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tThe enemies had noticed Wu Zhangkong’s exceptional strength long ago. As such, two black mechas were dispatched to handle him.

Black-grade mechas from Douluo were humanoid and about eight meters tall. The two that were currently approaching, however, differed from Douluo’s standards. One of the mechas was a gigantic bear. The other was an ape that was only five meters tall.

While the ape mecha was smaller, it was also clearly much more agile. Two pairs of short wings with exhaust openings spread out from its back, accentuating a design that prioritized control over its movements. The bear mecha, on the other hand, was a twelve-meter-tall behemoth. A dark purple barrier cloaked its body and it carried a gigantic battle axe over twenty meters long. It was undoubtedly a power-type while the ape was an agility-type.

The bear mecha charged forward, brandis.h.i.+ng its battle axe. Hundreds of meters away from Wu Zhangkong, it attacked. Its axe cleaved through the air like a howling hurricane to unleash an ink-black slash. Wu Zhangkong’s battle armor shone radiantly in response. Frost Scars burst into existence all around him to form a sh.e.l.l, making it look as though he had been enveloped by frosty mist. Then, just before the black slash could strike him, he disappeared in a flash of light.

Wu Zhangkong reappeared in front of the bear mecha and swung his sword, weaving together all of the Frost Scars around him to encase the bear mecha in an icy net. The bulky bear mecha couldn’t move its enormous frame fast enough to evade the prison of Frost Scars, but it didn’t need to. Its barrier pulsed with tremendous energy and resisted the attack. Brilliant purple light radiated from the barrier as it clashed with the Frost Scars, jarring crackles of energy filling the air. The struggle between the two energies was fierce, yet the barrier held strong, showing no signs of giving way. That was when the ape mecha appeared behind Wu Zhangkong. With deadly precision, it stabbed a pair of daggers down at his exposed back.

In the brief moment that Wu Zhangkong and the bear mecha had clashed, the ape mecha had managed to sneak up on him like a phantom! Its speed was several times faster than that of the bear mecha. It was a formidable mecha that excelled in

The instant the ape mecha appeared behind him, Wu Zhangkong’s figure blurred. His Skyfrost Sword shone brightly, and he became transparent, the ape mecha’s daggers piercing nothing but thin air. In the next instant Wu Zhangkong’s Skyfrost Sword transformed into a giant wheel as he unleashed his fifth soul skill, Frost Song Moon. It spun rapidly in place to fill the sky with icy mist, and from that mist, gigantic swords that slashed downward.

Faced with two opponents of tremendous power, Wu Zhangkong couldn’t afford a prolonged battle. He had to adopt a blitzkrieg strategy in which he held nothing back!

In the face of the icy onslaught, the bear mecha unleashed a burst of light. Its barrier was already struggling to protect it, working at max capacity. The bear’s ma.s.sive frame allowed it to store enormous amounts of energy, but even with that bulk, it could not completely defend against Frost Song’s might. As if realizing this, countless beams of light shot out from cannons hidden on the bear mecha’s back. They streaked toward Wu Zhangkong in a deadly burst, but right before they could strike him, Wu Zhangkong’s figure disappeared. The beams pa.s.sed harmlessly through the expanse of icy mist that remained where he once was. Then a metallic screech ripped through the air, and the black mecha suddenly turned white.

Wu Zhangkong’s disappearance startled the ape mecha. Then it saw the bear mecha slowly begin to plummet. Even a black-grade mecha would suffer catastrophic damage if it crash landed from such heights. The fact that the bear mecha had been completely frozen was utterly shocking. It was likely that even the pilot within had been frozen to death!

The icy mist suddenly condensed behind the ape mecha, s.h.i.+fting into Wu Zhangkong’s form. The mecha instantly twisted into a barrel roll to evade, but the mist was everywhere. Hundreds of Frost Scars melded into existence to instantly surround the ape mecha, trapping it in a giant net of ice.

