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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 276: n.o.body is going to hate you, I won’t as well…

“Are you done playing?…”

His cold voice was like a chilly wind that cooled Flandre-chan’s agitated heart, a stark contrast to his warm tone that advised her time and time again to chill. Flandre-chan wasn’t used to this kind of tone.

Flandre-chan looked into Wu Yan’s eyes and she was stunned.

His originally deep red eyes had turned into a radiant gold color.

A terrifying pressure started pouring out of his single-armed body, covering Flandre-chan.

This aura might as well be a breeze to Flandre-chan but Flandre-chan still trembled. Her excited and manic expression turned into one of fear.

Still in midair, Flandre-chan subconsciously flew back a bit. Weak as the aura maybe, she still felt intimidated by it.

Her faint resistance had no effects.

His aura stuck to her like an annoying bug. No matter how much she retreated, that uncomfortable aura followed her and her heart started throbbing.

His weaker relative strength didn’t deny his status as a True Ancestor, an existence standing at the apex of all vampires. His aura may be weak at the moment, it was enough to intimidate Flandre-chan.

That’s the aura of his bloodline.

Whenever he embraced his True Ancestor side, his golden eyes would emerge.

Dying two times, literally disarmed, his awkward feelings had morphed into one of anger.

Cracking under the subtle pressure of a True Ancestor, his cold tone finally broke through the strong façade around Flandre-chan’s fragile and unstable heart.


Flandre-chan squat down as she landed softly on the beach. She looked at Wu Yan who is still in the sky with red eyes and then she cried.

“Uuu… Onii-chan is a meanie… Uuu… a big baddie just like Onee-chan…”

She rubbed away the tears at the corner of her eyes but some of it escaped her hands and fell onto the dry sand of the beach. She kept sniffing and rubbing away her tears, she looked very upset.

His cold att.i.tude dispersed immediately when he saw her crying. He started freaking out at what to do with this situation.

He got killed twice by Flandre-chan and he had lost an arm trying to get her to stop, that’s why he got mad. But, seeing Flandre-chan like this, how could he stay mad?…

Flandre-chan herself did nothing wrong, she just had too much power and it was something she was born with. Her mentality and power were incompatible so her psychological state wasn’t stable. If it wasn’t enough that she simply couldn’t get her powers under control, she was locked up in a bas.e.m.e.nt by Remilia because of something she could not control.

When he said he is going to seal her power, it’s only reasonable that her childish mentality would link it with what Remilia did to der.

In the end, she’s just a kid.

His fury died down and he sighed before he straightened his back up. His arm had grew back before he knew it.

His figure flickered and he appeared in front of Flandre-chan who is still weeping and sobbing. Shaking his head with a bitter laugh. He reached out and lifted Flandre-chan up.

Flandre-chan didn’t resist him, she probably had no intention to do so anyway. Thus, Wu Yan brought her into his arms.

Patting her back, he spoke softly beside her ears.

“Alright, Flandre-chan, don’t cry…”

“Uuu… Onii-chan you’re a meanie just like Onee-chan, just like everybody. You’re all meanies, everyone hates Flan. n.o.body plays with Flan. I just wanted to play with Onii-chan, uguu…”

Her disgruntled crying cut him pretty deep. He silently cursed himself although he did nothing wrong. If Flandre-chan cried, that’s enough for him to call himself a b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Patting her back, Wu Yan sighed in a gleeful manner, he whispered beside her ears.

“Look, Flandre-chan, you’re wrong. I am not a good guy by any standard, but, your sister is not a meanie. Everything she did was for you…”

“Liar… liar liar pants on fire…”

Flandre-chan shook her head furiously as she chanted.

“Onee-chan is the biggest villainess of them all! She wouldn’t’ play with Flan, she keeps Flan locked up in aroom. Flan tried being a good and obedient girl but she still wouldn’t spend any time with Flan, Onee-chan hates Flan for sure. Uuu…”


He tightened his hug and continued.

“Your sister locked you up because she was afraid you would get into trouble. Why would your sister hate you? She’s the one who likes you the most.”

Flandre-chan stopped crying, her tears continued to roll down her cheeks but the amount was gradually decreasing. She lifted her head, her eyes still red from all the crying, she responded in a slightly upset manner.

“But Flan is a good girl, she won’t get into trouble…”

Wu Yan shook his head with a bitter smile. If Flandre-chan is really as obedient as she say she is, he wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble. But, she’s a kid so that’s the last thing she needs to hear at the moment…

“I know Flan can be a very good girl but Flan, try to think back…”

He minced his words and continued.

“Do you remember what happened to the guests your sister brought home? Did they ‘break’ after you played with them?”

Flandre-chan flinched and she thought about what he said before she nodded. She continued in a meek manner.

“But, those people broke too easily, it’s not Flan’s fault…”

Hold up, you killed the people and you still say it’s not your fault? As expected, this loli is too OP…

He rolled his eyes so fast Flan didn’t notice at all. He continued trying to tell her what is wrong.

“But, you broke them did you not? Your sister brought guests over and you broke them, is it weird for Onee-chan to get angry? But, rest a.s.sured that Onee-chan definitely won’t hate Flan! You mean the world to her!”

Flandre-chan lowered her head in rumination. She lifted her head and hope could be spotted in her eyes. She asked Wu Yan in a giddy manner.

“Does Onee-chan really like Flan?”

“Of course! That’s a guarantee from your Onii-chan!”

“Really? She doesn’t hate Flan?”

He nodded and that put an end to the tears rolling down the side of her face. She looked at Wu Yan with an excited expression.

“Say, say, does Onii-chan like Flan as well?”

Wu Yan beamed wide and he brushed her blonde hair with his fingers before resolutely replying to her question.

“You betcha! Flan means the world to me as well!”

Her red eyes lit up and she couldn’t hide her joy even if she were to try, she’s that happy at the moment.

“You really, really, ddon’t hate Flan at all?”

She’s trying to please him like a kid her age, Wu Yan shook his head in a helpless manner.

“Flandre-chan, n.o.body hates you, of course, I wouldn’t as well!”

Her frown was turned upside down and a wide smile appeared on that sunny face of hers. She grabbed onto Wu Yan’s shirt with both hands and she kept rubbing her face all over it before she comfortably closed her eyes.

Rubbing her head, he had a heartwarming smile on his face reminiscent of a doting parent smothering his child with love and affection.

She’s a kid afterall.


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