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Sometime during the night….

Why an approximate time? Well it’s inside a cave so the trio can’t tell for sure what’s the time outside, phones and whatnot wasn’t with them hence the approximate time was used…

Same fire, same meat, same dude grilling. What’s different is that on Wu Yan’s face there was a red slap bruise. He’s also burnt charcoal black. The two girls are completely awake now, they sat by the fire and glared at him.

Done with some meat, he pa.s.sed the meat over to them.

“Here.. youch!”

His speech agitated his bruise, the red hot, slap mark on his face burned and he could only twitch his mouth and sob silently.

He figured he would get a punished for his actions but he didn’t expect to be taught so ‘thoroughly’.

What can he say, his beliefs before transporting screwed him over, this is because inside his subconscious, it’s not a big deal if he saw a girl b.u.t.t naked, what can they do? Beat him up into a pulp?

Too bad he forgot he’s not in the ‘harmonious’ society anymore (tl: referring to censorship over there see this), 2D shoujos show no mercy…

He’s pretty d.a.m.n proud however for getting to enjoy their naked bodies.

Leering at him Mikoto took the grilled meat away from him, laughing like a fool he pa.s.sed another over to Hinagiku, the chick s.n.a.t.c.hed it and didn’t give him the time of day, he made do with the back of her head.

Dusting his hand he muttered displeased.

“What’s up with that, it’s not like I haven’t seen it before…”

Blushing red, Hinagiku turned her head over and clenched her teeth at him, evidently holding back from skinning the p.r.i.c.k.

Shrinking hi shead back he quickly put his hands in the air showing his surrender.

Until she’s fed up with him only then did he release a breath of relief, steeling his resolve he made a note to himself.

Next time, it must be a sweet girl!… (Tl: of what it means to be , basically sweet and adorable)

Mikoto is currently astonished by the meat within her hands as she looked at it in awe.

This… isn’t this too good…

Having never tasted his culinary before, her speed hastened and she threw her perturbed feeling to the back of her head.

Why perturbed? The reason’s simple, a certain scientific railgun’s underwear, aka safety short was in a similar way to Hinagiku’s changed and thrown away.

Definitely, safety shorts have their moe points but they pale in comparison to the might of pantsu. (Tl: google pantsu is love and turn to images section. You’re welcome.) In addition, Hinagiku and Mikoto already have a lot of moe points on them so it’s quite enough already…

Hinagiku’s reaction isn’t any better than Mikoto, although she has sampled them many times before but each time it left her in foodgasm.

Maa… they were blessed with a body that can’t get fat no matter how much they eat, so just let them be…

Shaking his head he chowed down his meat in matter of seconds.

Appet.i.te sated he started pulling down menu list and clicked ‘equipment’ section.

Now that he’s level 45, he’s a tier 5 super and Kusanagi Sword has accompanied him for 4 months, it’s about time to trade up as Kusanagi Sword no longer fulfills his need.

It’s fortune that no Silvarian warrior heard his though, otherwise he would drown in their spit.

Mainstream Armaments are the dream of all warriors and magicians below tier 7, armaments in Silvaria are so rare and precious even the lowest Mainstream Armaments can only be afforded by magicians and warriors of endowed with good conditions.

To define conditions would be breaking it down into two groups.

Those 2 are: background and strength!

Background is obvious, you got a good daddy, and he’s loaded, then he’s gonna buy you a Mainstream Armament but of course the family must be of a certain standard to be called good, they don’t have to be on the same footing as the family of Lori but they would have to be at least the n.o.bles of a big area.

Strength is even more understandable, with power would one still fear being wanting of money? Dived into the giant beast forest and hunt high grade beasts for some tens of days and bam, the money you could get from doing so would allow one to equip a Mainstream Armament, how strong must one be to attain this? Well, more or less the same as Wu Yan right now roughly tier 5 or so.

A tier 5 magician or warrior at this time could barely qualify for one and this jerk dare says Mainstream Armament can’t fulfill his need anymore?

What is the implication for all those magicians and warriors below tier 5 who don’t have the background and still swung metal commodities around?….

Maa, with a haxxor system, he’s technically in the camp of ‘good background’, he can’t be compared to the

Now that he’s switching equipment, he can’t think highly of Mainstream Armaments any longer, it would have to be C grade for him, that is Rare Armaments!

Only those tier 7 and above are expected to wield Rare Armament in Silvaria, in addition to having ‘good background’. Like Fei Fei and of course Lulu who’s the definition of ‘good background’, she’s only tier 4 and she possess a Rare Armament.

She’s a sole daughter of Ailu empire’s number 1 n.o.ble family, if one were to compare oneself to her than one would get stroke from the stress.

