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“I’m naturally not his match under normal circ.u.mstances but he is wounded from fighting against experts from Senluo a few nights ago. If we weren’t ambushed by the three spirit beasts, I could have killed him by now.” Lu Yinyin said seriously with a cold gleam in her eyes.

“Even if he’s wounded, you won’t be able to find him in this vast land if he intends on hiding.” Feiyun sighed.

“Others can’t but I’m the exception. As long as he is still wounded, he’ll definitely leave marks on the ground and I’ll be able to find him for sure.” She revealed a mysterious smile.

Feiyun was a little startled and wanted to pry more information out of her. 

Alas, he didn’t even need to do that because she smiled, feeling very pleased with herself: “Because my left eye has a Darkblue spirit stone, allowing me to have Darkblue Eye. If he were to leave a single footprint within ten thousand miles, I’ll be able to find him.”

‘No wonder why they are catching up so fast, so she has that special gaze.’ He thought.

Darkblue Spirit Stone was quite rare, ranked fifteenth among the eighteen, more precious than the Five Grains Spirit Stone and Dan Spirit Stones.

One Darkblue Stone could trade one thousand True Mysterious Stone. Giants would definitely fight over one.

‘This girl is extraordinary idiotic, we’ve just met yet she told me everything without holding back. She’s lucky that she’s telling me instead of a Giant. They would rape then kill her before taking that stone out of her eyes.’ 

One thousand stones are enough to make brothers betray each other. In fact, one might kill their master or father for this too.

If Feiyun were lacking cultivation resources right now, maybe he would have done the same or at least dig out her left eye. However, he was wealthy enough with hundreds of thousands of stones so he didn’t need to kill someone over one Darkblue Stone.

Plus, this girl hasn’t provoked him so far and he had a gentle disposition towards women too.

Lu Yinyin didn’t know that her honesty has been considered “idiotic” in Feiyun’s mind.

“It looks like this is your first time leaving your sect. You’re not aware of the evil in people. It’s better if you don’t tell anyone about your eye in the future, nothing good will come of it.” He kindly warned her.

After cultivating the Golden Silkworm Scripture, his temperament and const.i.tution changed greatly. Plus, he gained a portion of his strength back and could hide all the clues. Yinyin’s gaze couldn’t see through him.

“This secret of mine, I’m only told you alone outside of my uncles, because… I know you’re definitely not a greedy person.” She noticed his serious expression and became happy inside.

“Haha.” Feiyun chuckled, his impression of her worsened. They have only met for one day yet the girl didn’t guard against him in the slightest.

‘She probably wouldn’t repeat this line after finding out that I’m the devil Feng Feiyun.’

Feiyun then ignored her and sat down by a small stream. He placed his palms together and closed his eyes, sending thirty-nine divine intents deep into his body. He left one outside in order to watch out for Lu Yinyin, afraid that she might attack him during his training session.

Many girls were skilled actresses and even a saint could be tricked by them. Vigilance was required.

He finished with the 1,800 variations of the first diagram, Silkworm Egg. Right now, he was changing his violet energy inside his dantian into golden Buddhist energy. Once this was completed, he would be back to his peak state and could take on the incoming Giants.

Golden strands of Buddhist energy emanated from him and melted into the stream, giving it a faint glow. Golden lotuses blossomed on the surface of the water.

Lu Yinyin sat not far from here, holding up her chin with both hands and watching him without blinking. She was completely immersed, forgetting about her own wounds.

Alas, she had no mind to recover right now and only wanted to stare at him. She knew that he would leave tomorrow and they might never meet again.

She didn’t think that he was training with the Golden Silkworm Scripture either. After all, the scripture has only appeared in the last several days. Even the most brilliant old monk couldn’t understand this scripture in this short period, let alone someone as young as him.

She a.s.sumed that this was a Buddhist merit law that he had learned at a young age.

The night quickly pa.s.sed by. She slept in the same pose with a smile on her face, clearly dreaming about something good.

He woke up from his session and incredible changes, both physically and mentally. Though he was sitting still, he looked to be one with nature and had an aura of serenity.

The energy transformation had completed. He had a golden glow around him of the Buddhist affinity. Even the churning evil blood within him became obedient.

His fatigue was gone just like that despite spending the night cultivating. His spirit was at an all-time high.

He recalled his glow and stood up. His dantian was a golden ocean now.

‘Intermediate sixth-level Heaven’s Mandate.’ He was pleasantly surprised because his cultivation has taken another step forward after the process.

Keep in mind that after the sixth level, each increase was quite difficult. Many people spent a century of isolated cultivation just to gain what he obtained in several days. This scripture was indeed exceptional.

The second diagram was that of a young silkworm, far more profound than before. He noticed more than 7,000 variations already. This was only one part of it too.

“Oh, she’s sleeping again.” Feiyun saw the girl’s lazy and cute sleeping posture, looking innocent and strangely charming.

‘A heretical disciple sleeping so calmly next to a strange man? There must be something wrong with this girl. Does she really think she can avenge her sister?’

Feiyun was in a good mood after recovering his power and increasing his cultivation. He walked forward and his steps woke her up.

Her hands moved from the drowsiness so her chin lost their support and fell down so she raised her head again in a hurry.

‘I fell asleep?! How’ She was definitely an expert with great awareness and this shouldn’t have happened.

“It’s over, I messed up, did I mumble while sleeping too…’ She gently bit her lips and wiped her drowsy eyes while stealing glances at him through the gap between her fingers before blus.h.i.+ng.

If the heretics from Mount Potala were to see her like this, their jaw would drop to the ground while thinking – this is the cold demoness from our sect?

He condensed a golden pill with his energy and handed it to her: “Miss Yinyin, this is a Buddhist pill that can cure your injuries. Because I actually have important business to take care of here, I can’t leave Endless Land and take you out. If I am lucky enough to survive, perhaps I will visit you at Mount Potala later.”

He wasn’t worried about his energy being recognized. After all, the scripture has been missing for more than ten thousand years. No one had an idea of what it should look like.

Wu Qinghua of Beastmaster cultivated an incomplete version of the scripture derived from the golden avatar of a Buddhist sage.

This version was far inferior compared to the real thing. Her golden silkworm energy was inferior as well in terms of purity. They weren’t on the same level at all.

Yinyin accepted the pill. It was around the size of a longan fruit and had a dazzling glow with great purity. Several runes seemed to be carved on top too.

‘He’s a pill master too? And this can heal my wounds?’ She remained skeptical.

She knew about her current condition better than anyone else. It was very serious. Even a third-ranked spirit pill couldn’t fully heal her. She didn’t think that this young man could refine something better than a third-ranked pill.

Nevertheless, she took note of his kindness and held the pill tightly, becoming quite moved. 

‘We’re really just strangers. He saved me on top of giving me this pill, I don’t think I can find another as kind as him in this world.’ She thought.

“You will really visit Mount Potala?” She became nervous.

“Well, I don’t know where it is yet…” Feiyun slightly frowned.


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