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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 142: Borrowing a communication device to call for help…

No matter what Wu Yan said, the three girls ain’t buying his s.h.i.t. Though he wanted to cry, he couldn’t for the lack of tears. Maybe because of his tendency to fool around, the three girls amended their att.i.tude towards him for the better. Although, good words coming out of the yuri girl don’t sound good to the receiver at all…

Finally, after much protesting and defense, they decided not to record his offense this time, they let him off with a warning. That cheeky little girl, Shiroi Kuroko said something about not forgiving him if she ever comes across him again, she’s just a delinquent plain and through isn’t she.

Konori Mii wrote “sternly warned’ in the case file and look at Wu Yan before continuing.

“Now, we are just going to wait for a friend of yours to come and bail you out, then you can walk..”

Wu Yan flinched. Ignoring what it means when she said bail, he first needs to have someone in mind, that’s another issue altogether. System gave him a setting where he didn’t have any friends, parents, or girlfriends. Where the f.u.c.k is he going to find a guarantor?

“Erm, do I really need a guarantor before I can go?”

Wu Yan put on a dry smile. Having not been here for more than an hour since arriving, he already feels like his heart had taken enough damage to weaken it…


Konori frowned before she stared at him and told him off.

“It’s the rule, as a citizen of Academy City, don’t tell me you don’t know this?”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes, he really didn’t know it. It’s not like the rule is explicitly shown in the anime, drawn in the manga or even wrote about in the novel. How the h.e.l.l would he even know them.

“But, I don’t have anyone that can bail me out…”

Trying to hold back this information for a while, Wu Yan finally let it out.

“n.o.body you say?”

The three girls were surprised. Shiroi Kuroko used a very off kind of eyes on him. That expression, it kinda reminds him of that time when he first met Lulu in the jungle.

The eyes as if one was looking at an unsightly hillbilly….

“Surely your personal relations aren’t so bad that you have no friends to back you up…”

“As much as I would like to not admit it….”

His lips twitch and his grudge against the System deepened.

Shiroi Kuroko took another serious look at the guy before sighing and shrugging.

“Then it seems, you will have to stay here for a few more days.”

“Do we really have to do this?…”

The 3 girls nodded, even Uiharu was included. He looked up at the ceiling with a pained expression but he didn’t say anything…

Inside Academy City, it would be wrong to say he didn’t know anyone, in fact he knows quite a lot of the characters here. h.e.l.l, he even knows about that fake hikikomori called Aleister. It’s just that, n.o.body knows him, that’s the issue here.

The ones who would recognize him would only be the girls that came with him. But who knows what ident.i.ty they had been given and where are they at the moment.

He’s thoroughly beating himself up deep inside. He accounted for many things but let the method of communication slip past him, among all the tools he got why didn’t he buy communication tools?…

But at least he could still feel the girls presence due to the shared life force feature. However, the girls probably didn’t think he would get caught so fast after coming to this world.

Without a mean to contact them and just waiting for them to come for him, by that point, he would probably have spent enough time here to be freed.

Ugh, I wonder how they are, I’m not that worried about Hinagiku, she’s very independent. I am however a bit worried for Ikaros seeing as she can’t deal with people well enough. I am even more worried for Astrea, that idiot, who knows if she will even be able to survive…

And then there’s Mikoto, he’s not worried about her. She’s a native here anyways, she’s probably waiting inside the dormitory for this yuri girl before him to go back and have some smexy yuri time…

All of a sudden, Wu Yan’s eyes shined brightly and then he shouted.


The sudden shout gave the girls a jump. Uiharu was so shocked she accidentally b.u.mped her head against a computer with a yelp. It’s clearly painful for her as tears are starting to come out of the corners of her eyes.

“What are you yelling for, suddenly….”

Shiroi Kuroko is not amused at all, her two curly pigtails that are starting to float upwards, Konori looked pretty displeased as well.

