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Chapter 192: Absolute strength

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The reason why Liang Shus.h.i.+ never used her third Soul Skill was to wait for an opportunity.

At this moment, the Gold Silk Ape was pouncing toward her and had somewhat obscured Lan Xuanyu’s line of sight. In her eyes, the Gold Silk Ape was being controlled by Lan Xuanyu and thus thought that this was her best opportunity.

In fact, her use of the Flicker of Diffraction was indeed outstanding. She avoided all the attacks and used her toes to push off from the Gold Silk Ape’s thick arms and somersaulted gracefully over the Gold Silk Ape. The two diffracting light stingers were aimed for the Gold Silk Ape’s eyes.

Be it human or soul beasts, the eyes were the easiest to harm.

Even Liang Shus.h.i.+ did not imagine that everything would go so smoothly. The thought of her killing the 3,000-year-old soul beast in front of her… Just the thought of it made her blood boil!

As for the Soul Master from Heaven Luo Academy, he only had two Soul Rings. Without the Gold Silk Ape, she believed that she held the absolute certainty of killing him.

These thoughts quickly flew in her mind as she stabbed out with her light stingers.

The Gold Silk Ape’s head followed her movements as she somersaulted. Right at this time, Liang Shus.h.i.+ discovered that the ma.s.sive head seemed to be grinning, as though mimicking a human expression, which seemed to be… a smile?

Gold! It’s eyes suddenly turned gold. In that instant, Liang Shus.h.i.+’s mind went blank. The Diffracting light stingers that were about to erupt suddenly became powerless.


The Gold Silk Ape opened its mouth and bit her neck. When the sharp teeth punctured her skin and broke her carotid artery, Liang Shus.h.i.+’s entire body went limp.

Below, Lan Xuanyu’s facial expression twitched for a moment as he muttered to himself: “That’s a bit too brutal.” Despite saying so, he launched an ice awl from his hand and accurately struck Liang Shus.h.i.+’s heart, eliminating her from the compet.i.tion.

An extremely dense red light surged forward and entered Lan Xuanyu’s body.

Under Bing Tianliang’s care, Liang Shus.h.i.+’s acc.u.mulated points were immense! But it had turned and belonged to others now.


Niu Yiwei gradually became weaker, much to his unwillingness. Right before he was about to unleash his Dazzling Explosion b.u.t.ton for the third time, Bing Tianliang finally found an opportunity to grab and break his chest.

Without any hint of stopping or any intent to chase after the other two, Bing Tianliang turned and left. With a wave of his hand, he led the five and charged towards the direction of the scream.

He could ignore the points from Niu Yiwei’s team, but he could not not save Liang Shus.h.i.+.

What no one knew was that the reason why he was not chosen as an early admittance into Shrek Academy was mainly because of the girl, who was his childhood sweetheart!

It was an extremely confusing emotion, like how an older brother was to a younger sister, or there might even be something else germinating. At the very least, there was nothing else more important to Bing Tianliang’s heart than Liang Shus.h.i.+.

According to Lan Xuanyu’s plan, the Gold Silk Ape was to draw out a team and completely annihilate them. And his plan included Bing Tianliang chasing after Niu Yiwei’s team and gaining their acc.u.mulated points. This way, it would save his team time.

But there were too many variables and changes in plans, and he did not factor in Liang Shus.h.i.+’s importance to Bing Tianliang. He also did not expect Niu Yiwei to last for so long as well. So, due to the freak combination of factors, Bing Tianliang was ultimately delayed.

Bing Tianliang’s body warped forward as his speed was raised to the maximum, causing him to resemble a purple bolt of lightning.

His eyes turned purple as he gazed into the distance. Due to his outstanding innate talent, he had spent a great deal to obtain one of Tang Sect’s secret techniques, the Purple Demon Eye!

The enhanced vision allowed him to catch sight of the figure he was worried about through the uneven and dancing trees. But that instant caused his eye socket to crack, for he witnessed Liang Shus.h.i.+ being bitten by the Gold Silk Ape and disappearing into a white light the next second.

