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292 – Proud of You

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However, there were also some students who understood that it was impossible for them to be enrolled into Shrek, and they were sad and depressed.

“Teacher Ji.” Lan Xuanyu opened the door to the room, and saw Ji Hongbin sitting on the sofa, waiting for him to come back.

He looked at Lan Xuanyu from top to bottom. Ji Hongbin smiled, and said, “It looks like your achievements weren’t bad?”

“En, first.” Lan Xuanyu was still a youngster after all. He couldn’t help but reveal the pride he had when he revealed his status of first. He indeed had the qualifications to be proud.

Ji Hongbin immediately was startled, and stood up. “First? You were individually first?”

“En, right.” Lan Xuanyu nodded his head.

Ji Hongbin said, “Quickly, tell me everything about you all’s exam process.” He indeed felt deeply curious about this. Each year, Shrek Academy’s examination had some differences, therefore he wanted to know very badly just what Lan Xuanyu was confronted with in this time’s examination.

Lan Xuanyu went through a detailed narration of the exam. How he united the others, and how he finally caused Yuanen Huihui to become a member of his team, as well as the course of events that led to his eventual first place. No detail was too small to be left out.

After he heard the whole story, Ji Hongbin immediately smiled. “Actually, as soon as Yuanen Huihui had joined your team, you had already won. Your team was just too strong, as you had a.s.sembled all the powerhouses. Speaking of, this Yuanen Huihui is also a bit peculiar. Back in my day, if the students taking the exam were capable of attaining four rings, they were already an absolute son of the heavens. Here now, you have many who have four rings. This event really is the a.s.sembling of the elite. That Lan Mengqin is also extraordinary. Unexpectedly she has a Twin Martial Souls, and her second Martial Soul still has four ten thousand year soul rings. Her full strength might be even stronger than Yuanen Huihui’s. And yet, in the middle of this many elites, you were still able to reveal your talent. Xuanyu, you really make teacher proud of you.”

Ji Hongbin was ordinarily very stingy with his praise, so his praise couldn’t help but make Lan Xuanyu very excited.

“Teacher Ji, I still have a discovery. I think, this time’s real combat exam, apparently wasn’t actually really real combat!” Lan Xuanyu thoughtfully said.

“Oh?” Ji Hongbin had a light flash through his eyes. “State your discovery.”

Lan Xuanyu said, “Aren’t I particularly sensitive to the life energy here at Shrek Academy? I discovered that, although we were on a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, through this whole course of events I could still continuously perceive the existence of life energy. Although it was weakened a bit by a screen, it was still there. I never once felt it on Heaven Luo planet or Heaven Dou planet, and I especially never felt it when I was on a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p before, but this time I felt it in the middle of s.p.a.ce. This was just very strange.”

“Also, while we were navigating the universe, we slept for almost the entire way there, and almost the entire way back. This was also very strange. They said it was to maintain secrecy on that nameless planet, but the life energy was continuously at the same density as in Shrek city. What’s the deal with that? On the way back, I intentionally made an experiment.”

While he said this, he pulled out the case with the purple colored Shrek Emblem from his bosom.

Seeing this case, Ji Hongbin suddenly opened his eyes wide. Afterwards, he lifted his hand, and the box flew over to land in his hand. His face was full of astonishment, so much so that it appeared he was even more astonished compared to previously when Lan Xuanyu had told him that he got first place. He said, “You, how did you get this purple rank emblem?”

“Exchanged, ah! I used that biggest Overlord level crystal core to exchange for it,” Lan Xuanyu said.

Ji Hongbin was dumbfounded for a time. The corner of his mouth drew thin. “A person who compares himself to others is really a person who would die of anger, ah! Back in those days, I studied at Shrek for six years, and I was able to obtain a purple rank emblem only once. Furthermore it was through mere luck, and it cost countless physical and mental efforts to obtain it. You still haven’t actually entered the academy and you’ve already obtained one, this really is…”

Lan Xuanyu said, “Teacher Ji, I just wanted to ask you. Huihui said that with Shrek emblems, you could only exchange high level ones for low level ones, and that you couldn’t use low level ones to exchange for high level ones, is this true? In addition, what can I exchange this purple level emblem for?”

