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Chapter 324: Astonis.h.i.+ng Change

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Li Xianyu had died before. His first awakening was when he was thrown from the roof on the 20th floor and smashed into a mosaic, thus awakening his self-healing ability.

 But at that time, when he was dragged onto the roof, his great-grandmother was still sleeping in her bedroom soundly… No, maybe she had a dream too? However, they didn’t know each other well at that time. The two of them hadn’t reached the point where they could cuddle, where she smelt his body fragrance and he leaned on her chest.

 “Last time I died, did you have a dream?” Li Xianyu said in a deep voice.

 “No, no… As long as I dream, you will die. Your father was the same, but I couldn’t help it.” Great-Grandma shook her head forcefully.

 She looked very scared, and no longer had the usual “I’m Great-Grandma” pride.

 Li Xianyu’s last glimmer of luck was gone, and his heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

 Great-Grandma’s prediction? Dream divination?

 No matter what it was, with my father’s forewarning, Great-Grandma will not spout nonsense.

 I will die, I will die… Li Xianyu’s scalp was numb. How would he die? Who killed him? Hmph, the people that want to kill me aren’t little? There are too many enemies to count. No matter how he died, it wouldn’t be weird.

 “You are the only blood of my Li family. I will not let you die. I will not let you die,” Great-Grandma mumbled.

 The only blood of the Li family… Li Xianyu lowered his head and stared at Great-Grandma’s bright white forehead. After a long time, he said softly, “You don’t want to let me die, just because I am the only blood of the Li family?”

 Great-Grandma raised her head and looked up at him. For a moment, he seemed to understand a lot of things from her look, but not at all.

 “Yeah.” She nodded.

 “Yeah.” Li Xianyu nodded as well.

 Yes, I am the only blood of the Li family. My Great-Grandma values the lineage of the Li family most, that’s all.

 What else did you want?

 “If this is fate, I will resist. Great-Grandma, I am not my father, I have a strong desire to survive.” Li Xianyu consoled her.

 Great-Grandma suddenly pushed him away, her face hot and a little shy. At first, hearing the sad news, he should have been in panic and saying, “Great-Grandma, I’m afraid. I want hugs and kisses…”

 Why was it that it was her who did that instead? Where was the charismatic Unparalleled War Spirit?

 She used to be different.


 The first ray of suns.h.i.+ne in the morning shone on the landscape. The thick and melodious bell reverberated in Lianghua temple. The monks opened their eyes, folded the bedding silently, left the dormitory, and started a new day.

 The monk in white led the disciples in the temple to chant sutras. After finis.h.i.+ng their morning rituals, he walked through the hall and stepped into Buddha Head’s room. He didn’t knock, and there was no need to. At this point every day, Buddha Head would wait for him to come here and talk about life and ideals.

 Before becoming S-cla.s.s, he would come to practice every day and receive the guidance of his teacher. When he was promoted to S-cla.s.s, Buddha Head told him that no matter what he was taught, whether he was cultivating or learning the ways of Buddhism, he had to realize it by himself.

 After S-cla.s.s was Half-Step Gokudo Path. No teacher could cultivate someone to that level, it was only attainable by personal cultivation.

 However, the habit of more than ten years could not be changed, so the daily “Buddha Head’s teaching.avi” evolved into “Teacher-apprentice Interaction.avi”.

 Buddha Head sat on the bed. His eyes did not open. Jie Se walked over to the plates in a familiar manner, boiled the water in the pot, washed the teapot, teacup and plates, and then boiled another pot of water.

 As he was just about to make tea, his teacher on the bed opened his eyes and said, “Wait a minute, I have civet coffee in the drawer, go and make a pot.”

 Jie Se’s expression changed. “Civet coffee?”

 Buddha Head explained, “It should be just a name. At the conference, Qin Ze came to Lianghua temple and brought me a few jin of civet coffee.”

 Jie Se replied, “Why not Da Hong Pao?”

 Buddha Head said, “Nonsense, would he give me the Da Hong Pao?”

 Jie Se was indignant. “He gave it last year.”

 Buddha Head said, “Last year, he wanted to learn my Vajra Finger.”

 Jie Se was stunned and his expression changed. “You taught him?”

 Vajra Finger referred to the unique skill created by Buddha Head. When one reached the ultimate level, one could smash anyone’s head with one finger.

 In the whole demon descendants’ community, only Buddha Head and Jie Se knew this. In Jie Se’s view, this was his own exclusive welfare, just like how one’s wife was not supposed to be shared with others.

 Who knew that Buddha Head, who he regarded as a father, had shared his wife with others?

 Buddha Head smiled. “I left some out. I only gave him half.”

 Jie Se was relieved. With a smile, the room was full of spring light. “Teacher is wise.”

 Buddha Head sighed. “However, he left some out too. Half of that portion was tieguanyin.”

 Jie Se remarked in disdain. “Pui, this person is scheming.”

 With a sense of indignation, Jie Se opened the cabinet, found the coffee beans with exquisite packaging, and then looked at it. How was he to cook this thing, pour it directly into the boiling water?

