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Chapter 659

Aincrad, 35th floor, the Forest of Wandering .

Unlike the winter forest view from the past, this season brings new things to the map . The forest looked green and even though the weather isn’t that great, the trees flourish in a beautiful emerald-green blush . If one ignored the monsters roaming here, this place would make a great place to host a picnic .

However, a couple of players ruined the scenery with their squabbling .

“What are you talking about?…”

A party of five consisting of two female players and three female players were arguing . Specifically, the two female players are bickering with the three male players standing at the side, looking unsure about how to resolve this situation .

With curly red hair, a charming and curvy female player snorted at the other female player while looking at her own item tab .

“You have the lizard healing for you, you don’t need items like recovery crystals, right?”

A pet.i.te and cute girl protested . She had her light brow hair tied into twintails with baubles . She had a flying lizard that looked like a miniature dragon hovering by her side . She’s probably a girl who will grow up to become a stunning beauty, for now, she’s probably the cutest girl you can find among the female players in SAO .

Her eyes were burning with indignation .

“You’re the one who doesn’t need it! You’re not even a frontline member, why would a rear-support need a healing crystal?”

“Of course!”

The curvy player sneered .

“I am not a certain teenage idol named Silica, I don’t have male players supplying me with healing crystals . ”

The la.s.s named Silica looked a bit pacified but she’s not pleased with her explanation .

The other three male players in their party were apparently too afraid to chime in . One of them stepped out as he advised the curvy woman .

“Rosalia-san, Silica, you two…”

“I know!”

Silica closed her item tab and she told the charming woman off .

“Fine, I don’t want the items anymore . I don’t want to party with you guys anymore!”

Silica snapped back at Rosalia .

“There are many other players who want to team up with me . I can survive just fine without you guys!”

Silica ignored the party as she left . She walked towards the outer region of the forest with her dragon in tow .

The woman named Rosalia licked her lips with a suspicious glint flashing in her eyes . Her smile hinted that she’s up to no good . She was looking at Silica like a field boss ready for juicing . She couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into her .

Silica didn’t understand the implications of leaving the safety of her own party .

Soon, dusk fell and by the time they were done sorting out their debacle, night came .

When Silica finally realized it, it was already night . There were scary noises coming from monsters in this dark and cold forest . Silica couldn’t help but be afraid .

She rubbed the dragon on her head and she quickened her pace . She wanted to get out of this forest as soon as possible, she didn’t want to run into monsters after all .

Then, heavy footsteps entered her ear . She wanted to change direction when she saw the owner of those heavy footsteps .

With an oversized wooden club in its hand, a gorilla with the shape of a beer-bottle emerged from behind a tree . It is easily 2 meters in height . The monster looked at Silica with a pair of hostile eyes . Silica couldn’t help but step back in fright .

Silica bit down on her lips as she turned around to run for the other direction . However, another gorilla blocked her off .

To her right, left, and front, there were gorillas gathering from every direction . Soon, her back was up against a giant tree .

Mew mew

The little dragon on top of her head growled back at the monsters around Silica . It wanted to do anything in its power to protect its master . Unlike pets that had simplistic AI, this one had high intelligence . The Dragon called Silica back into reality .

She breathed in and she took out the dagger strapped to her waist . She continued looking for a way out as her gaze darted between the three gorillas in her way .

One of the gorillas got bored of waiting . It roared and lumbered towards Silica . It smashed down its oversized club without holding back just because the opponent is a cute girl .

Silica dodged in the nick of time with a timely jump . She evaded the gorilla by flashing past its flank . The club hit the ground and dust flew up . The ground even shook from the powerful pounding . Silica reckons that she can only sustain three hits like this before it’s game over for her .


Silica couldn’t dodge the next attack, she got sent flying through the air by another wooden club .


Silica fell onto the floor with her HP Gauge immediately depleted into the yellow zone .

She stood up in a panic while another club came for her .


The club fell without hitting her since she dodged narrowly again . The two other gorillas struck again . She only managed to evade one attack, she continued retreating .

She looked at the 3 gorillas while panting hard . She clenched so hard on her dagger that her palm’s starting to hurt . Her head didn’t register the pain because her thoughts are in a disarray .

If I don’t leave soon…


The little dragon spat out an iridescent cloud that covered Silica in a brief while . Healing her by 33% .

Silica reached into her pouch and she immediately freaked out when she noticed something .

There are no healing crystals left on her .


She continued inching back as the gorillas approached her . One of the gorillas stomped towards her .

The gorilla swung its club without caring what the panicking Silica thought .

This. .h.i.t would empty her HP gauge for sure .


The little dragon blocked the attack for Silica . Its HP bar got reduced to 0 in almost an instant . It fell to the ground with a dull thud .


Silica can’t believe that her pet chose to sacrifice itself for her . She hugged Pina in an embrace without minding the gorillas approaching her .


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