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Chapter 197: Direct confrontation

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Lan Xuanyu replied indifferently, “You’re right; we are.”

Bing Tianliang looked at him then at Dong Qianqiu and Liu Feng. “The first place in the previous qualifiers should be you guys.”

Lan Xuanyu gave him a smile. “That’s right!”

Bing Tianliang took a deep breath. “Very good. Then, it is destined that the first place for this round will no longer be related to you.”

Purple lightning crackled on his body as the four purple Soul Rings revolving around him became bright. He took slow steps toward Lan Xuanyu’s team of three, the aura within him growing at an accelerated rate. The crackling purple lightning on his body congealed even further as the purple light became even more brilliant.

Yu Tian followed him by his side as he raised the Mo Sword in hand, building up his momentum and aura alongside Bing Tianliang. He and Bing Tianliang had worked together for many years, so he was used to Bing Tianliang’s fighting style and even more able to sense the fury within Bing Tianliang’s heart.

They had nine people, while the enemy had three. However, they had lost five of their teammates because of them — including Liang Shus.h.i.+’s entire team.

This was no small offense to Bing Tianliang. Furthermore, the group before them was the first place group they had been looking for.

Lan Xuanyu squinted his eyes and raised both hands at the same time. Both golden-patterned Blue Silver Gra.s.s and silver-patterned Blue Silver Gra.s.s appeared and twined around Dong Qianqiu and Liu Feng. The silver-patterned Blue Silver Gra.s.s coiled around Dong Qianqiu’s waist.

Dong Qianqiu turned and looked at him with a look of surprise because she felt her sense toward the ice element suddenly become crystal clear the instant Lan Xuanyu’s silver-patterned Blue Silver Gra.s.s curled around her body. Even the exhaustion from before was completely swept away.

Ordinarily, she could only be summoned for a minute and a half, and a minute had already pa.s.sed. This meant she only had thirty seconds left before she had to return. But at this moment, under the buff of the silver-patterned Blue Silver Gra.s.s, she was able to sense that her summoning time had somehow extended.

So he is actually an auxiliary system Soul Master?

To Bing Tianliang’s left was Yu Tian, and to his right was his other teammate, Lin Donghui.

Above Lin Donghui’s head was a faintly discernible red ball of light. This was his Martial Soul, the Brilliant Sun. It was intrinsically of the fire element. He had three Soul Rings and was at the 32nd rank. An offense-type Soul Master.

That was correct: their entire team was composed of all offense-type Soul Masters. But they had different fighting methods.

Bing Tianliang’s Lightning G.o.d Puppet was more comprehensive with extremely powerful bursts and a degree of control. Yu Tian’s Mo Sword was pure attack, while Lin Donghui’s Brilliant Sun Martial Soul was more proficient in long range attacks, focused on powerful support firepower.

Bing Tianliang had his own stance: once the attack reached a certain degree of power, there was no need for control or auxiliary support. Because in the face of a powerful attack, everything else would be destroyed.

“Step back.” Bing Tianliang informed the remaining two-ring Soul Master.

“Yes, Brother Bing.” The two-ring Soul Master immediately retreated.

Bing Tianliang did not want him to make any move — not that he looked down on him, but it was because he was the only remaining Soul Master of the other team. If he was killed by Lan Xuanyu, they would have half of their acc.u.mulated points deducted. It was not something he wished to see. Furthermore, he had absolute confidence in his team of three.

The only ones worthy enough to coordinate with him were Yu Tian and Lin Donghui.

If they were in other teams, the two would definitely be the leaders. The three of them together formed the strongest team in Ling Tian Academy. Even their teachers believed that they might even be the strongest group among their peers in the entire Federation.

When the two-ring Soul Master retreated, the first to make his move was Lin Donghui, who stood to Bing Tianliang’s right. The three of them worked in tacit coordination; Lin Donghui was able to sense Bing Tianliang’s acc.u.mulating energy.

The Brilliant Sun on his head was activated as scarlet red fire b.a.l.l.s were unleashed in quick-fire succession straight at Lan Xuanyu’s side.

Although Lan Xuanyu’s side had three people, their true strength was only two and a half. He was no longer able to enter into the battle and could only support them.

Dong Qianqiu and Liu Feng were unable to separate too far from Lan Xuanyu to protect him and to sustain the buffs from the Blue Silver Gra.s.s. They were undoubtedly at the short end of the stick.

Dong Qianqiu moved. Her summoning time was limited and had to unleash her all within her limited timeframe.

The Ice Spear that she threw from her right hand transformed into an ice-blue color, splitting into numerous smaller spears that accurately struck onto the fireb.a.l.l.s and extinguished them. The sky above them exploded into a series of flames and water.

At the same time, she unleashed an ice mist that enveloped the three of them. Dong Qianqiu faintly squinted her eyes as her third Soul Ring flickered with light. Over a thousand ice needles surged out toward her enemies.

Lan Xuanyu was able to see a faint, white figure appearing behind Dong Qianqiu from his angle; it was in the form of a gigantic shark. As the shark opened up its mouth and sprayed the ice mist, the blue light aura that merged into the ice mist increased rapidly in size and turned into ice awls first before turning into ice thorns and, ultimately, into Ice Spears.

No one expected for her to unleash all her powers without hesitation.

Bing Tianliang’s trio were at a disadvantage, as they were unaware that Dong Qianqiu was a summon, and she had a time limit. Her choice to burst out was due to a lack of a better option for the sake of unleas.h.i.+ng her strongest attacks at the most crucial time.

“Liu Feng.” When Dong Qianqiu rushed forward, Lan Xuanyu called out to him softly.

Bing Tianliang and his team were taken aback. The sky full of Ice Spears was filled with a grand impetus. She forced Bing Tianliang to have to unleash his fourth Soul Skill with all of his strength again. Plasmas blossomed around him acting as offense and defense, resisting the attack against him.

On the left, Yu Tian unleashed his third Soul Skill, Mo Sword Power. In spite of the impact forcing him to retreat, the Ice Spears shattered upon landing on his body — like an imposing and steep coastal cliff. The ice mist around his body continued to increase.

Lin Donghui was in the worst situation. Being aligned to the fire element, he was naturally restrained. Under Lan Xuanyu’s buff, Dong Qianqiu unleashed countless attacks against Lin Donghui’s fireb.a.l.l.s. Faced against the incoming Ice Spears, he quickly activated his third Soul Skill. However, he was no longer in his optimal state.

The blazing hot Brilliant Sun above his head moved downward and fused into his body, transforming him into a large ball of fire. Blazing flames spewed out and dissolved the Ice Spears.

Yu Tian was forced to retreat until he could no longer take another step back. Although the majority of the Ice Spears were neutralized, one of them finally found its way and penetrated his right shoulder with a ‘PU’, leaving behind a bloodied hole.

The ice mist bubbled up, and all the remaining Ice Spears congregated toward the strongest: Bing Tianliang.

Bing Tianliang’s fourth Soul Skill had reached its maximum and resisted them. But right at this moment, a delicate figure quietly appeared before Lin Donghui from within the fog.

Lin Donghui, who had gone all out to defend against the Ice Spears, was close to complete exhaustion. Before he could even catch a breath, he saw slim, lily-white hands transform into a deep blue light and left a mark on his chest.

In the next moment, the ice mist retreated and disappeared into the Gate of Summoning, leaving Bing Tianliang and his team that were blocked by the Ice Spears and ice mist to be unaware.

Lin Donghui looked down at his chest. His entire body was blazing, except for an ice frost that had appeared on his chest.

“BANG!” The frost at his heart exploded, transforming Lin Donghui into a white light as he disappeared.


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