Some poor tier 7 magicians or warriors don’t even have Rare Armament, this is one of his reason for not using a Rare Armament during his time on that world even though he has the Equipment points. In that world, banditry and robin hood ploys are not illegal…

He’s different now, he’s a tier 5, not yet tier 7 but with a tier 7 peak Mikoto at his side, f.u.c.k them all. If those above tier 8 came and they didn’t have Rare Armament they would only embarra.s.s themselves… ()

Tier 9 are irrelevant to this discussion, they wouldn’t even look at Rare Armaments for even the impoverished tier 9 super would be using Gold Armament!

And this is a.s.suming he even meets one of this eminent tier 9 existences, to his knowledge there’s only one such person inside his memory, that is Lulu’s gramps, he’s a tier 9 warrior!

At a position as head of n.o.ble family of Ailu empire, he’s a mere tier 9. Though he doesn’t know how many tier 9 there are in that world but tier 10 or demiG.o.ds number only 5 in that world, what does that say about a tier lower?

Summing it up, equipment change baby!

That half air head chica Lulu has one already, if he doesn’t have one isn’t that just too bad?

The girls kept munching while observing him looking over the equipment list. Automatically excluding D grades from his search, he’s looking for C grade. B grade? his wallet sent a note saying its apologetic…

‘Kendo Master’ and ‘Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz’ dictates that he search for blade type equipment like his Kusanagi Sword which is a form of katana. He scrolled and scrolled before finally his eyes shined at a certain equipment.

(C grade): From Shakugana no shana, the treasured sword of crimson eyed hunter; Equipment points 20’000.

This is it! If for no other reason other than it’s Shana’s (傻娜) weapon, it’s this!

Clicking the menu, a traditional samurai sword and its scabbard appeared in his hands and a mystical aura revolved around the sword drawing the attention of Mikoto and Hinagiku.

Black handle, golden b.u.t.tcap, black guard without the corners of a square, the blade groove connected the handle and the blade, its blade is silvery white and its glow is even more radiant than Kusanagi Sword. (Tl: )

The scabbard on his other hand is a completely black scabbard.

He nodded in satisfaction, regarding this kind of weapon which could switch function from blade to sword and back again, he’s quite skilled with it. The blade’s thin but it’s easy to swing around and though it is hard to land a lethal strike, it makes up for it in being light. (Tl: I’m not a weapon expert but this part sounds dubious, any sharp weapon hitting major arteries is lethal, blade or sword is irrelevant)

Grasping the sword in his hand he brandished it and it traced a silver trail in the air, he swung it like a poser and sheathed it.

“New weapon?”

She looked inquisitively at Nietono no Shana, it can’t be helped since she’s a Kendo enthusiast as well, she has fondness for sharp objects such as this.

“Nn, after today’s battle, I have grown by quite a bit, so it’s inevitable to change into a better weapon!”

He stored away the sword.

Mikoto nodded her head at his statement.

“Aren’t you going to buy some defensive item as well?”

Momentarily stunned he considered her opinion before pulling the list open and looked through it again.

She has a point, against the youkai army, if he had defensive equipment then he could have saved a lot of energy as well as defer the usage of items such as Senzu Beans, basically he wouldn’t have to try so d.a.m.n hard.

Given of course he didn’t like wearing armors in the first place, it has to be worn on him, not only is it heavy it also didn’t fit well with his perspectives so he just indifferently looked over the list.

But oh s.h.i.t, what’s this, this seems good!

Conceptual dragon armor (C grade): formless, weightless, it exist conceptually, once the one donning this armor suffers a hit, the armor will materialize and completely nullify any attacks of level 50 or below and diminish force of those below level 60; Equipment points 30’000.

Formless? Weightless? Well ain’t that just awesome, he wouldn’t have to run around in some stupid armor, and he doesn’t have to worry about the weight.

Without further though he clicked on it and a light shot out from the list into his head. Inside his head he could visualize with clarity a floating dragon shaped armor, that should be it. Unless Wu Yan is attacked the armor will stay here only blocking attacks when provoked.

After buying 2 C grade he was left with only 1’000 Equipment points. He’s pretty satisfied with his purchases though albeit a bit regretful.

A bit apologetic he turned to Mikoto.

“Mikoto, if only I still have some Equipment points I would buy you one as well…”

She only waved her hands at him.

“No need, I don’t need any equipments, my esp is more than enough!”

“That won’t do…”

He protested before continuing.

“What if we went back to Silvaria and met stronger people, what then?”

Hinagiku who heard this exchange lifted her head.

“Yan, you departing this world soon?”

Wu Yan and Mikoto choked on their saliva before he retorted at her.

“What’s up with departing this world, I’m not dead yet…”

“You know I didn’t mean it like that!”

A bit agitated she shouted back ta him.

Half serious and half jestingly he snickered at her.

“Don’t worry, Once we’re over the other side I will summon you. Know this however, once I summon you our lives are merged and inseparable, if I die you will have to follow me as well you know…”

She beamed when she heard him.

“Well then, let me protect you!”

Astonished at her response he just stayed there.

What is this? Her declaration of raising a small white face? (Tl: 小白脸, sponger, giggolo etc…)


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