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Lying on top of Mikoto’s bed, Wu Yan regained his breathing. He looked so satisfied, one could just draw the character for satisfied on his face. He felt his bones complimenting him for a job well done.

Meanwhile, Mikoto laid on top of Wu Yan while flushing red. Her eyes were glazed over as she rested her head on Wu Yan’s chest, her mouth opened and closed like she’s trying to kiss his skin. Obviously, she hadn’t recovered from the intense bedroom activity.

The maid uniform she was wearing had been pulled down to her waist and had tangled in a messy bunch of fabrics. If one didn’t focus on her uniform, Mikoto would appear to be nude. The two stuck to each other in an intimate position. Not odd given the fact that Wu Yan’s mini-me is still inside of her…

Caressing her glossy pink back, he felt that everything he had to go through to reach this stage today was worth it.

Exhaling, Mikoto finally regained her senses. She felt his member still throbbing within her and sensed the position they were in before she blushed a deeper red.

She raised her head and leered at him before twisting her body, trying hard to endure the jolt of electricity running through her body the moment his member rubbed her insides. She bashfully shouted at him.

“Ge-get your junk out of me…”

Mikoto’s movements almost reignited him. He hugged Mikoto’s body tightly and drove his piledriver into her a few times and Mikoto’s bashful protest of anger turned into coy pants.

“Mikoto, you are seriously becoming more and more charming…”

Still holding on to her, Wu Yan smashed her while delivering those words. He made sure to enjoy all she has to offer as well.

“Nn… No… Nh… Not again… Uu… Oh G.o.d, here it comes… Ughh…”

Her body moved in tune with Wu Yan. She became too tired to work with him so with slight ecstasy written on her face, she begged Wu Yan to go easy on her, a dejvu as she had asked him for the same thing just moments ago…


Wu Yan didn’t comply, if anything when it comes to doing the dirty deeds, it’s better to do exactly the opposite of what she said. He obliged by this principle and gave her all he got as he rocked her while enjoying himself.

“But Mikoto, I want more…”

“No more…”

Mikoto moaned, clearly tired out by what they had done, she mewled in his ears.

“There’s a…Mh….a…Uu… performance later…”


Wu Yan stopped and slapped his head due to it almost slipping his mind. Mikoto had a violin performance waiting for her.

He stopped, finally giving Mikoto the chance to catch her breath, she tried to continue while panting.

“Midsummer festival… performance, I have to be on it… so…”

Helplessly nodding, he acquiesced. She has to perform so this tango has to be put on hold. It’s a bid regrettable but he had his fun. h.e.l.l, what’s stopping him from finding the next chance to do this cosplay again, there are more maid costumes in his ring anyway…

He picked her up and sat her in his laps before roughing her insides up more. She moaned as he told her.

“Well then, Mikoto, you better break a leg because there’s going to be a punishment waiting for you if you screw it up~~~”

Mikoto could do nothing but leak out moans and muster up a nod. She also didn’t forget to beg him to have mercy on her. If this goes on, she really won’t have any energy to go up on stage later on.

But, being screwed over by Wu Yan, her nervousness before the big performance got dispelled quite quickly by the time she c.u.mmed like the n-th time. Perhaps, this is the silver lining to their little interlude.

Frustrated by his thoughts, he pounded her even harder and he sent her soul of her body. She probably lost sense of herself by the end…

“Even if we are going to end this, it will be after this round is finished…”

Hinagiku noticed Wu Yan and Mikoto’s return almost immediately the moment they stepped into the dining area. She told them off in an obviously unamused tone.

“Where did you guys go? We were going to look for you had you been any later!”

Wu Yan rubbed his head and laughed.

“Maa, don’t sweat the small stuff, we just went out to play a little game that’s all, see we are here aren’t we?”

The moment she heard him say “a little game”, Mikoto blushed while recalling what they did in the dormitory. Her expression turned into a 囧, however, when she saw the mountain of plates piled up in front of Astrea.

“You sure can eat, as expected of Astrea…”

Wu Yan awkwardly laughed before sighing. It’s a good thing that he had enough gold on him. Otherwise, he really didn’t know where he had to get the finance to feed this angel.

Hinagiku pouted when she heard him and pointed a finger in another direction.

“Astrea isn’t comparable to that over there, that’s more impressive!”

Everyone looked at where Hinagiku pointed. The kids were stunned by what they saw. If Astrea managed to work up a mountain of plates, that thing worked up ten mountains of plates.

Mikoto’s lip twitched as she compared the two tables.

“Well, what do you know? She really lost…”

Wu Yan adopted the 囧 expression, he lost words to describe how lost for words he is.

If his eyes are not playing tricks on him, the individual buried in plates had a nun’s outfit, it’s a silver-haired little girl…

He then saw the spiky-haired boy who looked really unlucky and is sweating heavily like there’s no tomorrow, he already knows what went down here…

“I can’t believe just how relaxed you are, Misaka Mikoto…”

A low voice of a feminine origin entered everyone’s ears. Everyone preoccupied with the world of plates in front of them flinched and turned towards the source of the sound. Everyone but Wu Yan stopped, Wu Yan frowned when he identified her.

“And you are?”

Mikoto hesitated for a bit as she examined this weird girl who had an expression like everybody in the world owed her money.

“Misaka Mikoto, Railgun of Tokiwadai, No.3 of Academy City. You need not know me but I know you!”

The girl is wearing what appears to be a blue uniform, slightly curly blue hair that reaches her shoulders, an uptight expression, and eyes like those of a fish, indifferent to anything in the world.

Judging by what she said, Mikoto frowned at the possibility that she really isn’t here on some random chance.

“Who are you…”

“We can leave the answer to that question for another time. Right now, I have a more important information to tell you!”

The young girl then looked at Wu Yan & company, probably a signal for them to distance themselves.

“Drop the act, just say it will you?”

Hinagiku examined her, she’s not sensing anything dangerous from her but since she is still a stranger, she raised her guard.

The girl glanced at Hinagiku before looking back at Mikoto.

“This is a very critical issue, I hope you will come along with me…”

Mikoto hesitated but Wu Yan spoke up before she could reply.

“No need for that, just say your piece, there is nothing to hide. !”

Nunotaba Shin.o.bu’s expression changed a bit. Surprised, she looked at him.

“You know who I am?”

“More or less…”

Wu Yan went up and grabbed Mikoto’s hand. She stepped down because she knows that he is someone she can place her trust on.

Wu Yan smiled at her and then looked at Shin.o.bu with serious eyes.

“Nunotaba Shin.o.bu, for you to come here personally for Mikoto. I am guessing it has something to do with the sisters right?…”

More than just a slight change in expression, Shin.o.bu displayed a look of pure shock.

“You know about the sisters?”

“Not just me, everyone else does. Just say whatever you’ve got to say!”

She looked at Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea who finally put down the fork.

“It seems you guys already know.”

Shin.o.bu frowned heavily before she relaxed her brows.

“Since you guys are already aware of it I am going to a.s.sume that you guys know about the pillaging of the sisters and the indefinite freeze on the whole project right. Well then, this is going to be straightforward.”

“Lv 6 shift program is in motion again!”


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