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Chapter 898: Handing out snacks during cla.s.s, there“s a teacher like this?

In front of the cla.s.s, Wu Yan noticed Nagisa’s behavior. Although he continued interacting with his students, he felt helpless inside.

Her fear of demons is close to androphobia. Even his 103,000 grimoires can’t help him with this. As this was a mental disorder, the owner needs to conquer her own mental demons, n.o.body can directly solve this for her.

Nagisa must have been adversely influenced by demons in the past, her trauma’s severity suggest a very strong negative experience in the past.

He’s only known her for a few days. Logically speaking, he has no obligation to resolve this trauma for her. He also didn’t need her acceptance. Wu Yan felt a bit hurt when Nagisa got really scared of him, but, he didn’t too much of it. When a cute girl hates you, it doesn’t really help with one’s self-esteem.

Yet, she’s now his student. His younger sister also got along with nagisa. She offered to escort Nagisa home the last time so they must be on good terms with one another.

Nagisa is technically Kotori’s first friend on Itogami Island.

Although their relationship is still far from nice, he can aim for a neutral one, right?

Wu Yan had an idea after seeing Nagisa’s meek demeanor.


Wu Yan suddenly spoke up.

“I am new to Saikai Academy, it’s going to be a pain if I continue like this. How about this? I need one of you to act as my helper. The scope of work would include miscellaneous tasks and scheduling…”

Sasasaki nodded as she thought it’s a reasonable request. The students volunteered energetically.

“Oh~ Teacher, please pick me!”

“Pick me!”

“I wanna do it!”


“Oh my…”

Sasasaki felt genuinely surprised the students warmed up to Wu Yan. It’s like she’s seeing a new side to her students.

“Look at you, that’s some popularity you’ve got there, Wu Yan sensei…”

It is easy to see why Sasasaki’s like this. Her students are energetic, perhaps a bit too much so. However, it’s rare to see them so riled up like this. It was probably Wu Yan’s theatrics that got the students closer to him in an instant. There are no students that would want to cooperate with a teacher who has a stick up their a.s.s.

Wu Yan is also taken by surprise, he didn’t think he had such charisma. He’s happy it turned out this way, although he only wanted to further his other agenda.

“I am glad you are all so willing to help, gosh, you guys are making it hard to pick a candidate. Hmm…”

He feigned hesitance, his eyes darted about before finally settling on Nagisa. He laughed slightly.

“Hey, you there, why didn’t you raise your hand?”

The students turned towards Nagisa with puzzled looks.

“Yeah, why didn’t Akatsuki-san raise her hand?”

“That’s not possible, she’s THE Akatsuki, she should have been the first one to do so!”

“You’re right, that’s odd…”


Yukina asked her.

“What’s wrong?”

Nagisa couldn’t react in time. She was suddenly put on the spot so she bashfully shied away while shaking her hands.


Nagisa wasn’t sure how she should explain herself.

You can’t expect her to tell everyone she’s afraid of demons, or tell everyone this teacher is actually an unregistered demon.

Forget if the students will believe her, Nagisa wasn’t ready to come out and tell everyone she’s afraid of demons.

Even if she’s terrified of Wu Yan, she couldn’t help but get annoyed that Wu Yan zoned in on her.


Wu Yan tilted his head. He grinned at her.

“How about you be my a.s.sistant?”


Nagisa started freaking out.



Wu Yan bitterly smiled.

“You don’t want to?”

The students were perplexed by her att.i.tude.

She’s very cheerful, talkative, and a bit too pa.s.sionate for her own good, why is she behaving like this now?

Nagisa started panicking when the other students looked at her.

“I-it’s not like that…”

Unsure of how she should respond, Wu Yan compromised while chortling.

“Fine, if you help me, I will give you something nice…”

“Something nice?”

The students were listening intently.


Wu Yan beamed at her. He took out a huge box filled with steaming hot pastries.

The smell of baked goods immediately spread throughout the room. Soon, everybody got a good whiff of his tasty treats. They started salivating with shining eyes.

“Yeah, I might not look like it but I am very good at cooking…”

Wu Yan sneered.

“Now, how about it? Help me and you get sweets, sounds like a fair deal?”

“It’s very scrumptious I will have you know…”

Wu Yan teased her like he’s dangling candy in front of a kid.

“We are not kids, I can’t believe he’s trying to buy our favor with sweets…”

Yukina said with a grin. However, her eyes betrayed her as she kept gazing at it.

As for the lethal sweets, Nagisa already got hooked, she looked like she’s very conflicted on this issue.

She’s not a foodie but she likes good food nonetheless.

Like teenage girls her age, sweets were enticing.

However, he is a demon…

If she accepted, she would have to be near him, how will she fare in that case?

Nagisa continued looking at the sweets while pondering her options. Finally, she nodded.


Wu Yan chuckled.

The other students were not satisfied.

“Teacher, you’re so unfair!”

“Yeah, we want some too!”

“You guys..”

Wu Yan’s smile turned bitter.

“Fine, I’ve more where that came from…”

The students cheered out loud.

“Thank you, sensei!”

“Yeah! Teach, you’re a saint!”

“Don’t get chummy with my over this!!!”

He handed out sweets and pastries, Sasasaki also got some of that. They started eating as an unbelievable scene played in the cla.s.sroom.

This is supposed to be a school, why is the teacher handing out snacks to the students?

Wu Yan’s pastries were an instant hit.


Yukina moaned as she changed her views on the sweets.

“Th-these are good…”

“Holy cow!”

Sasasaki and the other students lit up.

“We’ve hit the mother lode!”

Nagisa chewed faster, her satisfied smile told everyone that she’s glad she chose the earlier option. She sneaked a glance at Wu Yan who is still handing out sweets like he’s santa or something.

She was left with a sense of curiosity.


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