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Chapter 209

05 September .

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Lianghua Temple ushered in the most lively event in these ten years: Taoist Forum Conference .

Every ten years, the Taoist Forum Conference was held, which was like the Olympic Games of the demon descendants community . In the opening of the Taoist Forum Conference, there would be a gathering of heroes from all over the world .

It provided a stage for the world’s demon descendants to s.h.i.+ne and make their mark .

Every champion of the Taoist Forum Conference, was a reputable formidable character by now, or a pillar of a major family, or the leader or elder of various sects . Thirty years ago, the winner of the conference was Li Wuxiang .

If he was alive, he would have been a Gokudo Master . When Buddha Head and Taoist Reverend were young, they were the champions of the Taoist Forum Conference .

The most high-profile of this conference was supposed to be the boss of Baoze . As the representative of the new generation, the world had always maintained a high level of attention to him, far more than several Gokudo inheritors .

However, since the establishment of Baoze, his ident.i.ty was different, and presumably, he would not partic.i.p.ate in the conference .

The conference was divided into two groups: youth group and middle-aged group . The 20 to 30 year old partic.i.p.ants belonged to the youth group and the 30 to 40 year old partic.i.p.ants belonged to the middle-aged group . The older ones were unable to partic.i.p.ate .

After all, if one was talented, they would have become reputable at the age of 40 and no longer needed to fight for fame at the conference .

Furthermore, there were the Chinese elders who liked to put on airs . They were not willing to roll up their sleeves to fight people and be watched by thousands of people .

If Baoze’s big boss were to partic.i.p.ate, by age, he should be divided into the youth group . However, that was akin to bullying children, and was unfair .

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If he were to go to the middle-age group, that was bullying elders, which would be inhumane .

“So, it’s not good to rise in the ranks too quickly . Big Boss complained to me yesterday, that he lost the chance to show off to a large group of people, what a waste . ” Lightning King led a group of senior staff .

Buddha Head’s first disciple Jie Se led them through the temple, into the back yard where the monks lived .

In the architectural structure of Lianghua Temple, the front was the main hall, that housed Buddha and Bodhisattva, which are orthodox Buddha G.o.ds . There were no regional Buddhist statues from Dali Chongsheng Temple .

At the rear were houses, maintaining the quaint characteristics of having green and black bricks . More than 2,000 monks lived here .

The manpower was still not enough, as many disciples of the Buddhist monasteries came to Lianghua Temple early to help maintain order . As Buddhist disciples, five Taoist Forum Conferences were held in Lianghua Temple, and they were proud of it .

The Taoist Forum Conference was held by the two religious sects, Buddhist and Taoist sects in turn . In this supposed rotation, it wasn’t them taking turns .

It was about who has the Gokudo Masters, who is qualified to hold the Taoist Forum Conference . If there was a Gokudo Master in each sect, then they would take turns in organizing the conference .

“We are going to meet Buddha Head, I have never seen Buddha Head, the top master of the demon descendant community, I’m so excited,” Li Bai said in a low voice .

“I cannot help but want to recite a poem: I am the sword deity Li Taibai, I love swords and women the most . My sword aura cam span 30,000 miles, my sword will sweep through 19 states . I will ask the old bald man if he can fight . ”

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Lady Killer whispered, “Are you trying to challenge Buddha Head? Are you sure?”

Li Bai replied, “It’s more bada.s.s reciting it like this, Buddha Head wouldn’t hold it against me . ”

Kato Eagle said, “It seems that Buddha Head has not emerged in twenty years . I don’t know if he will attend this conference . ”

w.a.n.g Lao Er shook his head . “No, since the death of Martial Uncle Li Wuxiang, Master has remained in Lianghua Temple for 20 years, and is no longer involved in worldly matters . ”


“You have to ask? Martial Uncle Li Wuxiang was once the most favorite disciple of Master . If he wasn’t already a Gokudo inheritor and hence could not really become a monk, the position of Lianghua Temple inheritor would belong to him . ”

“Master is spiteful against the world’s demon descendants . Believe it or not, he will never be involved in matters regarding the orthodox clans . ”

For example, the Wu family was robbed a while ago . It was a major matter in the demon descendant community but eventually died down without a big commotion . That’s because the top master, Buddha Head didn’t get involved . Only he can compete with the Big Boss of Baoze .

Each major family and Taoist clans made a “joint pet.i.tion”, hoping that Buddha Head would come forward to seek justice . However, like a rock sinking into the sea, they did not get a response .

Jie Se knew about this matter . He watched as his master deleted the emails and commented, “Scram . ”

“Jie Se just happened to get the position then,” someone said suddenly, as if realizing something .

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The crowd looked at San Wu, who had an expression of “So, it’s like this . I heard a big gossip . ”

Congratulations, San Wu finally knows how to use the correct facial expression emoji . This is great progress . Lady Killer’s mouth twitched as he snarked, “Hey, are you stupid?”

San Wu said, “Am I wrong?”

Lady Killer said, “You’re right, but don’t tell the truth… Pft, I shouldn’t talk to you anymore . ”

Everyone face-palmed .

Jie Se’s expression was as dark as the bottom of a pot .

Thunderbolt Battle Lady complained, “Young monk, you people of Lianghua Temple are too heartless . A bottle of mineral water costs 20 dollars, a breakfast porridge with pickled vegetables costs 200 yuan . What happened to the compa.s.sion of the monks?”

I’m so broke that I have to eat mud . I still have to think of how to borrow some money from Li Xianyu . Now that I have come to Lianghua Temple, I’m still fleeced by you, Thunderbolt Battle Lady thought .

The Taoist Forum Conference is accompanied by huge interests, each session of the Taoist Forum Conference can bring about immense profit for Lianghua Temple . The temple rarely earned money but when it did, it earned a lot .

Jie Se said nonchalantly, “Master said, if the price is too expensive, you can reason with him . ”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady pouted . “Lightning King, will the company reimburse this?”

Lightning King replied in exasperation, “This is not a business, trip everyone came here to play on their own accord, the company does not reimburse this . ”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady then said, “When is Li Xianyu coming? I’ll ask him for some money . ”

Lightning King was surprised . “When have you become so close with him?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady waved her hands and denied, “No, he has a great-grandmother who loves to spend money . She spends money generously, so I’ll be able to follow her and get some money . ”

Lightning King was speechless . You’re an employee who earns a few million dollars per year . Can you stop acting so poor?

Great-Grandma was a young lady who came from a rich family . Although she had been poor for many years, her spending habits were deep into the bones . When she had servants around, she was generous in bearing the costs .

Lightning King said, “But it’s possible, he earns more points this month than the amount you people earn in two or three years . ”

The crowd of senior staff were stunned . “Are you kidding me?”

However, without waiting for Lightning King to explain, they realized it themselves . “Oh, that’s because he’s a trouble magnet .

All that happened to a trouble magnet was big trouble, so the point rewards were high .

This was also a good way to get rich, using life to make money .

Lightning King sighed, and he did not reveal Li Xianyu’s encounters . It was all tears behind the stories . Both he and Li Xianyu wanted to cry . Missions regarding the strange javelin and the forces behind the fallen angel were tricky and troublesome .

Since Li Xianyu joined the company, the burden of his duties has soared .

“Recently, my hairline has receded again . ” Lightning King shook his head exasperatedly .

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