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Murderous intents overwhelmed the night.

Fiends from the two worlds surrounded the princess manors. Some auras were scorching and violent, melting the buildings and tearing the ground apart.

A phantom with a white tail took off a portion of its robe, turning it into black clouds. The clouds engulfed the area and painted the atmosphere red.

“Raaa!” An awe-inspiring howl came from a Void standing on top of an old palace. Its weapon was a b.l.o.o.d.y banner.

“Think we won’t chase you to the capital? You’re looking down on the power of the two worlds. Even the royal clan will be erased soon.” It threatened.

“Quite aggressive.” The turtle climbed out of the pot and looked out the window. Its bean-sized eyes rolled around, deciding to put the pot over its head.

Long Cangyue’s normal eyes suddenly turned red. A chill emanated from her. Feiyun pushed down on her shoulder and handed her the half-filled bowl.

He opened the purple window and leaned outside to shout: “Who is in charge here?”

His voice was loud enough to overwhelm their howls and screams.

The eighth Venerable of the Yin World, Li Bashan, floated in the sky with black miasma beneath his feet. It corroded the mud and ground, changing them into a yellow spring.

“I am Li Bashan, a follower of the Whiteskin Ghost King.” He snorted.

“I have heard of neither.” Feiyun came out with both hands behind his back, trying to act cool while being ready to activate his spirit ring at a moment’s notice.

“Whiteskin Ghost King has surpa.s.sed four tribulations and is extremely powerful. I thought he was killed by the Yin Mother three thousand years ago at Yellow River Mountain.” The turtle lived long enough to know a few mysteries about the two worlds.

“It killed Master Maitreya.” Long Cangyue gritted her teeth.

“I am a follower of the first Venerable of Yang, Ji Shen.” A Void looking like a yin yang symbol with two fish spoke.

Feiyun glanced over at the turtle.

It pondered for a bit before responding: “In Yang and their three races, Abnormalities have the highest population, then we have Voids and Incorporeals. This Ji Shen is considered a top dog among the Voids, able to absorb the yin yang energy in the world and turn them into its own power.”

“Still haven’t heard of you.” Feiyun raised his voice.

“Why are we wasting time with this brat, take the eye as fast as possible.” A Corpse Evil Venerable shouted and opened its rotten mouth to spew out a black chain.

The chain completely surrounded Feng Feiyun’s pavilion, on the verge of closing in.

Feiyun flicked his finger and sent out a spark of flame, causing the chain to turn red. The spark moved along the chain and struck this corpse, turning it into a fire lantern of sorts. It rolled around on the ground in agony and eventually turned to ashes.

“Whoos.h.!.+” Ten or so powerful specters rushed over but were immediately refined into smoke by Feiyun’s Minor Change Art, unable to reach the pavilion.

“He’s a treasure master too.” One Venerable from the Yin World said.

“That’s right, I am a treasure master with plenty of arts to take down your kind. Come one and I’ll kill one, come all and I’ll kill you all.” Feiyun laughed.

“Quite haughty, aren’t you!?” A ma.s.sive claw with sharp teeth all around slashed down from the sky.

“Boom!” Feiyun unleashed a ma.s.sive palm strike, able to tear off this claw.

Blood and fleshy bits rained down as a result.

“Don’t think about leaving.” Feiyun summoned his rod and activated its power.

The thing turned as big as a mountain and instantly crushed six Voids above with its energy.

“Boom!” Another ray shot out pierced through two howling corpses.

The experts from the two worlds fell down one after another. Even those comparable to Giants couldn’t withstand one hit from the rod. This was a brutal ma.s.sacre.

Feiyun has become a Historical Giant, also known as a Supreme Giant. In fact, he was actually stronger than the other Supreme Giants.

He could fight against the three to five corpses without a problem. Against an ordinary Giant? He could annihilate them with a single hand wave.

No one could stop him if they weren’t Enlightened Beings, but how many Enlightened Beings were there in each dynasty?

His spirit energy dominated the air like the wrath of a G.o.d. Each flash meant the death of another creature. Some turned to b.l.o.o.d.y mists, others were reduced to a pulp…

The survivors no longer had a sneer on their face while looking at the man on top of the pavilion, only fear.

A specter Venerable wearing a green robe wanted to escape but Feiyun easily used his ghost bottle to capture it.

“As I said, stay and play since you’re here already.” He threw out forty spirit stones, each the size of a fist.

They looked like forty bright stars and landed in forty different spots around the manor. The moment they touched the ground, they shot out beams up the sky and formed a prison.

Any creature that touched this barrier would immediately turn to ashes.

“That’s the Celestial Sacred Bottle… The Yin Mother…” A fiend Venerable stared at the bottle with fear in its eyes.

“That’s right.” Feiyun chuckled.

The bottle flew out of his hand and unleashed an insane devouring force. Several hundred creatures were sucked in while screaming after one sweep, leaving behind less than twenty Venerables.

They had powerful artifacts for protection, enough to stop the bottle.

Of course, this was because Feng Feiyun was doing a general sweep instead of focusing the bottle on one target. They wouldn’t have been so lucky otherwise.

Plus, he hasn’t activated its true power.

“Not bad at all.” Feng Feiyun shook the bottle and smiled.

“Thanks for the delicious meals.” Yama’s nefarious laughter came from the bottle.

Next came violent shaking along with chewing noises and screams.

“Still not refined?!” Feiyun’s expression soured.

The turtle pushed up the pot and stared at the bottle. Saliva streamed off its mouth onto the table.

The other Venerables were completely intimidated, even Li Bashan and Ji Shen. The two started looking around. They weren’t afraid of Feng Feiyun but rather, the bottle’s master.

Her prestige has fortified across the years. Even their masters were wary of her. If she was nearby, there was no escaping death for them.

“Don’t worry, the Yin Mother isn’t here, just attack me.” Feiyun could read what’s on their mind and smiled.

“Hmph, don’t be afraid of him, just kill him before he can activate the bottle again!” Ji Shen waved his blood banner and unleashed a ray resembling a river of blood.

He was extremely powerful from cultivating for so long. His fan was comparable to a third-ranked spirit treasure.

Feiyun used his rod and smashed out a spirit wave that crushed the red ray.

Next, two crimson phoenixes flew out of his eyes. They flew around Ji Shen, wanting to refine it.

However, Ji Shen was a Void and didn’t have a true form so it easily dodged the phoenixes.

It spewed out yin energy destroying the fire on the fan before attacking Feiyun again.

Suddenly, Feiyun felt a familiar aura from another direction.

“Firebird Gown!”

Li Bashan was ablaze and turned into a fiery figure. His power increased like a rising sun, seemingly wanting to burn everything in this area.

“So you’re the one who tried to Long Luofu. No wonder why I couldn’t find you. The payment must have been this gown.” Feiyun rubbed his chin.

During Luofu’s coronation day, the Beiming invited a mysterious to camp right outside the shrine to crucify Luofu.

Luofu herself couldn’t figure out the a.s.sailant later on.

“That’s right, I dared to the Jin Emperor, let alone you.” Li Bashan became far stronger with the garment. A firebird flew around it and added more power.


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