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Feiyun stopped channeling energy into the coffin. Without its fuel, one chain returned to the coffin.

“Little Feiyun, I’ve underestimated you before.” The heretical king was fighting against the chain of the coffin using his spear. Sparks shot off from each collision.

He was moving towards the citadel while fighting; each step traveled through several hundred miles as if he was walking on top of a large map.

Feiyun recovered his expended energy and said: “Heretical King, you’re old now. It’s time for the new wave, this is your last day.”

“Haha! The new wave won’t include you. You have enough energy to fight again?”

“Of course!” Feiyun tossed the coffin towards the center so that it would help the monk.

He put on his dragon-phoenix armor. A power suddenly erupted and engulfed the world. The image of a dragon and phoenix emerged behind him. Their roars struck everyone to the core.

Feiyun soared upward with the Heaven-raising Rod in his hand. His battle spirit was at an all-time high. The two images of the divine beasts took up half of the sky, looking like a mythical painting.

All the spectators became frozen after sensing his supreme aura.

The heretical king has finally arrived and stopped after seeing Feiyun.

“Heretical King, I shall end your legend today.” Feiyun’s rod became as large as a mountain as he smashed it downward, issuing wailing gales.

The king stood next to a river and swung his spear to stop the strike. He released a brilliance with an evil affinity, instantly freezing the water in the river and creating a layer of frost.

“Boom!” The river collapsed right away from the impact of the strike. Snow crystals scattered everywhere.

The mountain ranges nearby collapsed while the king’s lower-half was forced into the ground. His brilliance wavered.

Feiyun’s display of might was ferocious just like a beast, capable of destroying heaven and earth.

“You’ve gathered the five divine garments?” The heretical king rarely lost before. He was only the underdog versus the empress and wasn’t actually defeated. Thus, he was prideful and didn’t want to lose against a junior. Otherwise, his lifelong reputation would be gone in one day.

“Don’t worry about it.” Feiyun attacked again while engulfed in divinity. Each stomp on the ground carried immense power. He exerted increasing power in order to eliminate the king.

The two of them s.h.i.+fted position while fighting. It didn’t take long before they destroyed 60,000 miles of land. Fortunately, this place no longer had any living humans.

Someone took advantage of this and ambushed Feiyun from above, using a divine pearl. It became as large and bright as a star.

“You court death!” Feiyun slapped the pearl down to the ground before punching upward, instantly killing the old a.s.sailant by crus.h.i.+ng his skull from 200,000 miles away.

By this point, his rod and the king’s spear were both broken and became sc.r.a.p metals. The formations on them couldn’t handle their user’s power.

“Supreme Mount Wuzhi!” The king tossed the spear away and unleashed one of the twelve great heretical techniques.

Feiyun threw his rod away too and released his ten thousand beast souls to unleash a b.e.s.t.i.a.l palm strike. It crushed the mountain and sent the heretical king flying.

“I’m stronger without weapons.” Feiyun’s nine bones started burning with a golden glow. His body looked G.o.dly at this point.

The king got up from the mud, looking a bit sorry in appearance but his spirit remained unyielding. He placed his palms together and black wings broke out of his flesh in the back.

He unleashed three different techniques at the same time – Supreme Mount Wuzhi, Heaven Restoration Evil Eye, Evil Emperor Phantom.

When combined, each unleashed destruction far exceeding a spirit treasure.

“Golden Silkworm Egg.” Feiyun chanted and the Buddhist energy inside his body dispersed. They came out to form a golden silkworm egg, protecting him from the three techniques.

This allowed him to get close enough to unleash a direct palm strike on the king’s chest. The latter’s ribs broke and caved down. The sounds of bone-breaking spread from this area to the rest of his body.

He had a painful expression. Feiyun completely dominated him with this new power. The twelve heretical techniques weren’t enough.

“This is your last moment, Heretical King.” Feiyun wished to kill this foe.

The king’s blood flowed to the ground and became lava. The ground started burning.

He spewed out evil energy, a last-ditch effort to reverse the tides. Unfortunately, it couldn’t even touch Feiyun due to the guy’s armor.

Another bone broke down, causing him to vomit blood. Feiyun placed his palms on the guy and added more Buddhist energy, crus.h.i.+ng one more bone.

The spectators couldn’t believe it – Feiyun was going to kill the king?

The king was the supreme of an era. Even the Enlightened Beings from Sacred Spirit Palace were afraid of him. The empress herself couldn’t suppress the guy.

How could a youth around twenty years of age defeat the heretical king? The young generation would never be able to surpa.s.s this. It would go down in history as a legend.

Long Luofu stared intensely at him in the distance with a sense of pride. She clenched her fingers as if she was the one doing something amazing.

Supreme snorted and raised her hand. Draconic images coiled around her fingers as she gathered energy.

“Boom!” Suddenly, ripples appeared behind Feiyun and a dried hand came out of them, aiming for his head without any warning. The fingernails were extremely sharp.

“Who?!” He sensed the danger and unwillingly dodged. The king was so close to death but he had to let go.

He unleashed a palm strike towards the corpse-like hand and broke that spatial area, forcing the a.s.sailant out.

“Keke, close, Feiyun, but you’ll be the one dying now.” The king could finally breathe and started healing. His wounds and broken bones recovered at a rapid rate.

Feiyun was preoccupied with fighting the shrouded a.s.sailant.

‘Feng Mo.’ He could sense Yama’s aura on the a.s.sailant and made this guess. He fought harder while using Swift Samsara, managing to destroy a corner of the miasma. Sure enough, it was Feng Mo’s old face glaring at him.

He has been refined completely by Yama’s heart. His face was covered with evil runes; his eyes dark and empty.

“Feiyun, I’ll take your heart today.” He smirked.

“I doubt it.” Feiyun’s eyes turned red as he stomped down on the ground and released a shock wave.

Feng Mo got sent flying towards a mountain range, crus.h.i.+ng a large area.

The heretical king took out a demonic weapon obtained from Bronze Cauldron – a broken section of a blade. A blue radiance engulfed him.

The blade contained immense demonic energy and had demonic runes on the surface.

Feiyun felt its power and hurriedly took out the solar disk and the exalted pot to stop it.

“Boom!” The fourth-ranked solar disk was cut open. Seven or eight formations crumbled. Even the spirit was wounded.

The blade was only a tiny piece of the actual weapon yet it was incredibly powerful already.

“It’s the weapon of a grand demon, enough to take down the other weapons in Jin.” The heretical king released all of his evil energy into the blade.

The demonic aura became thicker, ready to cut through the firmaments.


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