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The wounded leo ran away and didn’t dare to fight against the flood of beasts.

Of course, Feiyun wouldn’t let it go and rode on his spirit vessel again then slammed it on the monster’s back. With a loud blast, its body sank down as it cried out in pain.

He took out the Thunderfire Jewel and a sea of fire completely wrapped around the leo.

“I’ll see how you will resist the spirit treasure’s power this time.” Feiyun went all out this time. The struggling leo couldn’t stop the containment at all.

“Boom!” The Infinite Spirit Ring and its six diagrams flew out with great momentum. They stopped the leo from moving and its body grew increasingly smaller.

Finally, this beast soul became as small as a fist due to the two treasures and fell into Feiyun’s palm. It was dazzling and still jumping fiercely.

“I’ll refine you now!” Feiyun landed on a black boulder with nothing in the near vicinity. There was no sign of beast souls being here either; it was a good location for meditation.

“Boom!” He punched and made a cave inside this boulder before performing layers of formation in order to avoid being disturbed during his refining process.

He held the beast soul in both palms with his divine intents flying out of his eyes and surrounded the soul. The divine intents began the refinement process.

After ten days, Feiyun finally melted the soul completely into a part of his body.

“Boom!” He shattered the boulder and floated in s.p.a.ce with a golden glow. A shadow of a Golden Leo appeared behind him, as tall as a mountain and incomparably ferocious.

It was completely tamed now and would follow all of his orders.

He unleashed a punch! A golden fist shadow flew out with a dragon-tiger energy condensed on top. It flew for one thousand meters before dissipating and destroyed all the boulders in its path.

This was his new power!

“This beast soul is quite strong, my strength is at least two levels higher now.” Feiyun was quite surprised. He thought that at his current cultivation, it would be very difficult to raise his strength unless he were to jump in cultivation level. He didn’t expect that refining a soul would result in such an increase.

The Golden Leo with an ancient sacred bloodline truly didn’t let him down. He looked forward towards the Myriad Beast Physique even more.

If he could actually melt ten thousand souls into his body, just how strong will it become?

He began his training at last with the majority of his targets being 600-year beast souls. Of course, a few were 700-year old.

After three months, he has refined 274 of them into his body. 269 were 600-year while only five were 700-year.

“No, this is still too slow. If this is the going rate, I would only have refined 2,000 of them after two years, not even close to ten thousands.”

Feiyun lowered his requirements and even began to catch 500-year souls.

They were weaker but the refinement process was faster. Moreover, there were plenty of them.

His body continued to grow as he refined a higher quant.i.ty. It would change after each refinement with his flesh and bones becoming a little stronger.

After he finished with one thousand souls, his body turned crazy. The demon’s blood deep in his veins stirred as if it was about to be awakened from the stimulation of the souls.

Feiyun had to use his divine intents and his powerful phoenix soul before suppressing the other souls. If it was him alone, not to mention one thousand, just ten souls alone could have crush his soul and body. Only a soul as powerful as a phoenix would be able to cultivate the Myriad Beast Physique. 

Time flew in the soul realm. One year has already pa.s.sed.

He has finished refining 4,478 souls into his body. It was several times tougher now. One could sense his mighty vitality when he was just standing there. His aura permeated throughout the entire area.

With his activation, all the souls would fly out at once like an ocean and scared all the other beasts nearby.

A few other disciples training in the realm were frightened by his aura as well. When they saw the amazing scene in the distance, they would never forget it later on.

“d.a.m.n! What the h.e.l.l am I looking at?!” One young disciple grabbed his head in shock.

“I recognize him, isn’t that the demon’s son? He’s actually training here too. What the heck are those souls around him?”

No one believed that he could refine several thousand souls into his body. They a.s.sumed that he has used an incredible technique to tame the souls.

“That’s the demon’s son for you, such terrifying means, able to tame the souls here too.”

“He’s worthy of his fame as the number one genius of the Jin Dynasty. This beast-taming ability is definitely on the same level as the High Instructors.”

The soul refinement capability wasn’t determined by one’s const.i.tution but rather by the strength of their soul. The stronger the soul, the more beast souls it could suppress.

One’s physique and power would become stronger after each soul refinement. However, there was diminis.h.i.+ng return and a limit.

Ten thousand souls might have an unbelievable power but it wasn’t a straight additive calculation because some of the souls repelled each other. Thus, the actual strength had some constraint.

Feiyun has finished with more than 9,000 now but he hasn’t inherited their strength fully just yet. He was only around three times stronger than before.

Once he could absorb and utilize their strength fully, just one fist could end a Giant. Of course, this was only in theory and impossible to achieve.

Powers resonated and repelled each other. There was no escaping this.

“9,876 now!” Feiyun finally refined another group. His body has reached its limit and he couldn’t refine another soul.

In order to do so again to obtain the real Myriad Beast Physique, he needed to be a first-level Heaven’s Mandate.

His low cultivation has stopped him from training the physique further.

“Fine, after reaching Heaven’s Mandate, I’ll come back to find some powerful souls to suppress the rest. Just one Golden Leo is far from enough so I can’t actually use the full potential of the physique.”

Feiyun thought to himself. Before he knew it, two years have already pa.s.sed. It was time for him to come out.

He recalled all the souls back into his body. His aura became even stronger and virtually unconcealable.

As he was leaving the realm, he saw w.a.n.g Meng training here as well.

After two years, this big fella got even larger. His body was nearly three meters high with a long beard. The hair on his chest and legs has grown even longer so he looked just like a living caveman.

“Uncle, did you eat some incredible plant here? How come your aura is so strong now?” w.a.n.g Meng carried his b.l.o.o.d.y sky piercer and felt frightened by Feiyun’s aura. It was too strong and fierce just like a divine beast.

“Did you have a fruitful two years?” He smiled without answering.

“Haha, not bad, eight soul beasts in my body. I feel like I can kill an old geezer with just one blow.” w.a.n.g Meng laughed heartily.

Feiyun was slightly surprised and carefully looked at the fella. Sure enough, he had eight souls in his body. All of them were quite fierce and belonged to the power type.

The Ancient Jiang Race had some strong const.i.tution indeed. w.a.n.g Meng was born with supernatural power and now, he was even more mighty. His future achievement won’t be a joke at all.

This was another freak among men.

“Let’s go. There are more fights waiting for us after leaving.” Feiyun said with an oppressive aura.

The paG.o.da shall tremble today. After leaving the soul realm, Feiyun will certainly bring about an Earth Tribulation!

He had no way of suppressing his cultivation any longer and there was no need for it. After two years of training, it was about time for him to reach Heaven’s Mandate.

Who knows how many waves of lava he will bring?


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