“No—” Bing Tianliang roared out in anger as his entire body erupted with purple lightning. He transformed into a bolt of purple lightning and charged forward.

Liang Shus.h.i.+’s death meant cutting her opportunity to enter Shrek Academy together with him! He had spent so much effort and maintained caution—for what? For the sake of bringing her into Shrek Academy.

He regretted greatly—regretted that he had been careless and allowed Liang Shus.h.i.+ to chase after the injured soul beast. Never would he have thought that the soul beast was actually a trap.

Inside the light, he saw a figure leap up the Gold Silk Ape’s back. The Gold Silk Ape turned around and charged into the forest.

Under his anger, Bing Tianliang’s speed was extremely fast and almost caught him in a few breaths of time.

Liang Shus.h.i.+ was gone, and her two teammates had disappeared as well. Bing Tianliang was extremely clear on what that meant.

If they were in any ordinary situation, he would definitely be able to remain calm and face everything. But Liang Shus.h.i.+’s death had completely thrown the 12-year-old genius’ mind in chaos.

The fourth Soul Ring lit up, and Bing Tianliang’s entire body erupted with piercing purple light. At this instant, it was as though he had transformed into a large ball of lightning as he charged straight into the Gold Silk Ape’s back that had Lan Xuanyu on it.

Lan Xuanyu was taken aback in surprise when he saw the extremely fast purple figure catching up to them, and his heart was overwhelmed with shock when he saw that the other party had four Soul Rings. Never would he have thought that such a formidable existence actually existed within the Ling Tian Academy’s alliance group.

The other party had unleashed his fourth Soul Skill, and the pressurizing threat had immediately descended upon them.

Bing Tianliang was too fast to the extent that Lan Xuanyu had a sense that he was unable to avoid him. He inhaled deeply and kept the air near his dantian. The power and blood within surged as the low roar of a dragon surfaced from the golden bloodline. Lan Xuanyu’s eyes emitted a faint layer of gold.

He could not afford to use his strongest Martial Soul Fusion Technique because it was not time, so the only choice was Golden Dragon Soar!

With the low dragon roar, he unleashed both fists while jumping out from the Gold Silk Ape’s back. With both fists in front of him and the dragon roar, the golden-patterned Blue Silver Gra.s.s coiled around his right arm as a dragon head appeared and welcomed the incoming Bing Tianliang.


Both parties collided.

Bing Tianliang’s purplish lighting ball stopped in the air before dropping to the ground. As for Lan Xuanyu, he was flung out directly—his entire body charred black with lightning remnants that lingered on his body.

When the Gold Silk Ape heard the noise behind it, it quickly turned to look. When it saw Lan Xuanyu affected by the explosion, it let out a roar and charged at Bing Tianliang. A pair of thick arms smashed down straight for Bing Tianliang.

Lan Xuanyu’s flung body collided fiercely onto a large tree. The large tree was charred black as well, being affected by the lightning remnants on his body.

All he could feel was numbness; he felt no pain at all.

This was his first time feeling so helpless after gaining his second Soul Ring. The other party’s attack was simply too powerful, causing him to feel as though the gold and silver vortex within his chest was on the verge of exploding. The skin on his body was charred black while he emitted smoke as he laid down in numbness. Even moving had become difficult for him.

Lan Xuanyu had suffered severely from Bing Tianliang’s all out attack.

In that instant, Lan Xuanyu understood a principle, regardless of how meticulous a plan was, absolute strength was the only prevailing factor that could possibly affect the universe. After all, there was still a great disparity in terms of cultivation between them! Two Soul Rings against four Soul Rings. Even with twin Martial Souls, he did not have a chance at all.

He could only concentrate on opening his eyes with much difficulty and watch as the Gold Silk Ape battled against Bing Tianliang.

The purple lightning flickered, Bing Tianliang seemed to be completely unaffected by the Golden Dragon Soar. Under the lingering purple bolts of lightning, Bing Tianliang was able to suppress the 3,000-year-old Gold Silk Ape and force it to retreat little by little.


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