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Chapter 317: The Truth From Twenty Years Ago

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9:30 P.M., at a conveyor belt restaurant.

 This was way past dinner time, and there were not many employees in the restaurant. Li Xianyu and his Great-Grandma sat opposite each other next to the window. Both of them were stuffing their face with food.

 The great-grandson did not behave like a great-grandson, as he fought tooth and nail to take food away from Great-Grandma. The great-grandmother also did not look her part. She stuffed as much food as she could into her mouth, and when she couldn’t stuff any more food, she would kick her grandson under the table as she was upset that he s.n.a.t.c.hed so much food away from her.

 Their cheeks were bulging. Since they returned to Shanghai at 6 P.M., the duo had been eating in the restaurant until now. Demon descendants were far better than ordinary people in physical fitness and have a strong digestive system. But usually, none were like these two, except possibly G.o.d of Food who had only made an appearance in the chat.

 Li Xianyu’s self-healing ability doomed him to be a ma.s.sive eater. This was just the conservation of energy. The more energy he used, the more food he would need to take in. After such a long mission, Li Xianyu was technically malnourished.

 Money was no longer their primary concern. Of course, money was a problem. No matter how much he could make, even without Great-Grandma to waste his fortune away, he could empty his own wallet by eating. That was why he moved to Baoze’s headquarters. All the food and living expenses would be paid for by Baoze, which of course, included the expenses of his Great-Grandma.

 From the beginning of the case of the poodle raping its owner, he was sent into the wild mountains in the middle of the night. After tricking Li Peiyun, he rushed to Great Demons’ Alliance HQ. After the mission, he took a flight to Shanghai immediately. In one day and one night, he only had two meals. He consumed a lot of energy in the battle and was completely burned out.

 He slept all the way on the plane, and after waking up, he injected blood to the seriously injured players to help with their injuries. He was as hungry as a beggar who had not eaten anything for a week and ate until now.

 His harem was not such gluttons, so they left early. Only Great-Grandma had accompanied him until now. However, Li Xianyu didn’t appreciate the accompaniment at all. He just thought it was right to let Baoze shoulder the bill of his Great-Grandma’s expenses.

 After finis.h.i.+ng the sumptuous meal on the plate and drinking the red wine in one mouth, Li Xianyu leaned on the soft chair with a bulging stomach and breathed out a long breath.

 Great-Grandma then finished her drink. She burped, and quickly covered her mouth as though preserving what was left of her image as a prim and proper lady. Her other hand caressed her belly and she smiled, showing an expression of satisfaction.

 “Why are you okay when everyone else was beaten so badly?” Great-Grandma asked.

 “Maybe I am good at sucking up,” Li Xianyu said seriously. In fact, he also felt confused and thought that it was illogical too. Could it be that my handsome looks had attracted the Emperor? Is the Emperor into handsome young boys like me?

 “Why do you say that?” Great-Grandma asked.

 “She even asked me, ‘I hit your woman, what do you feel?’ What kind of question was that?”

 “Then how did you suck up to her?”

 “I said it was my pleasure.”

 She was speechless.

 “Of course, what else can I say? I couldn’t actually say, ‘You little b.i.t.c.h, you dare to beat up my woman? Whoever dares to touch my woman, I would make sure he sees his maker!’ right?” Li Xianyu shrugged. “Although that’s what I thought in my heart, fortunately, I restrained myself. So many people’s lives were in my hands, I really couldn’t act rashly. Fortunately, I learned to suck up to people when I was young.”

 “What do you mean by you learned to suck up to people when you were young?”

 “I was talking about my elder sister, she was a very cold and domineering woman. I was driven around like a little eunuch, you know, before she took a bath, she would send me an instant message to let me prepare hot water for her. When eating, as soon as she sits on the table and glances over at me, I’ll scope rice for her. But in fact, she had been very good for me, because she always remembered to share good things with me. If she gets something good, I will definitely get it too, so I always sucked up to her.”

 “Stop talking.” She frowned. Evidently, she was not pleased.

 “Well, I know.” Li Xianyu immediately said, “I will only suck up to my Great-Grandma from now on.” After that, he regretted it. Although he never acted like a great-grandson, it was still inappropriate to flirt with his Great-Grandma. It was truly a devious act.

 He was about to be beaten. He subconsciously retracted his feet. However, Great-Grandma didn’t kick him. She was just stunned. She turned her head towards the window and whispered, “Remember what you just said.”

 “Oh, oh.” Li Xianyu sighed with relief. From the side view, Great-Grandma’s face was perfect, especially that mole at the corner of her right eye, which was like finis.h.i.+ng touch to a masterpiece.

 Great-Grandma is so beautiful. If she was not my grandma, I would definitely pursue her. Well… It was just a figure-of-speech. To all my ancestors, please close your coffins again. Dad, that includes yours too.

 At this time, Li Xianyu’s mobile phone on the table rang, and a text message came. It was the official number of the Baoze Mission department. He looked at it and said, “Lightning King asked me to go back for a meeting to summarize this mission. Grandma, will you go? ”

 “I’m not going.” Great-Grandma looked out of the window.

 “Oh.” Li Xianyu put his mobile phone in his pocket and left the restaurant.

 When he left, Great-Grandma took a long breath and rubbed her face. The heir of this generation… is so annoying!

 Li Xianyu opened the door of Conference Room 1 and glanced. All the members of Baoze who partic.i.p.ated in the mission had already arrived.

