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Chapter 404 – Fruit Of Life

TL : GoldenLung

There was even the right to seal the auction? Lan Xuanyu and his team were overjoyed. Lan Mengqin handed back Qian Lei’s five purple emblems. “Are you dumb? I’ll use this Ice G.o.d Twin Lotus Flowers together with Qianqiu. The two of us can afford it!”

Qian Lei scratched his head and said innocently, “Oh, alright, alright, I was just afraid that someone else would partic.i.p.ate in the auction. If the price is too high, you guys won’t have enough either. Keep them first, just in case. If you lack emblems, let me know, I’ll just save a bit more.”

“No need, thank you.” Lan Mengqin smiled at him and left her seat to sign the auction contract.

Liu Feng couldn’t help but ask, “Darn fatty, when did you become so generous?”

Qian Lei scoffed. “I’ve always been so generous, alright?”

Lan Xuanyu looked at him with a smile that wasn’t a smile and gave him a thumbs up, then didn’t say anything else.

“Next up is our finale item for today. All the bidders who didn’t manage to bid for the Ice G.o.d Twin Lotus Flowers don’t have to be upset. As the auction has already been sealed, people from the Shrek’s exclusive area won’t be partic.i.p.ating in the final two items, or they will have to go to the ordinary area to bid.”

There was a rule for sealing an auction. Once sealed, Shrek Academy’s special privileges in the auction house would be over.

“Please take a look at this. As the finale item today, it might not be as valuable as the Ice G.o.d Twin Lotus Flowers, but it is suited for a wider range of people.”

The Ice G.o.d Twin Lotus Flowers were only suitable for ice-attribute soul masters and had a relatively narrow range. It was just that they were too rare, which was why people were interested in bidding for them. Even by just keeping them, they would definitely increase in value, especially when it came to people who needed it.

“Please take a look at the introduction.”

The big screen began to change and a faint green fruit appeared on the screen. It appeared to be an emerald green color and emitted a Yang green color from the inside out. The so-called Yang green was a process of transitioning from yellow to green, as though it contained the aura of sunlight amidst the exuberant green.

“Fruit of Life. 1,000 year grade. It was produced at the root of the Eternal Tree in the Sea G.o.d Lake. It is a product overflowing with life energy. On Sea G.o.d Lake, there are many life spirits living around the Tree of Eternity. These life spirits born from extremely rich life energy would occasionally release some excess life energy that they cannot digest. That life energy would then gradually condense into life crystals. A portion of it would fuse with the roots of the Eternal Tree, and the remaining portion with impure life energy would form this Fruit of Life. The probability of a Fruit of Life appearing is very low, and one appears only every 10 years. When they first appear, they are only the size of a soybean and will grow with age. A thousand-year Fruit of Life only has one use, and that is to extend one’s lifespan. For ordinary people, it can extend one’s lifespan by 30 years, but for soul masters, it can be extended by 30 to 100 years depending on the soul master’s cultivation. The starting price is 30,000,000 coins, and every increment must be no less than 1 000 000 federal coins.”

The moment this item was auctioned, the entire place became noisy as all sorts of suppressed excited discussions resounded.

That’s right, the host’s introduction was right. In terms of rarity, this Fruit of Life was definitely inferior to the Ice G.o.d Twin Lotus Flowers. It was only at the thousand-year grade, but its birthplace was even more n.o.ble than the Ice G.o.d Lake. This was from Sea G.o.d Lake and the Eternal Tree!

Although It was said that its life energy was rather impure, but was there really any impure life energy in Sea G.o.d Lake? This so-called impure life energy was relatively speaking . After reaching the level of a Fruit of Life, there was no need to use pretty words because everyone knew its value.

Extending one’s lifespan was such a simple effect, but it caused the entire place to boil. Even the temperature in the venue seemed to have increased.

In this world, was there anything more precious than life? Ordinary people could live for another 30 years! That was an increase in one’s life essence, a 30-year period of excellent living conditions, not a 30-year period of struggling at death’s door.

When a billionaire was about to die, not to mention 30 million, even if he had to go bankrupt, he would be willing to exchange for 30 years of life! This was without a doubt.

It was extremely rare for Fruits of Life to appear in an auction house. It was already good enough if it appeared once every few years. Hence, it had always been the most popular item in Shrek Auction House.

It was not the most precious, but it was definitely what everyone needed. Even for soul masters

A soul master’s lifespan was longer than an ordinary person’s, and once their cultivation base surpa.s.sed seven-ring, a soul master would experience a qualitative change in their body and would have no problem living for two to three hundred years if on the Mother Planet. But the more it was like this, the more they treasured their lives. Who would complain for living too long? Fruits of Life worked even better on soul masters.

The bidders who were sealed off because of the Ice G.o.d Twin Lotus Flowers no longer had any resentment in their hearts and were instead rejoicing! If this Fruit of Life was sealed off, they would be extremely depressed. Who knew how long it would take before another top-notch treasure like this one appeared again!

Shrek could no longer partic.i.p.ate in the auction. Even if they did, they would still have to compete with ordinary people. Hence, they could be ignored.

Powerful bidders, especially those in the private rooms on the second floor, were all rubbing their hands in glee.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to call this thing a priceless treasure. Most of the time, it was more valuable than anything else.

“50 million!” A low voice came out from a private room on the second floor. He raised the price without hesitation.

The auctioneer wasn’t surprised by this price at all. The Fruit of Life started at 30 million because she didn’t want it to look more n.o.ble than the Ice G.o.d Twin Lotus Flowers. But its final price would undoubtedly be astronomical.

And the facts proved her right.

Lan Xuanyu and his teammates were dumbstruck as they listened to the bids that kept coming from behind. They were so shocked that they were speechless.

Previously, they thought that they were quite rich, but when the price of the Fruit of Life exceeded 150 million, they started to feel inferior. They couldn’t produce so much money even if they all banded together !

“Room number three, 310 million. Are there any other honored guests willing to increase the price? The Fruit of Life appears once every four years. For the sake of fairness, there has never been any pre-announcement. Otherwise, its value would definitely be higher. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait.”

“500 million!” Just at this moment, in the middle of all the private rooms, a gentle voice came from room number six, which was facing the auction stage.

500 million ?

The entire place was in an uproar.

310 million was already 10 times the starting price, but when this number appeared, it was simply too shocking.

500 million Federation coins was enough to buy a medium-sized wars.h.i.+p!

An ordinary family with 3,000 federal coins could live for a month in an extremely comfortable and harmonious way. What did 500 million federal coins mean?

The entire place went silent.

“500 million going once, 500 million going twice, 500 million going thrice, deal!”

“Pa!” The hammer fell.

This Fruit of Life that had caused the entire place to boil was finally sold.

“We’re still too poor.” Qian Lei lowered his head, his eyes red with envy!

Lan Mengqin, who had already returned, was speechless. If the same situation had happened to the Ice G.o.d Twin Lotus Flowers, she would never have been able to get them! Even if it had a smaller range, it was still a top-notch treasure. If they were not in Shrek Auction House, but in another place, it would have been pretty good for 300 million, let alone 30 million.


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