Against the 3 girls glaring at him, he grinned before he quickly asked a favor of Shiroi Kuroko.

“Oh that’s right, I have someone that can vouch for me. Kuroko, borrow me your handphone!”

Shiroi Kuroko stomped in anger as she threw a leer at him while gnashing her teeth.

“Don’t call me so intimately! I am not that close to you!”

Wu Yan recalled that in Island country (Tl: j.a.pan), only very close people would call each other with their given name, but he’s not a resident of that country….

He gave a few wry laughs while trying to shrug it off.

“Don’t mind the details..”

With a cold ‘hmph’, she took out her cellphone and shoved it into his hand with a very unfriendly att.i.tude. After that, she took a seat and ignored him completely.

Looking more like a bluetooth earphone than a phone, he raised an eyebrow.

This level of technology is going to be the death of me…

Luckily for him, he saw Kuroko using her phone many times on screen, as he fumbled the machine in his hand, he searched for something and quickly he found the name he was looking for as can be seen by the joyful expression of his face.

Quickly dialing the number under the gazes of the 3 confused girls, a voice rang after some static and the owner picked up, it’s a very familiar voice.

“Oh? Kuroko…”

The voice came from within the phone and also from within the 177 branch office, the voice is very clear, clear enough that Kuroko shot up straight after hearing it.


Wu Yan wanted to smash this phone, not only was it hard to operate, it was even automatically on speaker…

“Kuroko, what’s up?”

Mikoto’s voice continued coming from the phone. However, the whole place is strangely quiet. Meanwhile, Kuroko looked like she wanted to chew him to bits right there and then, adding much to Wu Yan’s headache.

“h.o.m.o Erectus, how dare you use my phone to hara.s.s my Onee-sama!”

She reached into her skirt with one hand and reach out to s.n.a.t.c.h the phone from Wu Yan’s hand with the other. It seems like she’s going to give him a peice of her mind while retrieving the phone.

“Wait wait wait wait! Let me finish!”

When Mikoto heard his voice from the other side, she’s surprised, how could she mishear his voice? But then, why is he with Kuroko?

“Yan? Yan, is that you?”

When Mikoto’s voice came, Kuroko stopped her hands subsequently making Wu Yan dismiss the notion of taking her down. With Kuroko still flabbergasted, Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

“Mikoto, it’s me..”

“Why are you holding onto Kuroko’s phone?”

Even if she wasn’t here, he could picture the confusion on her face right now. Thinking about how to reply to her, the bitter smile on his face became even more anguished. What choice does he have, this Academy City arc had been kicking him in the nuts since the beginning…

“Please listen to me…”

He explained with ambiguous and doubtful explanations, given that there are still 3 other girls here, he couldn’t be too specific in his explanation…

On the side, Kuroko kept opening and closing her mouth in disbelief, hearing him calling her “Mikoto” and the other side responding with “Yan” in such an intimate and familiar way really got to her.

Soon after explaining himself, the whole place became quiet once again, Mikoto also became silent. Soon, a slightly irritated voice came.

“That is to say, you got captured by Kuroko and is now awaiting me to bail you out…”

“It…. It is as you say….”

Wu Yan turned his face the other way in an awkward manner, even if Mikoto isn’t directly in front of him, he felt like he didn’t have the guts to show himself in front of her.

“Molesting young girls…”

Unsure whether or not he’s hallucinating but somehow or the other, her voice took on a more sinister tone…

“You should know it’s nothing like that…”

Wu Yan put out a long sigh.

Leaving a gap of about a few seconds, Mikoto uttered in an unamused manner.

“Wait quietly there!”

And then, the line disconnected. Wu Yan released a breath of relief. If possible, he really didn’t want to stay a second longer over here. With that, his matter over here is settled, the sae couldn’t be said about Kuroko though.

“This, how can this be! Tell my why a sc.u.m of the earth like you! Would know someone like Onee-sama!”


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