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Xie Xie looked towards Tang Wulin. “Wulin, it’s just as she said; you were too impulsive. I’m not someone you can simply pick up after all! I don’t know what kind of temper you have, but I just won’t stand and bear it!”

Tang Wulin sincerely said to Gu Yue, “It was our first time facing Flying Soul Masters, so I really did act impulsively. I’m sorry!”

Xie Xie said in shock, “Hey, I think your temperament is a bit too good now. She’s criticizing you yet you still so easily apologized.”

Gu Yue laughed. “Pfff. It’s no use trying to drive a wedge between us. If someone points out a small mistake, then acknowledge your faults and change. Even if they point out a major mistake, then you should still maintain a gentleman’s elegance. Do you think everyone is as petty as you? Wulin, I’ll treat you to dinner at the first window tonight. Only one meal though!”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Sounds good! Even a housefly is considered meat. Let’s go then; I’m already hungry.”

Ye Yingrong watched the trio head off for the dining hall, dumbstruck with silence. Even if she possessed extraordinary self-restraint, at that moment, her mouth couldn’t help but twitch at the corner.

The opposing party hadn’t been focusing on how to deal with them at all. Rather, they had devised a plan on the spot to counter her cla.s.s’s representatives. What did this mean? It meant that everything they did on stage had been improvised! But why was their coordination so deep?

She took out a soul communicator from her pocket and punched in a number.

Soon after, a pure, cold female voice was heard.

“What is it little sister?”

Ye Yingrong said, “Big sister, we lost.”

“You lost? Don’t tell me that the opponents were also Flying Soul Masters?”

Ye Yingrong forced out a bitter laugh and said, “Not at all. It’s just that their coordination is exceptional and their team is comprised of outstanding individuals. Big sister, you need to be careful. Your cla.s.s one might run into worthy opponents this time. The students of that Icily Arrogant Prince Charming aren’t easy to handle. You definitely need to be prepared!”

The soul communicator went silent for a moment before the clear and cold voice returned with a firmness behind it. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this day. That time, he had humiliated me, but this time I’ll return the favor.” “Big sister, you…” Ye Yingrong didn’t have the chance to finish speaking before her sister hung up.

Ye Yingrong let out a helpless sigh as she spoke to the air, “You really are too compet.i.tive. He wasn’t in the wrong when he rejected you that time, yet you’ve held a grudge for two years already!”

After eating dinner, Xie Xie suggested that they head out of the academy to play again, but was promptly refused by Tang Wulin. His reason was simple, he wanted to go cultivate instead.

Soul power was the foundation for everything. This was the first and most important lesson Wu Zhangkong drilled into their heads in their first theory cla.s.s.

Moreover, there were no shortcuts to improving one’s soul power. The only way to improve was through constant meditation.

Tang Wulin refusal to go caused Xie Xie to lose his own drive to go out and play. Thus, he decided to meditate like Tang Wulin, doing his best to strive towards getting his second ring. Sadly, only a few moments pa.s.sed before their door was suddenly thrown open.

Zhou Zhangxi ran in. “It’s not good. Xie Xie, Wulin, hurry up and come see. A group of people are at the academy gates. Their boss seems to be quite powerful too. And, and, they’re holding a picture of you two and Gu Yue. They’re calling for the academy to hand you three over to them. I’m afraid the teachers will come out soon.”

Tang Wulin had just begun meditating and had yet to completely enter a meditative state, so he immediately opened his eyes once he heard those words. Sitting on the opposite side, Xie Xie gave him a glance, and both of their hearts tensed up. ‘Could it be…?’

“Go! Let’s go see!” Xie Xie straightened his back then jumped off his bed. Tang Wulin followed, and the two of them briskly made their way outside. As soon as they left their dormitory, they met Gu Yue.

“Have you heard?” Tang Wulin asked Gu Yue.

Gu Yue nodded, but her expression was unperturbed. “It should be about what happened yesterday, right?”

A cold light flickered in Xie Xie’s eyes. “Let’s go!” Having said this, he began walking towards the academy’s great gates while dragging Tang Wulin behind him.

“Hold on!” Tang Wulin heavily said.

Xie Xie angrily responded, “What are we waiting for? If it’s those guys from yesterday, then we’ll just beat them up again. Bullying people into paying a protection fee, yet those thieves still dare to come to the academy and cry thief!”

Tang Wulin firmly grabbed him. Xie Xie attempted to struggle free, but what kind of strength did Tang Wulin have?