 It was embarra.s.sing. He never had coffee before.

 He couldn’t help but look at his teacher. Teacher was staring at him, as if he was testing him.

 As he thought about it, he took his phone out and inputted “How to make coffee”. The Internet was omnipotent. It could solve all problems as long as you are willing to devote your mind to research.

 “Milk, sugar and cream… It looks like I have to go to the next mountain. There’s a tourist area. There are all these things there.” Jie Se got up and said, “Teacher, I will go out for a while and come back at once.”

 Buddha Head nodded with a smile.

 Ten minutes later, he came back with a box of milk, a bag of sugar, a bottle of cream and a big sieve.

 He shook the coffee beans into powder with his qi, put them on the sieve, hung the sieve in the air, poured hot water up with the teapot, and made a cup of black coffee.

 He poured in the milk, used his qi to break and put in the sugar, poured in the coffee and stirred for a few times.

 “Teacher, the coffee is ready.”

 Buddha Head breathed a sigh of relief.

 The teacher and the disciple sat together and drank coffee. Buddha Head took a sip and frowned. “It’s too bitter.”

 Jie Se thought, Life is like a sea of bitterness, it has a deep meaning.

 Buddha Head glanced at him. “It’s the wrong ratio of milk and sugar.”

 Jie Se said, “Well, I’ll make another cup?”

 It took another round of effort to make twice as much coffee again.

 Buddha Head tasted it and frowned. “It’s too sweet.”

 “This is the rainbow after the storm,” Jie Se said.

 Buddha Head glanced at him again. “There’s too much sugar and milk.”

 Jie Se said, “This time, I should put that in moderation. I understand. I’ll try again.”

 After a little more effort, the ratios were finally correct. The teacher and the disciple sat together and drank coffee.

 Buddha Head drank a mouthful and pondered. “The taste is ordinary.”

 Jie Se nodded. “Indeed.”

 Silence for a moment. Buddha Head waved his hand and opened the window, pouring the coffee into the yard. “d.a.m.n it. Foreigner’s stuff, gimmicky.”

 Jie Se said, “It’s troublesome. Let’s have tea.”

 The events repeated themselves again. The two of them kept the gimmicky coffee beans and drank tea honestly. Just like this, one hour pa.s.sed.

 Buddha Head said, “Your cultivation has steadily improved, not bad.”

 The conversation was just like, “It’s a nice day today.” It was not nutritious. It was just a conversation starter.

 Jie Se said, “Did Teacher know that Priest w.a.n.g Chen’s spirit was still there? Hence you rejected Li Peiyun when he went up the mountain?”

 Buddha Head shook his head slightly. “I didn’t know at that time. I wanted to discuss with Baoze about this matter after the turmoil regarding the Great Deities Palace. Later, Li Xianyu went up the mountain and saw him in the room. I knew that fate had been determined. I didn’t need to intervene.”

 Jie Se could accept this answer. He nodded and said, “Teacher, have you heard of the emergence of a Great Demons’ Alliance in the demon descendants’ community recently?”

 When Buddha Head heard the words, he was silent for a long time. He sighed. “Qin Ze told me that the treasure my disciple brought out of the Great Deities Palace has surfaced.”

 Jie Se was startled!

 “In a short period of time, the Great Demons’ Alliance stimulated countless blood descendants and established a huge organization. Baoze believes that they will affect the balance of the demon descendants’ community, and then affect the balance of the whole society.”

 “That means of stimulating demon descendants was brought out by my disciple from the Great Deities Palace.”

 Jie Se murmured, “So it will subvert the world? However, Teacher, think about it. If that thing is handled properly, it will not cause a big mess. Why did Senior Wuxiang want to die?”

 Buddha Head smiled. “There was no Baoze in those days. The Taoist and Buddhist a.s.sociations, along with the seven families, split the empire. If they were calculative about it, who would this thing belong to?”

 After that, Buddha Head fell into deep thought again.

 Seeing that he was silent for a long time, Jie Se asked, “Teacher, what are you thinking?”

 Buddha Head said, “I thought of the two sentences that your senior said when he last met me.”

 Jie Se couldn’t help but sit up. “What words?”

 Buddha Head did not speak.

 At this time, the wardrobe behind Buddha Head suddenly vibrated and exploded without any sign. The wooden boards and his clothes flew everywhere. Even Buddha Head was caught off guard by this.

 In addition, a clear light permeated through the roof and into the sky.

 All monks in Lianghua Temple could see it clearly.

 Buddha Head summoned that object which was glowing. The object in the palm of his hand, an irregular metal object, was the key to the Great Deities Palace.

 It trembled in the palm of Buddha Head, trying to get rid of the powerful imprisonment spell. This key originally belonged to Li Wuxiang. After he died, it was kept by Buddha Head.

 It had laid in the closet silently for 20 years. In the past 20 years, it was like an ordinary thing, honest and quiet.

 But at this moment, it woke up.

 Jie Se’s heart turned cold. “This… This is…”

 Buddha Head suddenly clenched his palms, looked up and closed his eyes.

 “The door of the Great Deities Palace has opened.”



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