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Unrestrained Enlightened Being hasn’t shown up for more than one thousand years but Feiyun had the honor of seeing her today. Well, it was still too early to tell if he was lucky or otherwise.

“The heavenly phenomenon of the dragons devouring the dynasty is an ominous sign for Jin. Do you think that Jin’s providence is over?” She asked.

The sky suddenly turned dark, changing from day to night. She showed off her wondrous cultivation, able to affect the laws of nature.

Stars gathered above and turned into a river, eventually forming a moving picture.

Feiyun wasn’t too surprised. After reaching a particular level, changing an area from day to night wasn’t that special. s.p.a.ce was always up there; they just needed to do something to reveal it.

He knew how to read the stars, just not as well as wisdom masters like the scholar or this Enlightened Being.

He looked at it and said: “The dragons are becoming more ferocious, brighter as well, coming closer and closer to the central palace. On the other hand, the Supreme star is still faint. The palace will be devoured once it’s bright enough.”

“It’s because of the heretical conference speeding up the process.” The woman said.

Feiyun shook his head and pointed at the northern part of this vast galaxy. The area was shrouded by celestial clouds, seemingly hiding something ominous: “Look at those clouds over there, they are moving towards the center, ready to take over the entire galaxy.”

It was dark and indiscernible until Feiyun pointed it out. The woman gave it a look and sure enough, she felt a monstrous presence. It must have taken form recently.

“What’s going on? The stars are changing.” She became startled and shot out a ray to create an altar on the ground.

She used spirit stones as the seeds, the earth as the banner. This was a calculation art. Several days went by and she added 13,000 seeds to the altar, copying the entire galaxy on the ground.

Only a top wisdom master could do something like this.

Feiyun could see the first 3,000 seeds clearly. However, the transformations became too complex later. Each additional seed required a million calculations.

He stopped seeing clearly and this only made him more compet.i.tive. He activated his phoenix gaze in order to follow her movements. Unfortunately, he nearly vomited blood and had to stop.

I’m not a master of this art, not enough training, it’s enough to dabble at it. No need to compete and be the best at everything. That will only make me a jack of all trades, master of none.

“Boom!” The thirteen spirit stones exploded into dust and scattered away.

Feiyun had predicted this and got far away from the explosion. Otherwise, even his minor-completion Phoenix Physique would still be seriously wounded, on the verge of death.

He knew that this was a backlash from the calculation. Many wisdom masters calculated taboo subjects, resulting in this backlash. A minor case would result in a loss of lifespan. A serious case? Death.

This area became ruins; numerous formations crumbled.

Is she dead?

Feiyun became excited. It would be a pleasant surprise if she were to die from this.

Unfortunately, she stood on the other sh.o.r.e of the spirit spring, still as fine as ever. She even protected the spring.

She waved her hand and the area became bright again. The damaged ground started to heal; the same with the broken formations.

Not bad at all! Jin actually has someone so capable?

This was Feiyun’s first time seeing a big shot in Jin at work. This exceeded his expectation. This place must be special or it wouldn’t have produced a devilish cultivator like Shui Yueting.

Hmm, this Enlightened Being is devilish as well. This isn’t her limit, far from it.

“The sky has changed, a true calamity is coming, not only to Jin but also to the other four dynasties.” Her voice became serious.

Though the calculation was a failure, she still saw bits and pieces that shook her to the core.

“What should we do next?” He asked.

“We? Haha! Your cultivation is insignificant and won’t contribute anything. Just keep training and try to stay alive. This isn’t your battle.” She was very direct: “In fact, just run away.”

He didn’t like this response. I don’t give a s.h.i.+t, conceited woman. Your father will be leaving after taking that bracelet. Bye bye to Jin once I take Hongyan’s soul away. This place can go to h.e.l.l for all I care.

He turned to leave but she called him back: “Golden Silkworm is on you?”

He sighed, thinking that he still couldn’t escape in the end.

“Would you believe me if I say no?” All options were useless at this point.

“No.” She said.

Feiyun gritted his teeth and made up his mind: “If you really want the scripture, I have no choice but to fight you.”

He had started training in the scripture. Changing his merit law right now would slow his cultivation down, perhaps even stagnating forever. Thus, he couldn’t hand it over.

“Struggle futilely then. You can’t oppose me.” [1]

She became fierce and oppressive. She walked forward, creating runes with each step.

Feiyun felt as if he had just been struck by a hammer. He staggered backward and vomited blood. His skin cracked from the pressure with blood oozing out.

This d.a.m.ned woman is too strong!

She took another step forward with more runes and laws gathering beneath. Feiyun was pushed back two steps; his inner organs almost got crushed.

Just her “momentum” alone was enough to nullify his physical prowess. Another ninth-level Giant would have exploded after her first step.

Feiyun activated his Golden Silkworm Scripture and Immortal Phoenix Physique. He became radiant like a divine cauldron.

“Boom!” She took another step forward in a leisure manner but the resulting power was monstrous and majestic. It rushed towards Feiyun like a tempest.

He summoned his Heaven-raising Rod with its seventy-twofold power. Alas, this still wasn’t enough.

He became bloodied from top to bottom; his arms nearly broken, unable to hold the rod firmly.

She looked so nonchalant but that first step was enough to kill the majority of ninth-level Giants. The second was three times as strong and the third tripled again.

Nonetheless, she was impressed that he could withstand three steps from her. No wonder why others considered him to be the greatest genius in Jin – far stronger than cultivators at the same level.

However, this didn’t stop her from wanting to kill him. He had offended her, something unforgivable and deserving of death.

People must either submit to her or die. If the greatest genius opposed her, they would become her enemies, and her enemies must die.

As she took another step, Feiyun couldn’t even lift his arms but he didn’t want to give up. His battle spirit surged and out came a blast from his dantian.

The Heaven Ascension Platform flew out and turned into a ninety-nine meter-tall tablet.

Numerous figures appeared around the tablet. The strands of soul belonging to Monk Zhi Zang, the five women, and the eighteen geniuses who have left their names behind.

These geniuses stood at the apex of their respective generation. One of them was a majestic woman with a similar aura like Unrestrained Enlightened Being.

“The sacred tablet!” She blurted out, unable to contain her emotion.

She had left her name there on top of a strand of soul and gained its blessing in return. This allowed her to have her current achievements.

Alas, she wasn’t very happy to see it again. Her first thought was how to destroy it.

1. The me here is a noun used by emperors or cultivators with an emperor t.i.tle


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