Tang Wulin was firm as he said, “Don’t be so impulsive. This matter shouldn’t be that simple. Don’t forget where we are right now. This is Eastsea Academy, a Soul Master’s academy. If they still dare come here despite knowing this, then it would mean that they’re confident in their backing. We’re still far too weak right now. It would be a better idea to go find Teacher Wu first.”

As he listened to Tang Wulin’s words, Xie Xie began to regain his calm. He was a smart boy, and no longer had any impulsive thoughts after he understood Tang Wulin’s meaning.

Gu Yue nodded in agreement. “I stand with Wulin on this. We should go find Teacher Wu first.”

Zhou Zhangxi interjected from behind, “This matter caused a large disturbance. There are at least two hundred people waiting outside the gates and they all seem very arrogant. What did you guys do?”

Tang Wulin answered, “I’ll tell you later. Let’s go; we need to find Teacher Wu first.”

Wu Zhangkong’s schedule was extremely strict. After dinner, he would immediately go meditate, so finding him wasn’t difficult at all.

Wu Zhangkong, clothed in a traditional white chang pao, opened the door. When he saw that his visitors were Tang Wulin’s trio, he coldly asked, “What cultivation questions do you have?”

Although Xie Xie also had an icy arrogance in him, when he faced Wu Zhangkong he didn’t have the guts to say anything. Instead, he looked expectantly at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin said, “Teacher Wu, we’ve caused some trouble…” Although he was a bit nervous, he still summoned up his courage and retold the events of what occurred the night before.

Wu Zhangkong finished listening with an indifferent expression, then coldly said, “It seems you guys actually have some ability!” Having said this, he walked over.

His white chang pao seemed delicate and light, and it rustled in the wind. His hair also drifted up up from his shoulders and danced with the wind. This earthly aura carried a hint of pure coldness within it, making others feel as though they were in a dream.

Tang Wulin patted the stunned Xie Xie and woke him from his stupor. The trio followed behind Wu Zhangkong and headed towards the academy’s great gates.

Outside of Eastsea Academy’s great gates was an impenetrable crowd of at least two hundred fierce and burly looking people holding all sorts of weapons. Among them were quite a few people holding onto federation prohibited soul devices.

Following the progress of soul technology, soul devices had developed ot the point that even ordinary people could use them. Soul Master’s still had an exalted position, but the gap between them and commoners had been shortened due to technology. Even ordinary people could operate soul mechas now. Under a certain level, Soul Masters weren’t that much more powerful than ordinary people with soul devices. This was the reason why those people dared to block the entrance of a Soul Master academy.

On Eastsea Academy’s side, many students of the intermediate and advanced divisions had crowded near the gates. Faced with those burly men who held up three photographs, they were surprised to see that it was Tang Wulin, Xie Xie and Gu Yue.

A few of the burly men in the front were even carrying a stretcher, upon which lay Guang Long wrapped completely in gauze.

Another group of people were holding a giant banner, which read, “Murder must be paid with life! Debts must be paid! Hand over the culprit!”

Fortunately, however, this was still a Soul Master’s academy. Even though these burly men were confident in their backing, they didn’t dare attack the academy. Their leader stood at over two meters tall and possessed an extremely stalwart body. Similar to Guang Long, his head was also shaven, but he had some small sideburns. With this intrepid appearance of his, he seemed like an upgraded version of Guang Long. His bare arms revealed muscles br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a terrifying strength. His gloomy eyes continuously swept through the crowd, searching for the three people in the photographs.

“What kind of people are you, to actually dare to cause trouble in front of the academy?” Right at that moment, a furious voice called out. Long Hengxue appeared with over ten teachers trailing behind him.

After seeing the people outside of the gates, his heart tensed up a bit. It was exactly as Tang Wulin had said. Even though they knew this was a Soul Master’s academy, they dared to come because they had some backing.

“My name is Guang Biao. The one on the stretcher is my younger brother.” The shaven headed man with a stalwart body coldly stated. His appearance wasn’t as wild as the others, but his gloomy voice was like a thunderclap resounding in everyone’s ears.

‘Such powerful soul power! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s cultivation is…’

Long Hengxu’s pupils contracted as he tensed up. He suddenly remembered this name.

“Guang Biao? You are the captain of Eastsea City’s mecha brigade? That Guang Biao?” Every single city had their own armed forces. Apart from the police force which kept order in the city, there was also their military force. Eastsea City was major coastal city, thus the federation had deployed five hundred soul mecha here to form a mecha brigade.

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