Ji Hongbin said, “Inside the academy, officially it’s exactly like this. You can only exchange downwards, and can’t exchange upwards. In private, though, it’s not completely unheard of. The only thing is, the exchange rate certainly is not one to ten. When I was there, one to twenty was completely possible. Therefore, you’ve really made a big profit off of this purple colored emblem. It’s too suitable for you.”

Lan Xuanyu was startled. “One to twenty? It’s so ridiculous?”

Ji Hongbin said, “Different rank emblems have different lists of items for exchange. On each list, you can only use the specified emblems to exchange, and you can’t use lower level emblems. If you have a particular requirement for a material from the purple grade emblem exchange but you only have a pile of yellow grade emblems, then what can you do? You can only look for someone to exchange. However, what I want to tell you is, even if it is this way, very few people want to use high level emblems to exchange for lower level emblems. This is because high level emblems are just too hard to get.”

Lan Xuanyu curiously asked, “Teacher, right now I’m basically confirmed to be enrolled into Shrek. Can you tell me right now what all I can exchange these emblems for? You’ve said that these purple emblems are very precious, but what can I actually exchange it for?”

Ji Hongbin looked at his eyes, and said, “Purple rank emblems can be exchanged for a wide range of things. I’ll enumerate some examples so you can understand. You could exchange it for a ten thousand year rank Heaven and Earth Treasure, or a portion of a hundred thousand year Heaven and Earth Treasure. For example, you cultivate water element control. If you exchanged for a Ten Thousand Year Octagonal Mysterious Ice Gra.s.s, it would be a huge, comprehensive upgrade to your water elemental control and ice elemental control. At the same time, it could substantially promote your soul power. You’re just at level twenty-something. One root of this and you can breakthrough directly to level thirty is no dream. Or maybe a strand of hundred thousand year Octagonal Mysterious Ice Gra.s.s. The precondition is that the academy has it in stock.”

“Furthermore. Purple rank emblems already have some special cultivation techniques in the academy’s collection that you can exchange from. The Tang Sect’s cultivation techniques you should already know, since the Mysterious Heaven Technique is widely spread and popularized. Along with the Mysterious Heaven Technique, there are a few more Tang Sect secret arts at the same level. Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track step, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, Mysterious Jade Hands, Hidden Weapon Hundred Separations, and so on. These Tang Sect secret arts can all be exchanged for just one yellow rank emblem. Only, there’s an even higher level cultivation art that requires half a purple emblem, and that’s the Spiritual Power training Purple Demon Eye. I would quite recommend that you exchange for this. This is because not only can the Purple Demon Eye cultivate your spiritual power, it can also give your sight a big increase, and at the same time equip you with a kind of spiritual attack method. Your spiritual power is sufficiently high. In the future it will certainly mature very well, and having it would give you a big advantage in the future. This step of promoting Spiritual Power can also pay you back in water and fire elemental control.”

Having heard Ji Hongbin’s account, Lan Xuanyu’s pair of big beautiful eyes were glistening like crystal.

Shrek emblems are really good stuff, ah! He had secretly decided in his heart that afterwards, he should figure out how to acquire many emblems. If you were able to exchange for this many resources, one’s cultivation practice would just continue to get easier, and his cultivation speed would continue to accelerate. Most of all is what Ji Hongbin had said previously. That one root of Ten Thousand Year Octagonal Mysterious Ice Gra.s.s could very possibly promote his cultivation up to level thirty. He couldn’t help but have the impulse to go exchange for it immediately.

His problem right now was that his a.s.sets were only one purple rank emblem, however he still owed an extra yellow rank emblem.

Of the first place reward’s three emblems, he gave Qian Lei one and Liu Feng two. He still had the purple rank emblem, but he still owed Qian Lei one yellow.

Therefore, the purple level emblem was all that he could use right now.

There was nothing more important than increasing his strength. Lan Xuanyu knew his own advantages. According to his previous experience, he only needed to have his Soul Power cultivation level reach a round number rank and he would breakthrough getting at the same time two more Soul Rings.

When he had a one soul ring, he had white colored ten year Soul Rings. When he got his second ring, all of his soul rings changed to become the hundred years’ yellow color, and his strength had a big increase. He really wanted to experiment. If he arrived at three rings, would all his Soul Rings evolve to thousand year ones as a result? If it did happen, he would possess a base that wasn’t too different from the other exam candidates. The strength gap would finally be not too big.

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