure Chamber of Commerce.

“They are from the Fire Dragon Empire’s various superpowers and Azure’s esteemed guests. They are different,” the robust man replied.

You better not go overboard, Brute! Zero Wing’s Guild Leader is our second miss’s esteemed guest!” Cloud Hunter coldly informed the robust man, Prideful Brute.

Although Prideful Brute was one of Azure’s peak experts, he wasn’t a member of Silent Wonder’s family. Even a fool could tell that he was trying to cause trouble to humiliate Silent Wonder.

“Didn’t I say that he can go in as long as he allows us to inspect him?” Prideful Brute said, grinning at Cloud Hunter. “What? You want to start a fight here?”

With Prideful Brute’s question, the 40 heavy crossbows on the wall turned to aim at Cloud Hunter, and two of Prideful Brute’s companions stepped forward. Both players were Azure experts as well, and they wore the same battle array set equipment as Prideful Brute. When they activated their battle array, they’d be just as powerful as Cloud Hunter overall.

That was the reason that Prideful Brute dared to act so arrogantly before Cloud Hunter.

Prideful Brute’s att.i.tude even infuriated Silent Wonder. She wanted nothing more than to teach the man a lesson. s.h.i.+ Feng was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader. If he had to be inspected before he’d be allowed into the Dark Hills, it would be embarra.s.sing for her Guild.

“Don’t do it, Second Miss. If you take action, you’ll play right into his hands,” Cloud Hunter quickly advised his charge when he sensed Silent Wonder’s rage. “He has full control over this area. He has the authorization to suppress you if you attack, even if you are one of the Chamber’s Vice Guild Leaders.”

The Dark Hills wasn’t an ordinary location. It was an important source of income for the Azure Chamber of Commerce. Hence, the Chamber’s security of this area was of the utmost importance. As the checkpoint’s manager, Prideful Brute had the authorization to attack anyone who wasn’t Azure’s Guild Leader or a Grand Elder if they caused trouble. If Silent Wonder caused a scene and died as a result, her maternal grandfather wouldn’t be able to object.

“It seems you’re not that dumb after all. This is one of Azure’s most important territories. Do you really think your family has full say in Azure?” Prideful Brute said, sneering Silent Wonder.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, a sword light startled everyone. The attack was so fast that by the time players had reacted, it had already sliced through Prideful Brute’s throat.

As the sword light faded, Prideful Brute lost all of his HP and collapsed powerlessly to the ground…

Everyone that had seen the attack spun toward its origin. The attacker was none other than Silent Wonder’s guest-s.h.i.+ Feng.


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