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Not only that, but in the neighboring room, there was an identical setup, except the object at the center of that room was entirely dark green in color, and the demonic symbols were even more complex.

Regardless of whether it was the men in black in the outer circle or the 12 Soul Douluos at the center of the room, all of their bodies were slowly withering away due to energy loss. However, not a single sound could be heard within the two rooms.

At the Tang Sect.

After completing a series of official duties, a contemplative look appeared in Guo Xiaoxu’s eyes. Right at this moment, a boisterous voice rang out.

“What’s on your mind, Xiaoxu? You seem quite distracted; care for a drink?” The master of the Power Hall, Zhao Song, walked in from outside, rubbing his own bald head with a smile on his face.

He shared an extremely close friends.h.i.+p with Guo Xiaoxu. They were both of a similar age and had once cultivated together for many years in the past. It was only later on in their cultivation journeys that they diverged toward different paths. They’d both joined the Tang Sect at the same time and went on to become high-ranking members of the sect. Guo Xiaoxu was in a higher position of power than Zhao Song in the Tang Sect, but that didn’t drive any wedges into their friends.h.i.+p.

Guo Xiaoxu replied, “I can’t; there are too many things for me to take care of in the sect. Both of the palace masters are absent, and the priests from the Holy Hall completely detach themselves from these official duties, so I have to take up the mantle.”

Zhao Song asked, “Does Heaven Dou City still require attention on our end? I thought that the aftermath had already been dealt with.”

Guo Xiaoxu sighed, “The Holy Spirit Cult has been in hiding for so many years, yet they’ve chosen to return now, and they’re acting in an extremely discrete manner. The work that needs to be done over at Heaven Dou City is nearing a conclusion, but we still have no idea where the main forces of the Holy Spirit Cult are. Even back when the vice-palace master was here, he still couldn’t find anything important and only managed to capture a few small fry. According to the a.n.a.lysis from the palace master, the Holy Spirit Cult’s attack on Heaven Dou City is only a precursor, and an attack of a larger scale is most likely yet to come. We don’t know if or where that attack will eventuate, so we have to constantly be on our guards.”

Zhao Song’s brows furrowed slightly. “You’re right. Those abhorrent b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Don’t let me run into them! Otherwise, I’m twisting their heads off and using them as chamber pots!”

Guo Xiaoxu chuckled, “Your temper’s just as fiery as ever. Your outer halls must also be quite busy recently. You know what? I think I’ll go have a drink with you after all; it’s important to relax from time to time. Where’s Liang Xiaoyu? Call him up as well.”


Night fell, and the Tang Sect gradually became more peaceful.

Tang Wulin completed his forging practice and emerged from his forging room. His surroundings were pitch-black, and he looked up into the sky to discover that even though the winds were quite strong, there was not a single star to be seen. This struck him with a strong sense of foreboding and oppression.

Right at this moment, the nine-colored gem on his wrist began to heat up again, and it became a lot hotter than it did before, to the extent that Tang Wulin almost reflexively hurled it away.

What’s going on?

Tang Wulin hurriedly looked down at the bracelet, and even in the pitch-black night, he could see that the gem had turned into a sinister crimson color. An overwhelming sense of fear also began to well up in his heart.

This has to be a warning sign! Something’s definitely going to happen!

He could still ignore the signs being displayed by the bracelet during the day, but this feeling was far too strong for him to ignore.

He immediately sprang forward, charging directly toward the Sea G.o.d’s Island, and at the same time, he quickly dialed the number for Xie Xie’s soul communicator.

“What are you doing, Xie Xie?” Tang Wulin asked in an urgent manner.

“I was just preparing to meditate; what’s up, Boss? If it’s not something too important, can we talk about it tomorrow? Yuanen agreed to let me meditate with her today, hehe.”

Tang Wulin hurriedly continued, “Forget meditation! Call up Yuanen, then contact everyone else and tell them to come to the Sea G.o.d’s Island right away! I have a really bad feeling that something’s about to happen!”

“Huh? Are you sure, Boss? It’s already this late; should I really call everyone at this hour?”

Tang Wulin immediately flared up with rage. “Just do as I say! I don’t know what’s going to happen, but this is a really bad feeling. Hurry up and get everyone to come to the Sea G.o.d’s Island!”

It was undoubtedly the case that the Sea G.o.d’s Island was the safest place.

Xie Xie had an extremely high level of trust toward Tang Wulin, so he immediately said, “Alright, we’ll see you on the Sea G.o.d’s Island.”

After cutting off the call, Tang Wulin had already arrived at the sh.o.r.e of the Sea G.o.d’s Lake. He charged over the water and quickly sped toward the Sea G.o.d’s Island.

Right at this moment, light suddenly flashed in the inky-black night sky. Tang Wulin was rus.h.i.+ng toward the Sea G.o.d’s Island, and he couldn’t help but turn toward that flash of light.

Thus, he was greeted by a peculiar sight; there were b.a.l.l.s of light with dazzling trails of flames behind them descending from above. The light was becoming stronger and stronger, and they were heading directly toward Shrek Academy.

Were those soul missiles? This was an enemy attack!

Shrek City was the largest city on the entire continent, and Shrek Academy was only an academy, but it had its own army in the city. The army only consisted of 30,000 people as that was the maximum quota that the federation allowed, but all of them were elite soldiers, and there were 5,000 mecha pilots among their ranks.

Furthermore, Shrek Academy had so many Hyper Douluos and t.i.tled Douluos, and during its 20,000-year history, it had been given the t.i.tle of Infallible Shrek.

Who would’ve thought that someone would dare to attack Shrek City? From the looks of the missiles, which were falling like a meteor shower, there appeared to be over 100 of them!

Soul missiles had an extremely long effective range, but Shrek City’s missile defense system certainly wasn’t just a useless ornament! If those missiles had come from outside the city, then they would’ve been destroyed long before they actually entered the city.

However, these missiles had appeared right above Shrek City, and from the looks of their wide distribution, they were targeting all areas of the entire inner city.

Tang Wulin fell into a completely stunned stupor at the sight of these missiles. What was happening? His premonition had been correct; there really was an attack being launched against Shrek City! This was unbelievable!

It was also at this moment that a series of streaks of light instantly rose up into the air from the Sea G.o.d’s Island. Initially, there were only seven of them, but several dozens more quickly followed.

These were all the most powerful beings in Shrek Academy’s inner court.

The first seven streaks of light were the most dazzling, and each of them was radiating an enormous aura. As they rose up into the air, the other streaks of light instantly followed suit before dispersing and flying toward each of the soul missiles.

Right after Tang Wulin arrived on the Sea G.o.d’s Island, the first explosion rang out in the sky.

A resounding boom erupted, and a missile exploded like a giant firework, illuminating the entire Sea G.o.d’s Island as if night had suddenly transitioned into day.

What terrifying explosive force! That has to be at least a seventh-grade soul missile!

Tang Wulin looked on in a completely flabbergasted manner, but he was unable to do anything to help. He hadn’t attained a suit of two-word battle armor yet, so he still didn’t have the ability to fly. He could only look on as his teachers and the senior disciples rose up into the air to combat the missiles.

“Boom, boom, boom!” One explosion rang out after another, creating a spectacular fireworks display on a ma.s.sive scale.

Soul missiles had already been widely renowned as the most fearsome weapons since 10,000 years ago, and soul missiles at or above the seventh grade were considered to be weapons that could turn the tides of major wars.

At this moment, all of the missiles exploding in the sky were at least of the seventh grade.
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