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Hibiki drove Ren to Imperial Plaza Hotel. The 30-floors hotel was under Fuse Corporation and it has been in operation since Ren’s late grandfather’s time. The hotel provided top notch hospitality as well as the house to 3 Michelin stars restaurant and an exclusive entertainment club. Even though he rarely spent his leisure time there, he would occasionally met Akashi and Toshiro here. He has his own personal suite, located in the top floor. A first cla.s.s room also has been under his name within the Imperial Leisure Club.

“Make sure everything is okay.” Ren unb.u.t.toned his dark grey jacket. He looked at Hibiki’s reflection on the rear-view mirror.

“Yes, Master!”

Ren opened the car door, he didn’t need Hibiki’s help. This wasn’t an official function. Hibiki dropped him off right in front of the lobby. Ren walked inside the lobby, his steps were unhurried. If one was looking at his face, he or she would freeze from its coldness.

Manager Konda who had been notified by Matsuzaki of their President’s arrival was already waiting for Ren in the lobby. Once he caught sight of his Big Boss, he immediately went to get him. He bowed his respect.

“Good evening, President Fuse. Mr. Gensai and Mr. Moris.h.i.ta have already arrived. They are waiting inside your room in the club.” Manager Konda conveyed Akashi’s message. Both of his boss’ friends arrived half an hour earlier.

Ren frowned when he heard their meeting place had been changed randomly by Akashi. They were supposed to met in his suite. Why did that chatterbox changed the place? Ren took out his phone from his pocket. There was no message from Akashi.

“Whatever…” Ren grunted. He looked at the manager. “Bring out my best bottle from the cellar. And prepare the food.”

“Do you need anything else, sir?”

“Don’t let random people come near my room,” Ren instructed. It had been a while since the last time Akashi had annoyed him.

“Understood, sir.”

Manager Konda knew he didn’t have to provide companions for his President. Ever since he worked here, he had never seen a woman being sent to President Fuse’s room. When most of the big shots in business field would need the ladies to accompany them, President Fuse despised the act. Once, a newly hired attendant sent a group of beautiful women to his room when he met his friends, he let out his wrath and the man had almost been fired. Their master let the matter go considering the attendant had just started working here.

That man was aloof and cold, even to beautiful ladies.

Ren left the lobby and went directly to the entertainment club which was located on the fifteenth floor. Once he entered the club, several people noticed his appearance. The women looked at him with sinful desire while the men eyed him with suspicions. Most of them didn’t know his ident.i.ty but judging from his outfits and the domineering aura that was emanated from his body, they knew he was a big shot.

“Who is he? He’s so handsome!” A young woman in a black mini dress whispered to her friend beside her. She couldn’t take her gaze away from him.

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“I’ve never seen him before. But… he could be someone mysterious.”

“Have you seen him?” A man in a checkered suit stared at Ren who was walking towards his private room.

“He looks familiar.” His friend answered. He was a young man. A pair of rimless sat on his straight nose. His squinted his eyes to get a better look. “He’s heading towards… it’s President Fuse!” The man exclaimed in shock.


“President Fuse?”

“That… that President Fuse?”

“Yes! Room 001 belongs to him! No one else could use it! President Fuse is here!”

In the midst of the delighted and shocked squeals, a pair of eyes was watching the man who walked towards Room 001. The eyes held complex gaze at the sight of the man.

Once Ren reached Room 001, an attendant who recognised him opened the door of the private room. After giving some instructions, Ren walked inside the room. The attendant hurriedly closed the door.

His good friends were playing chess in the middle of the room. Once Ren entered, he cast a gloomy look to them. Crossing his arms, he spoke coldly, “Why did you suddenly change the venue?”

“Oh! Our big brother is here!” Akashi exclaimed. “It’s not a big deal, man. I want Toshiro to get to know the ladies here so when he finally falls for someone, he could get out from my house.”

“Falling in love your b.u.t.t!” Toshiro threw a chess piece to Akashi’s direction. Akashi quickly dodged it. “Do you think it’s easy to fall in love? Don’t worry, I’ll move out from your house soon.”

“Really?” Akashi acted like he was so surprised. His eyes widened in excitement.

“Yes.” Toshiro nodded, his face was serious. “I’d just need to finalise the contract for the unit beside yours.”

Akashi’s face fell. “Don’t you dare moving beside my house. I’d hack your house system and let you live in h.e.l.l!”

Ren sighed, he pinched the skin between the eyebrows. He had just entered this room for less than a minute and they just couldn’t stop from arguing? Feeling a headache is coming, he took a seat on the single couch. He crossed his legs and leaned against the cushion comfortably.

“It’s really has been a while, man,” Akashi poured Ren a gla.s.s of water. He handed the gla.s.s to a tired looking Ren. “I’ve never saw you outside since we met at the police station last time. I thought you have forgo all social activities since you’re a married man now.”

“My wife asks me to have fun with my friends too,” Ren answered with a crooked smile. “As her husband, I just fulfill my wife’s wish.”

Akashi and Toshiro was speechless. It was an unexpected attack from this married man! How could he be so heartless and tortured their single hearts? Akashi coughed uncomfortably while Toshiro was seething in anger.

“If you want to get married, just get married! Don’t involve me! Because your grandma told my grandpa, now the old man is forcing me to get married! Can’t you just let me live in peace?” Toshiro voiced out his frustration.

Ren laughed, his laughter was low and almost quiet. He looked smugly at the angry Toshiro. “I can’t do anything. My grandma just wants to boast about her precious granddaughter in-law. I shouldn’t stop her. If I do so, people would think that I don’t cherish my wife.”

Toshiro once again was speechless. His attack had failed. Ren’s defense was too strong!


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