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“I hate this entire world! My name is Hatred; I am Old Demon Hatred. I’m going to inflict upon you the worst pain imaginable!”

In the next instant, Yue Zhengyu found himself hanging upside down, and a leather whip that had been entirely soaked in water struck his body in a vicious manner.

Yue Zhengyu had always thought that he had good pain tolerance, but he discovered in this instant that he was completely wrong. Never would he have thought that there would be so many different ways to inflict so many different types of pain on someone.

“Argh!” His howls of agony hadn’t stopped from the moment he was hung upside down.

Excruciating pain speared through his entire body, and he tried to escape with all his might, but he could only look on as his skin and flesh were torn apart, as his fingernails were wrenched away one after another, as his body was gradually broken down, leaving to within an inch of his life.


Tang Wulin’s eyes had already become completely glazed over. Following the past three months of torture, his life force was more powerful than ever before, but his psyche had clearly been damaged, to the extent that he was struck by an involuntary sense of fear whenever he saw something writing or squirming.

He had sensed that these “foods” were filled with rich life force energy, but how could he accept the most enjoyable activity in his life being transformed into such a painful ch.o.r.e?

However, he still persevered and made it through to the other side for the sake of his friends. He only had one thought in his heart right now; he had to endure whatever torture was thrown at him and rescue his friends.

He persevered through his iron will for three entire months, following which Old Demon Gluttony finally let him go.

He ate large mouthfuls of all types of “foods” like an automaton, and only in the deepest parts of his eyes could a faint glimmer of life be seen.

Old Demon Gluttony was feeling quite conflicted.

He was very pleased with Tang Wulin’s reactions, and he’d derived a lot of joy from torturing him. However, a problem quickly arose; he discovered that this kid was like a bottomless pit of gluttony!

After his mind had been completely numbed to the extent that he didn’t even care what he was eating anymore, Tang Wulin began to display his astonis.h.i.+ng appet.i.te.

On one occasion, he ate an entire python by himself. That python was around seven meters long and as thick as a human leg. After eating it, even his body had displayed a reaction as his bloodline aura surged intensely, causing scales to appear uncontrollably all over his skin.

Even so, he still had more stomach capacity to spare, and his appet.i.te only continued to grow.

Old Demon Gluttony was very pleased with how much Tang Wulin had suffered, but his heart bled whenever he thought about how much Tang Wulin had eaten. This guy’s appet.i.te was even more fearsome than that fat kid’s! Xu Lizhi had also eaten a lot, but because this process wasn’t a torturous one to him, he was handed over to Old Demon Hatred very early on. However, Tang Wulin was clearly suffering so much that he wanted to die, but that didn’t seem to hamper his appet.i.te at all!

Whenever Old Demon Gluttony thought about how much Tang Wulin had eaten, he would become enraged and try to exact his revenge by forcing Tang Wulin to eat even more next time. However, he discovered that Tang Wulin remained as insatiable as ever, but the entire island’s food supply was struggling to keep up! He had eaten such a vast quant.i.ty of high-grade ingredients! Regardless of how abundant the life force energy was here, it couldn’t keep up with his insane appet.i.te! As such, he had no choice but to hand Tang Wulin over to Old Demon Hatred.

“Do you know what I hate most in this world?” Old Demon Hatred appraised Tang Wulin in a cold manner.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were still slightly glazed over. “What are we eating today?”

“We’re not eating anything, you pathetic idiot! I can’t believe Gluttony’s little tricks reduced you to such a sorry state! Now I have to make you recovery mentally; this is so annoying! I hate it, I hate this world, I hate everything!”

Tang Wulin was hung upside down, and the leather whip struck his body with vicious force.

“Slap!” The leather whip flashed through the air, and Tang Wulin’s clothes were torn open as a white mark was left on his skin.

Wait a minute, a white mark? Why isn’t he bleeding?

Old Demon Hatred faltered slightly upon seeing this. He then swung his whip into Tang Wulin’s body with even greater force, only to inflict even more white marks that quickly vanished…

Old Demon Hatred naturally didn’t believe that this was normal, so he began to unleash a torrential barrage of strikes on Tang Wulin’s body with his whip.

One strike landed after another, and Tang Wulin’s clothes were quickly pulverized. However, when Old Demon Hatred decided to change to another torture instrument, he discovered that all of the whip marks on Tang Wulin’s body had disappeared, and he was completely unscathed.

What the h.e.l.l is going on?

Tang Wulin’s eyes finally began to focus, not from pain, but because the external stimulus provided by the whip strikes was causing the rich life force energy within his body to circulate and fuse together with his blood essence power. This process resulted in an indescribably comfortable sensation, and his mind was finally soothed after enduring so much torture during the past three months. To a certain extent, that horrific experience had caused him to completely shut himself off to the outside world, and only then could he continue to eat all of those disgusting creatures.

As a result, he naturally didn’t get an opportunity to circulate his soul power to coordinate with his blood essence.

Now, with the external stimulus from the whip, his Mysterious Heaven Method and bloodline power both automatically began to circulate to protect his body, and that was slowly allowing him to recover on a psychological level.

Right at this moment, a sharp pain speared through Tang Wulin’s body.

Old Demon Hatred had found a long steel nail that he was stabbing Tang Wulin with, but the nail was only just barely able to pierce through his skin and draw blood.

This pain was clearly more intense than the lashes from that leather whip, and in response to this stronger stimulus, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline and Mysterious Heaven Method were also activated to a greater extent. His mind finally began to emerge from his self-imposing mental seclusion, and from Old Demon Hatred’s perspective, the small holes that he was stabbing into Tang Wulin’s skin were quickly healing over. No scabs even appeared before the tiny puncture wounds were instantly healed.

Furthermore, every time he stabbed Tang Wulin with the nail, he discovered that a layer of golden light would appear beneath his skin. His body was extremely tough to begin with, and sections of his skin that were being stabbed would instantly harden, as if scales were about to appear.

He had sealed Tang Wulin’s soul power and bloodline circulation, but he was unable to stop his instinctive reactions.

Old Demon Hatred switched to one torture instrument after another before using them on Tang Wulin, and at this point, Tang Wulin had finally completely awakened. He looked on as Old Demon Hatred inflicted one wound after another, only for them to instantly heal, and a cold smile appeared on his face.


This was something that he’d already grown accustomed to ever since he began learning to forge as a six-year-old boy. He didn’t not fear pain; it was just that he had superhuman pain tolerance exceeding even that of Soul Masters that were far more powerful than him. Furthermore, he also had ultrpowerful physical resistance.

His Golden Dragon King bloodline’s self-regenerative properties were simply far too potent, and Tang Wulin could recover from all types of physical and energy attacks at an astonis.h.i.+ng rate.

Thus, Old Demon Hatred brought out one torture instrument after another, only to be greeted by the sight of Tang Wulin’s cold smile.

No matter how much this hurt, it couldn’t compare to the heart-wrenching pain of breaking his Golden Dragon King seals. That was pain that originated from deep within his body and threatened to tear the very fiber of his being apart.
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