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Chapter 208: Spirit Ascension Platform

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Normally, after Soul Masters’ cultivation reaches a bottleneck, a Spirit Soul fusion is required, then another fusion of the Spirit Soul with the Soul Ring. A Spirit Soul could have either one or multiple Soul Rings attached and the Spirit Ascension Platform was the place to acquire Spirit Souls. They simulated the abilities of soul beasts, they were man-made Spirit Souls. This was also why humans could live peacefully with soul beasts, as there was no need to hunt for soul beasts to enhance oneself.

However, this was extremely foreign to Lan Xuanyu because he had never fused any Spirit Souls before. His Soul Ring was produced naturally. Therefore, this was the first time he came to the Spirit Ascension Platform.

Each of the trio held a card in their hand—this was the ticket to enter the Spirit Ascension Platform in the Spirit PaG.o.da. Only one admission was allowed for each ticket.

What sort of place was the Spirit Ascension Platform? This was slightly similar to their previous experience in the qualifier. The Spirit Ascension Platform was simulated to be like a soul beast forest, and there were many soul beasts inside. These soul beasts had energy in them and one would be able to gain the energy by killing them, which would go into the Soul Ring.

In other words, if you’re a 10-year Soul Ring and hunt a sufficient amount of soul beasts inside, you could possibly be promoted to a 100-year Soul Ring and so on. The same goes for Soul Bones, they would absorb the energy inside too.

The Spirit Ascension Platform could be used continuously, as the Spirit PaG.o.da spent a lot of effort to incorporate a great deal of external power into it; it even contained some secrets of the law of s.p.a.ce. As for the details, that is the top secret of the Spirit PaG.o.da. Every year, only a handful of people were allowed in by the use of tickets. Hence, it was clear just how precious these tickets were.

One of them was the prize that Lan Xuanyu’s team got and the others were bought by the academy with a large sum of money just so that they could strengthen themselves before the test at the Shrek Academy.

Mu Zhongtian brought the trio into the Spirit PaG.o.da. The bottom two levels of the Spirit PaG.o.da were open to the public, especially Soul Masters. They could purchase Spirit Souls here, and if one purchased a rare Spirit Soul, he or she could even enter higher levels.

The s.p.a.cious hall on the first floor was the shape of an octagon. The main decoration style was stone, and the ceiling was a colorful mural. There were various soul beasts on it, clearly having a story.

Lan Xuanyu could recognize that the story here was showing an ancient city being attacked by hundreds of thousands of soul beasts. That era should be the Era of the Beasts.

The most striking was the huge black dragon hovering in the sky; it had gold eyes and all the soul beasts were attacking the cities of mankind under his command.

And on that wall, many human Soul Masters were releasing all sorts of Soul Skills, blocking the attacks of the soul beasts. That magnificent scene and epic war was fully depicted by the painting, giving one a sense of fear.

It wasn’t Liu Feng and Qian Lei’s first time here, so naturally, they weren’t very surprised. Lan Xuanyu, on the other hand, was deeply shocked. At the same time, he felt a strange emotion like he should be the one commanding those hundreds of thousands of soul beasts.

Lan Xuanyu thought in his heart, maybe he was born wanting to be a commander so he chose the s.p.a.ce Command System.

When Mu Zhongtian saw that Lan Xuanyu was staring at the art, he smiled. “This mural shows the scene during the Era of the Beasts when they attacked mankind over 20,000 years ago. At that time, mankind had just invented Soul Guidance equipment, but it wasn’t strong enough. The soul beasts may have felt danger so they attacked us recklessly and tried to weaken us. Unfortunately, they failed in the end, which caused our oppression of their living s.p.a.ce for a very long time and even faced extinction once. The Spirit PaG.o.da took this as a warning to make us understand the meaning of our peaceful existence. The beasts are also a part of the Mother Planet. When we’re strong enough and no longer have to worry about the danger they bring, we should live peacefully with these species all the more. The founder of the Spirit PaG.o.da invented Spirit Souls as a result of this.”

“En en.” Lan Xuanyu nodded hurriedly.

“Let’s go, we must hurry up. The longer you guys can stay in the Spirit Ascension Platform, the better it is for you guys.” Mu Zhongtian smiled.

There were eight days left before the s.p.a.cecraft to Shrek Academy took off. This was relatively sufficient, but the academy obviously hoped that Lan Xuanyu’s team could stay in the Spirit Ascension Platform for a longer time and make the most out of these three tickets.

Mu Zhongtian was familiar with the place and brought them towards the lift. Just then, there came a voice filled with surprise, “Lan Xuanyu?”

This voice was relatively foreign, yet it called out Lan Xuanyu’s name. Everyone turned their heads and immediately saw four people entering the Spirit PaG.o.da hall.

Out of these four people, Lan Xuanyu recognized three of them. Seeing them, Lan Xuanyu, Qian Lei and Liu Feng’s expressions changed.

Other than an unknown man in his forties, the other three people had been tricked by Lan Xuanyu very badly before. They were Bing Tianliang, Yu Tian, and Lin Donghui from Ling Tian Academy.

But weren’t they supposed to be at Ling Tian Continent? Why are they over at Heaven Luo Continent? And all the way at Heaven Luo City. Could it be that they were here to make a punitive expedition against them?

Mu Zhongtian, not recognizing these three people, looked at Lan Xuanyu doubtfully.

Lan Xuanyu smiled bitterly, “They got second place in the qualifier, Bing Tianliang and his team. He’s the one with four rings.”

Mu Zhongtian immediately understood, and the same suspicion surfaced in his heart as Lan Xuanyu’s. Why was Bing Tianliang and his team here? They should be setting off directly from Ling Tian City ah!

Heaven Luo Planet had two continents and two major cities as well, namely Heaven Luo City and Ling Tian City. These two cities both had s.p.a.ce centers, which meant that Bing Tianliang’s team could have flown to the Mother Planet directly from Ling Tian City, having no need to come to Heaven Luo City at all. So, why were they here? And they even came to the Spirit PaG.o.da.

“Glad to into you guys.” Bing Tianliang strode over quickly. He appeared very calm and seemed to have forgotten about what happened in the qualifier.

Lan Xuanyu nodded toward him, “h.e.l.lo.”

Lin Donghui and Yu Tian looked at Lan Xuanyu a little strangely—they couldn’t forget about Lan Xuanyu tricking them in the Soul World during the qualifier at all! Lan Xuanyu only had three or four people on his side, yet he managed to trick all nine of them and a team from another academy. In the end, only Bing Tianliang was left. They even took away all of the points.

“h.e.l.lo, glad that we b.u.mped into you here. Can I talk to you? At first, we wanted to look for you after entering the Spirit Ascension Platform, but since we b.u.mped into you here, we’ll just talk here. Are you guys also heading to the Spirit Ascension Platform?”

Lan Xuanyu replied helplessly, “It is indeed such a coincidence, you guys came here specially to find us?”

Bing Tianliang nodded and said, “Yes, we came here to look for you. Don’t worry, we aren’t here for revenge. It’s the qualifiers, afterall.”

Lan Xuanyu shrugged, “I can tell, you have gotten second place anyway so there really isn’t any point in getting revenge. At most, we’ll just see each other at the semi-final.”

Bing Tianliang looked at that beautiful face that was filled with gentleness and those big harmless eyes, and suddenly felt like punching him. This fella appeared innocent but was extremely cunning. Before the end of the qualifier, he was so resentful of him. He hadn’t been this angry before ever since he started cultivating.


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