With a quick slash of his sword, Wu Zhangkong unleashed a resplendent sword beam at the ensnared mecha. This was the power of two of his soul skills, Frost Song and Skyfrost Slas.h.!.+

The ape mecha floated in the air for a moment, frozen. Then, as it split in two and fell to the ground, Wu Zhangkong once again faded into the mist.

In a flash, Wu Zhangkong destroyed two black-grade mechas! This was the difference in power between mechas and battle armor! The gap between an ordinary soul master and one from Shrek Academy!

While Wu Zhangkong had been eliminating the two black-grade mechas, many of the other enemies reached the defensive line of the train and engaged the defenders in chaotic close-combat. The mecha squadron from the Star Luo Empire fought hard to maintain the line, but it was an impossible task. They were drastically outnumbered. Those from the Douluo delegation spared no effort to support the defensive line as well, but casualties piled up with each and every clash.

As the battle raged on, Tang Wulin tore an exit out of the carriage he was in and brought out another two injured people. Yuanen Yehui followed behind him in her t.i.tan Ape form, carrying four in her arms. Once they delivered the wounded to the Imperial Star Luo Academy students, both prepared to charge back into the train. At that moment, however, a purple-grade mecha descended upon them, brandis.h.i.+ng a giant sword at Yuanen Yehui.

Even in her t.i.tan Ape form, Yuanen Yehui could not contend with the strength of a purple-grade mecha, yet she did not back down. Her eyes flashed with ferocity as she swung both fists at the sword. Fists and sword collided in an explosive boom. Yuanen Yehui slid back a few meters while the mecha was sent flying backward.

The Imperial Star Luo Academy students watched from the sidelines, mouths agape. Fighting a mecha with bare fists? What a monster!

As soon as Yuanen Yehui found her footing, she punched out again with Air Cannon to send two blasts of air slamming into the enemy. Unfortunately for her, the enemy was equipped with a barrier. The s.h.i.+eld of energy simply s.h.i.+mmered slightly as it mitigated the force of the air blasts. Then the mecha hefted its sword upright, taking a stance as the sword abruptly ignited with flames and became cloaked in blazing purple fire. This was the combined might of mecha and soul master!

Yuanen Yehui snorted, her four soul rings lighting up around her. Her figure shrank, but her muscles swelled with more strength thanks to the effect of Devil t.i.tan. Again, she charged at the mecha, fists swinging!

Flaming sword clashed with t.i.tan fists in a rumbling explosion. A booming wind swept across the area. Frightening energy fluctuations rampaged around the combatants. And once again, the mecha was sent flying by Yuanen Yehui’s punches.

Even as the mecha flew through the air, Yuanen Yehui leaped after it, pressing her attack. Before it could reposition itself to respond, she slammed her fists into it, smas.h.i.+ng it to the ground!

Below her, Xie Xie dashed over to the grounded mecha. After a few quick leaps and a sommersault, he reached the mecha’s c.o.c.kpit. He made short work of the pilot, then turned back to Yuanen Yehui to flash her a smile and a thumbs up.

Yuanen Yehui rolled her eyes at him. In the next instant, she grew serious once more as she noticed over a dozen mechas flying toward them. It was a strike team; a black mecha leading four purple mechas with the rest being yellow-grades. The enemy had clearly noticed their resistance here and came to eliminate them.

The students from Shrek Academy weren’t afraid of purple and yellow-grade mechas, but black-grade mechas were a whole different story. The pilot of such a mecha was at least a six-ringed Soul Emperor. A soul master as powerful as that would only become even stronger when equipped with a black-grade mecha.

“I’ll handle the black mecha!” Tang Wulin shouted as he jumped out of the train. He landed at Yuanen Yehui’s side atop the train in a burst of gold. “You guys take care of the rest!”

Before anyone could say otherwise, he leaped into the air and shot two vines of Bluesilver Emperor at the black-grade mecha.
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