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Tang Wulin’s martial soul had already become an extension of his own body, but his control over it during combat wasn’t great—he simply used it like rope.

Wu Zhangkong was able to clearly discern these issues, but he didn’t talk to Tang Wulin about them because he knew just how amazing Tang Wulin’s perception was. He had faith in that Tang Wulin would discover these flaws himself.

Moreover, Wu Zhangkong wanted to see if Tang Wulin’s bloodline power would gain any other effects when he reached rank 20.

But now, he didn’t even need to wait until Tang Wulin reached that rank. The answer had already presented itself.

If it’s like this, then the growth of his martial soul is something to look forward to.Wu Zhangkong had never believed that Bluesilver Gra.s.s was a weak martial soul. After all, the strongest member of the first generation of Shrek Seven Monsters, who was also the strongest Soul Master in history, had eventually ascended to G.o.dhood with Bluesilver Gra.s.s at the beginning. It was through using Bluesilver Gra.s.s that he had taken one step after another on the path toward G.o.dhood.

In the last 20,000 years, apart from the Spirit PaG.o.da’s founder, no one else had been able to ascend to G.o.dhood.

Thus, Bluesilver Gra.s.s wasn’t necessarily as weak as one may think.

The radiance emitting from Tang Wulin gradually dim. Little Goldlight opened its mouth wide as if to yawn before lowering its head, disappearing into Tang Wulin’s body.

With the evolution now complete, Tang Wulin stopped glowing and entered a deep slumber.

The evolution of a spirit soul would lead to many changes both in the martial soul and the Soul Master. An improvement in one’s martial soul also led to gains for the Soul Master as a whole. Whether it be in terms of strength, speed, soul power, reaction speed, or the tenacity of one’s body; all of them would be increased.

The evolution had taken a long time and left Tang Wulin exhausted.

That was some great sleep! Tang Wulin woke up the next day feeling incredible.

Ever since he broke the first seal on the Golden Dragon King, he felt as if his whole body were swollen. But now, this feeling had disappeared, leaving a pleasant surprise in its place. His soul power had increased a bit, and though it had yet to reach rank 15, this increase was still something that would have taken far longer had he cultivated normally.

It seems I benefited a lot from yesterday’s battle! “You’re up?” The sudden voice gave Tang Wulin quite the scare. He looked over to discover Wu Zhangkong sitting legs crossed on a chair nearby.

“Teacher, you…” After staring blankly at Wu Zhangkong for a moment, Tang Wulin started to recall the events of the previous evening, and of how Wu Zhangkong had watched over him throughout the night. His heart surged with warmth as he quickly got off his bed.

Wu Zhangkong met his eyes and said, “Wash up and go eat breakfast. Your spirit soul has evolved so we can go test the changes that your soul skill gained after that.” Having finished speaking, he got up, patted Tang Wulin on the shoulder, then left.

Spirit soul evolution? A spirit soul evolution! My spirit soul evolved! Tang Wulin stood there stunned. His spirit soul had always been a sore spot for him. His heart would ache whenever he saw his comrades and their hundred-year spirit souls. He compared them with his own mere ten-year spirit soul. With his compet.i.tive spirit, it had simply been too demoralizing!

When Xie Xie told him about the possibility of a spirit soul evolving in the spirit ascension platform, he hadn’t seriously taken it to heart. After all, it wasn’t something he would even dare dream of.

But Wu Zhangkong wouldn’t lie to him!

With a flash of light, his Bluesilver Gra.s.s appeared and a halo rose from beneath him.

The originally white soul ring had been transformed into a soul ring with a gentle yellow glow!

It was yellow! A hundred-year soul ring!

Little Goldlight slithered out onto Tang Wulin’s shoulder. Tang Wulin lifted his hand toward it and it slithered onto his palm. After carefully examining Goldlight, Tang Wulin’s eyes became a bit dull as he reminisced for a moment.