 In addition to Thunderbolt Battle Lady, who was the least hurt, the rest of them were wrapped in bandages. They should have been moaning in the hospital bed. Fortunately, there was the best nanny Li Xianyu. In the past, when Baoze fought against the Ancient G.o.ds Clan, many of my employees laid in bed for months afterward.

 This year’s biggest surprise was the emergence of Li Xianyu, a nanny. This was the benefit that employees could get directly. In particular, for Thunderlord and Earth G.o.d, they had their first experience with Li Xianyu’s blood in the recent mission. They were surprised and overjoyed by the overwhelming effect.

 This was the legendary elixir.

 Li Xianyu also did not lose out. That round of blood donation was worth 80 contribution points, equivalent to half a year of the base pay of senior staff. In addition to the 300 points reward for this mission, he now possessed a huge savings of more than 700 points. Only Baoze’s ten G.o.ds could earn so many points. Ordinary employees won’t even think about it.

 “Everyone is here. Let’s begin.” Lightning King smiled and continued talking, “First of all, congratulations to all of you for successfully completing this task and destroying the headquarters of Great Demons’ Alliance. But the leaders and key personnel of the organization are still not caught, and we need to make further efforts.”

 Although the upper echelons of the Great Demons Alliance escaped, Baoze gained a lot in this mission.

 Thunderlord, Lin Chuan, frowned. “Even Big Boss didn’t manage to finish them off?”

 Without the Gokudo Path appearing, the big boss represented invincibility. And that was the general consensus among all Baoze employees. But it seemed that even the big boss couldn’t handle that woman.

 “She escaped.” Lightning King explained, “I would like to announce here that we have confirmed another top master in the world of demon descendants who have reached Half-Step Gokudo Path. And she is the leader of a cult organization, whose accomplishments even exceeded what the two leaders of the Ancient G.o.ds Clan. This is undoubtedly bad news.”

 “Lightning King, what are we going to do with those foreign species?” Ape G.o.d was more concerned about this. Being one of the foreign species, he did not want to see these newly awakened foreign species executed just like that.

 “You should be glad that they just awakened and didn’t do anything hurtful. These foreign species will be a.s.signed to various industries under baoze for corrective work orders. This would hopefully give them some common sense as well. Those with good qualifications will be sent to the training camp.”

 Ape G.o.d nodded. He was satisfied with the treatment.

 “I’ve read your mission report,” Lightning King continued. “Is there anything anyone would like to add to it?”

 The crowd shook their heads.

 Lightning King then asked, “I have a question here. Li Xianyu, why didn’t the Emperor of Great Demons’ Alliance hurt you?”

 As expected, this was the biggest inconsistency in the mission report.

 Li Xianyu shook his head. “I don’t know. Maybe she was afraid of my grandma.”

 Well, he couldn’t possibly say that he was good at sucking up to people in such a serious situation.

 Ape G.o.d and the others nodded slightly, they also thought so. The leader of the Great Demons’ Alliance didn’t kill them, which meant that she was not ready to fight to the death with Baoze. Since she didn’t think about killing them, it was normal for her to be lenient to someone who was being protected by the Unparalleled War Spirit.

 “But I have a different hypothesis, which is also the focus of this meeting.” Lightning King paused his sentence, and loudly continued, “Before we continue on this topic, we digress, Li Xianyu, the meat that you handed to the company had been tested and the results came back. The results are amazing. It was indeed the thing that Great Demons’ Alliance uses to awaken the demon descendants.”

 Hearing this, everyone’s face changed in color.

 “It really is…” Li Xianyu quietly said.

 If he had guessed correctly, it was stuffed into his pocket by the Emperor of the Great Demons’ Alliance. Only she could quietly put things into his pocket. After returning to the company, he immediately handed in whatever that an enemy had put on him. Of course, it was the safest approach to let the company a.n.a.lyze what it was.

 Who knew it was really the magical object that could awaken demon descendants? Now there was another question, why would the Emperor stuff that thing to him? It couldn’t be that she liked handsome young boys and fell in love with him, right?

 No way. Although I am generous and am a top tier partner for nourishment techniques, I have to admit that I am not that attractive. Li Xianyu’s self-awareness had always been good.

 Lightning King looked at him and said, “You have two options. One, give it to the company, and the company will reward you 700 points. Two, take back that piece of meat, the company will still reward you 70 points for providing us with this information, but we will collect a little sample for doc.u.mentation purposes. I hope you understand that. ”

 Li Xianyu thought about it, and asked, “Is that piece of meat useful to me? If a small sample is taken, will it be damaged?”

 “Yes, we speculate that demon descendants will greatly improve their ability if they eat it,” Lightning King said with a smile. “Taking a little sample will not damage its effect. ”

 Then you didn’t even need to ask me… Li Xianyu replied, “I choose the second option.”

 “Can I ask, how did you get that?” As the department head of the law enforcement department, Lightning King would naturally not miss out on the details.

 I can’t possibly say that was a benefit given to me from the Emperor right? Li Xianyu said casually, “Oh, it was s.n.a.t.c.hed from Li Peiyun.”

 I could only let him be the black sheep. Anyway, he escaped and couldn’t say anything.

 “I see!” Lightning King took a sip of tea and said solemnly, “Everyone, twenty years ago, the treasure Li Wuxiang brought out of the Great Deities Palace finally surfaced.”

 The statement dropped by Li Xianyu’s ears like thunder.



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