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Chapter 1061

The douqi wave weighed down on everything like magical gravity.

Dozens of cultivators of elite backgrounds channeled their douqi to make the two youngsters fall down in pain. They couldn’t wait to see the kids spewing blood and twitching on the ground with the combined might of their douqi wave. The elite knights started channeling more magic power and douqi.

Ensi saw the nonchalant look on Wu Yan’s face and he turned grim. He clenched his teeth as he joined the fray.

The douqi wave intensified. Sylph frowned in pain. She can feel her body slowly sagging downwards. Even the magical power she’s using to coat her body isn’t doing anything to stop the damage from spreading, she’s only delaying her inevitable doom.

Sylph is a once-in-a-lifetime talent, she’s already an eighth-tier magician despite being in her early twenties. Even so, how is someone so young supposed to fight against dozens of Guardians with more experience than her.

Plus, these elite Guardians were in their 30s, there are dozens of peak tier 7 cultivators. There are even multiple tier 8 knights among the foes. She’s outgunned in this douqi showdown, both in number and strength.

Ensi is a peak tier 8 cultivator in his own right, how could she possibly win against a lineup like this?

Furthermore, the elite Guardians worked together to conjure this deluge of douqi.

This heavy pressure isn’t something Sylph can handle.

Fortunately, the Guardians only used their douqi and magic power to pressure them. If they used techniques or skills then even ten Sylphs wouldn’t be enough to defend.

Sylph slowly blushed under this immense pressure.

That is not a good sign, her blood qi is surging up within her enfeebled body.

At this rate, Sylph will no doubt vomit blood.

These Guardians have the nerve to hara.s.s an imperial princess until she’s on the verge of barfing blood, one can imagine the guts they had.

They figured they can get away with an excuse like: “Oh, we are just testing a genius’ power.”

Plus, they didn’t use their real powers, right?

However, the Guardians would no doubt incur Kate’s wrath when it comes to that point.

In Kate’s eyes, n.o.body is more important than his beloved daughter. The Guardians merit? Being called a foolish ruler? Hah, as if he ever cared about those things.

Granted, Wu Yan’s presence here prevented this undesirable scenario.

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow when Sylph turned rosy. He can see the pain in her eyes so he roamed his gaze over Ensi & co.


A giant tsunami of magic power swept forward. The magical power formed a storm when he channeled his power.

He raised his right foot. He stomped heavily as white mist started shooting outwards. The mist combined with the shockwave Wu Yan emitted, engulfing everything in its path.

The temperature fell to freezing point in an instant.

Crack crack snap snap

The ground immediately turned into ice. The terrifyingly low temperature swept up the elite Guardians who used their douqi to defend against the cold. Their futile resistances were evident when they got turned into ice sculptures.

“What the…”

The other Guardians started panicking.

The all-consuming white mist blew past them, making ice statues out of shrieking Guardians.


Ensi couldn’t believe his eyes, however, there’s no time to zone out. The ice mist is already creeping up on him. This isn’t the time to panic.

Ensi quickly pulled out his sword. He used his douqi and battle technique to hack at the white mist.


He sliced a path through the white mist, clearing a section out for himself.


A bone-piercing frosty gale blew by, sweeping up everything except himself. In just a few seconds, he found himself surrounded by ice and frost. Even his cold sweat crystallized into ice droplets.

Except for a small area around Ensi, everything else got frozen!

This is terrifying!

Ensi’s face paled, the owner of this pale face just couldn’t deal with reality.

Ensi looked at Wu Yan only to find the youngster grinning back at him.

Wu Yan is looking at Ensi like he’s looking at a total loser.

Ensi’s body trembled in frustration.

It was his idea to use a combined douqi wave on them.

Even so, he lost despite making up the rule for this informal duel. He struck first!

To block Wu Yan’s pure magical power of a frosty nature, Ensi used his armament and battle technique.

A total defeat!

“How… why?…”

Ensi growled.

“How can pure magical power infused-frost freeze us?!”

Countless ice magicians can infuse magic power into the air to create artificial chilling air.

However, a cold spell this potent is something Ensi has never heard of!

It wouldn’t strike Ensi as odd if Wu Yan used magic spells to achieve this. But, how can anyone use pure magic power to create cold air so potent it can freeze everything in sight?!

A demiG.o.d might be able to do this.

However, Ensi would rather choose death over admitting Wu Yan’s a demiG.o.d.

Ensi wasn’t aware of Wu Yan’s ability. He had strong magic power for sure, but, it’s beyond his ability to use pure magic power to create frosty air that can freeze tier 7 or tier 8 pract.i.tioners, freezing inanimate objects would be his limit.

He can do this because he had Alrescha Glacies. Avrora and Nagisa pitched in.

Alrescha is already a primogenitor-cla.s.s va.s.sal beast. It also once belonged to the strongest primogenitor, the Fourth Primogenitor. After Avrora merged with Nagisa, Alrescha got a power boost.

Among Wu Yan’s magical familiars, Lei Xian the black dragon and Zhuo Yan the white dragon are his strongest familiars. One can sunder s.p.a.ce itself with black lightning while the other can burn time with its white flames. That’s what made the two dragons so powerful.

Ignoring abilities, however, Alrescha is the one with the strongest power.

With Alrescha’s stat boost, Wu Yan’s command over the ice element reached an exalted level.

That is the true cause of this scene.

Wu Yan pulled a stunned Sylph’s hand as they wandered past the icy statues that perfectly captured the shocked and terrified looks of the poor elite knights who picked a fight with them. He brushed past Ensi’s shoulder while enjoying his green look.

Ensi turned around as he roared frantically, he could no longer hold back the hatred and wrath in his heart.


His frustrated and odious roars echoed throughout the compound.

Sylph looked at Wu Yan’s broad back while thinking about what Wu Yan just did.

“Your mastery of ice is astonishing…”


Wu Yan chuckled.

“If the Ice Princess says so then it must be true…”

Sylph lowered her head.

“My ice isn’t on the same level as yours…”

“Well, I am happy to hear that.”

Wu Yan turned around while flashing a plucky smile.

“I don’t want to be weaker than my fiancee, even if it’s just ice…”

Sylph’s eyes lit up. She looked at their hands and giggled.


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