Not too long ago, he had been filled with sorrow to the point of wis.h.i.+ng for death due to this little Goldlight. It had been a defective spirit soul that represented three years worth of hard earned money. Amidst his despair at that time, it had only been due to his sheer willpower that he had been able to persevere! At last, his source of sorrow had now turned into a source of joy!

Goldlight could no longer be considered trash now that it had evolved. As a hundred-year spirit soul, it could provide him with two soul rings. This meant that he didn’t need to purchase another spirit soul for a while longer. With Goldlight’s evolution, he could save even more money and buy the spirit items needed to break the second seal.

Tang Wulin released a long sigh as these thoughts crossed his mind. He felt that now, endless possibilities had opened up to him.

“Bind!” With his command, strand after strand of Bluesilver Gra.s.s shot out and bound everything in his room.

Along with the evolution of his spirit soul, Tang Wulin discovered that his Bluesilver Gra.s.s had grown thicker, become more tenacious, and consumed less soul power than before.

When he used his soul skill, a golden color, the same as Goldlight’s color, appeared in his mind.

This had never happened before.

“Goldlight, what’s this? You…”

Without even waiting for Tang Wulin to finish speaking, Goldlight suddenly sprang forth and sank into the numerous strands of Bluesilver Gra.s.s.

Immediately, several strands of Bluesilver Gra.s.s turned golden as they were covered by a fine layer of scales .

This is…

Is this a fusion of the spirit soul and martial soul? It is! Little Goldlight isn’t a defective product anymore. He can help me in combat now! When Tang Wulin tugged on a strand of golden Bluesilver Gra.s.s, he immediately discovered that not only was it tougher than before, it was also stronger than the other normal strands of Bluesilver Gra.s.s. This strand of Bluesilver Gra.s.s felt as if it were an extension of himself, like an additional limb. Although it wasn’t nearly as strong as his right arm with the golden scales, it was still only just slightly weaker than his left arm.

This is a hundred-year spirit soul! With how strong my Bluesilver Gra.s.s is now, my Bind will definitely be much more impactful from now on!Tang Wulin’s face was plastered with a knowing smile as he rushed out of his room, cheering.

It was still early in the morning and the first glimmers of light had just then creeped up over the horizon. After was.h.i.+ng his face, he madly rushed over to the training field.

Evolved. My spirit soul evolved! I’m the same as the others now. I have a hundred-year spirit soul too! With a hundred-year soul ring! Tang Wulin shouted with excitement in his heart as the wind swept past him, seemingly dispersing the haze within him.

This spirit soul evolution didn’t only upgrade his strength, it had also given him peace of mind. He was able to circulate his soul power more smoothly than before, while the power of his bloodline and martial soul seemed to fuse under these bizarre circ.u.mstances.

Standing outside the dormitory’s doors, Ouyang Zixin stared at the scene in shock. A youngster was running wildly on the training field with his arms spread wide.

What’s going on with him? Ouyang Zixin couldn’t help but smile at this scene. This boy is really interesting. After running for some time, Tang Wulin caught sight of a beautiful figure and slowed his pace at last.

“Good morning senior sister!” Tang Wulin wasn’t his usual bashful self today and had actually taken the initiative to call out to Ouyang Zixin.

Tang Wulin’s large eyes were s.h.i.+ning and his cheeks flushed with wildness, showing off his youthful vigor.

“Why are you so happy junior brother?” Ouyang Zixin curiously asked.

Tang Wulin laughed. “It’s nothing really. I merely made a breakthrough in my cultivation so I’m pretty happy.”

Ouyang Zixin beamed a smile at him. “That’s good then. Fight on! Mn. This is how a kid should act. You shouldn’t always be so depressed, looking like an old man. After all, you’re still only ten years old.”

Child? Tang Wulin was stunned and awkwardness filled his heart. So I’m just a child in her eyes… Tang Wulin’s body was feverishly hot by the time the sky had lit up and he went to the dining hall. The first window provided nouris.h.i.+ng gourmet food that comforted Tang Wulin’s gloomy heart. After all, wasn’t a good frame of mind beneficial to his cultivation speed?

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