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329 – Huihui’s Transformation

TL : GoldenLung

She had never once thought that she could lose nor did she expect it to be so difficult to win. Yuanen Huihui, who had just unleashed Thunder Spirit War Drums, had little combat power left. Did she really need twenty seconds to kill these three? Ten seconds were enough.

The only thing that puzzled her was that Lan Xuanyu, who had previously pulled Lan Mengqin and was going to rush at her rescue, suddenly turned around and ran towards Yuanen Huihui after seeing her pus.h.i.+ng the Jade Phoenix back. Even if he and Yuanen Huihui were together, what could they do ?

“No choice but to risk it all. Either win or die.” Lan Xuanyu had already arrived in front of Yuanen Huihui, and while screaming at him, he flashed to his back. On his hands, the golden and silver scales began to s.h.i.+ne bright rays of light. Without any hesitation, he patted Yuanen Huihui’s back with both palms.

Before Yuanen Huihui could even understand what was going on, he suddenly felt two distinct and very strange forces coming from behind. One was the familiar power that had previously stimulated his blood to boil, and the other was a strange and ever-changing feeling, as if everything in the surrounding air could be decomposed by this power.

When the two forces merged into his body, Yuanen Huihui’s whole person instantly stiffened, his ears instantly became longer, and two vortices of light appeared in his eyes at the same time. He felt that his soul was about to be crushed from the sharp pain and his whole brain felt as if it had imploded.

“Aaaaaaaaah—” Yuanen Huihui screamed, his hair drifting up, he felt like he was currently trapped in a furnace, the Purple Star Spirit Bow in his hand trembled violently, and then cracks appeared quickly on it.

Tang Yuge, who was rus.h.i.+ng towards him, was taken aback when she saw this scene, and her speed slowed slightly for a moment. Then she was surprised to see that with a violent roar, the Purple Star Spirit Bow in Yuanen Huihui’s hand was actually blown to pieces.

“BOOM!” The Purple Star Spirit Bow turned into purple light and exploded. Behind Yuanen Huihui, it seemed that a golden and silver intertwined flame was burning.

Under the intense pain, his whole body was swelling. He grew to a height of 1.9 meters in an instant, and even his face matured.

Yuanen Huihui was originally already very good looking, not inferior to Lan Xuanyu in appearance. With his sudden growth, he suddenly became extremely handsome, and his whole person emitted an indescribable strange feeling. Tang Yuge who was looking at him fell slightly into a daze.

A pair of pointed ears drilled out of his hair, and on his back, a pair of transparent wings stretched out.

The wings were pale golden, and strange patterns and veins could be faintly seen on them. They were crystal clear, and one could see his back through the wings. With his wings spread, Yuanen Huihui’s body floated above the ground. At this moment, the painful expression on his face disappeared.

An uneasy feeling arose in Tang Yuge’s heart instantly. She did not hesitate to urge her Great Give Elements Divine Light to spit out a strong flame behind her. She raised her speed to the extreme, and pounced straight to the transformed Yuanen Huihui.

The moment Yuanen Huihui closed his eyes, an extra layer of holiness enveloped his whole person. The light golden wings behind him flapped lightly, and he silently lifted his right hand, as if ruling over Heaven and Earth, blocking Tang Yuge’s punch.

Five-colored rays of light spit out, but it bloomed only in his palm. Tang Yuge only felt that there was no energy fluctuation whatsoever from Yuanen Huihui. It was like a calm lake. No matter what she threw into it, she couldn’t even make a ripple.

In the next instant, a brilliant pale golden halo burst out of Yuanen Huihui’s body.

Tang Yuge’s body was instantly flung out in reaction.

Yuanen Huihui gestured in the empty air, and a huge two-meter longbow appeared in his grasp. The longbow was green and seemed to be made of a crystal clear rattan, with many emerald-colored precious stones embedded on it, covering its front completely. The dazzling longbow exuded a faint halo. The moment he raised his longbow, Tang Yuge, who was still enveloped by her Great Five Elements Divine Light, suddenly realized that she could not move.

She was overwhelmed with shock, was that a Second Awakening ? Could it be that right at this very moment, that guy awakened for the second time ? But even if it was a second awakening, he should not be that powerful. What did he do? Or, what did that Lan Xuanyu do to him?

There was no buzzing sound from the bowstring, Yuanen Huihui seemed to have just raised his hand and pulled it lightly. In the next instant, Tang Yuge felt her whole body shake. At that moment, she felt as if everything was vacuumed away. Her Great Five Elements Divine Light only held for a moment, but she didn’t even manage to grind away one-tenth of the arrow. She didn’t have time to see the arrow’s appearance, and everything disappeared.

A white light rose on the stage, Tang Yuge was down !

At this moment, even if there was no sound isolation, the audience around the entire venue went dead silent.

Except shock, there were no other words to describe their current state of mind.

What kind of match was this! From the very beginning, when they saw that the Golden Soul-level Suns.h.i.+ne After Rain Squadron encountered a team composed of a two-ring soul master, they were full of disappointment. That ticket price was not cheap ! This was doomed to be a one-sided battle.

However, after the battle began, they were surprised to see that through some unknown method, the Odd and Fantastic Squadron caused two members of the Suns.h.i.+ne After Rain Squadron to explode. This led to another kind of one-sided situation. Even the brothers Li Siqi and Li Siming, who were so strong in defense, were defeated easily, causing the entire team to fall into a predicament with only one person left.

Just when they thought that Suns.h.i.+ne After Rain was going to go down, Tang Yuge suddenly showed her power, relying on her Great Five Elements Divine Light to turn the tide, and heroically killed two people in a row. The situation of the battle was reversed again, and the winner was obviously going to be Suns.h.i.+ne After Rain !

However, no one thought that such a scene would happen in the end. Another Martial Soul Fusion skill appeared, that sudden transformation of Yuanen Huihui looked as if a G.o.d descended into the mortal realm. One arrow changed everything. Tang Yuge, although still enveloped by her Great Five Elements Divine Light, was insta-killed.

A battle with so many ups and downs was really wonderful and exciting to watch. The one who won in the end turned out to be an Odd and Fantastic Squadron with no fame at all and who was at the lowest level.

In this match alone, they had seen four Martial Soul Fusion skills, right? Four! Since when did Martial Soul Fusion skills become so common ?

The Odd and Fantastic Squadron unexpectedly displayed as many as three Martial Soul Fusion skills. This was simply an abnormality among the abnormalities, a monster among the monsters!

Light flashed, Lan Xuanyu, Yuanen Huihui, and Dong Qianqiu also left the arena.

Liu Feng and Lan Mengqin, who had been defeated earlier, were waiting outside.

Seeing the three of them come out, Lan Mengqin’s face was extremely ugly, “Lost right. It was too risky. That person was really strong!”

Yuanen Huihui’s expression was completely lifeless, he was just standing there, motionless. He was already back to normal, but his eyes seemed absent-minded. His body was still twitching and shaking constantly.

Lan Xuanyu did not answer Lan Mengqin’s words, but touched Yuanen Huihui, “Are you okay?”

“…” Yuanen Huihui opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but didn’t say it. In the next instant, his body suddenly turned into a light and disappeared.

This scene suddenly frightened the other four people, why did he disappeared so suddenly? Disconnected? This was only possible if you fell unconscious in reality ! But how could you fall unconscious in the real world while in the simulation pod ?


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