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Chapter 157 – Found His Companion And Successfully Recognized Him

“Not bad! As expected of a student of my War School. Your strength is beyond my imagination!” Jace looked at the tip of Vincent’s flaming sword in front of him and nodded in satisfaction.

Vincent, on the other hand, frowned and helplessly withdrew his attack.

Earlier, he did not show mercy and deliberately stopped his attack in front of Jace. He then threw a punch around Jace’s body. However, he felt as if he was covering a layer of extremely dense wind wall. To Vincent, he was like a mountain that could never be destroyed.

“This is the difference between a high-level creature and a low-level creature!”

Vincent stood where he was and sighed softly.

When Jace heard this, he could not help but raised his head and laughed loudly. He said to Vincent, “At your age, to be able to have such strength is already very good! Even in the entire Beast Race, your talent is an existence that is hard to find even back in the ages. Don’t compare yourself to this old man!”

Vincent smiled slightly and nodded to accept Jace’s guidance.

However, Jace did not know that the reason why Vincent attacked him with all his strength was to test how much lethality he could cause in Flying Snow Castle.

The result fully proved that with Vincent’s current strength, nothing could be done! Jace took out a small box from his body slowly and handed it over to Vincent. He said, “You are the most outstanding child I have ever seen. You are also the future hope of our War School. This is an elfin that can increase one’s cultivation. It is an extremely rare treasure. I will not feel that it is a waste if I use it on you. Take it and cultivate well. I will arrange for you to stay here for a few more days. Take advantage of the unique environment of the Flying Snow Castle!”

“Thank you,!”

Vincent was secretly delighted. He quickly took the box and put it away.

Being able to stay in the Flying Snow Castle was naturally in accordance with Vincent’s wishes. However, it was far from enough. He still needed to find the whereabouts of his teammates as soon as possible.

“, since you want me to stay here, I can’t be idle every day! Why don’t you bring me around? Firstly, I can familiarize myself with the environment, and secondly, I can see if there’s anything I can do. It’s also good to be able to help everyone!” said Vincent with an obedient look. Jace was stunned. He looked at Vincent for a long time and smiled in relief. He said, “Not bad! You’re a good child! But there are many forbidden places in the Flying Snow Castle. I’ll bring you around to familiarize yourself with the places that you can walk around!”


Vincent secretly heaved a sigh of relief and quickly agreed. Jace then brought Vincent around the Flying Snow Castle. Other than the top floor that was considered a forbidden area, they walked through everything. Jace introduced the different areas to Vincent in detail.

“This is the entire Flying Snow Castle. It is basically a fortress for people to cultivate. However, you must not go to the top floor. Do not inquire about it also. Otherwise, even I would not be able to protect you!” said Jace to Vincent as he walked down the stairs.

Vincent’s brows were tightly knitted at that moment. He nodded his head in a perfunctory manner. He looked around very carefully and did not find any traces of humans. Could it be that his teammate was locked up on the top floor? Jace noticed Vincent’s strange behavior and could not help but ask, “What are you thinking about?”

Vincent came back to his senses and quickly said, “I’m just looking at the Flying Snow Castle. There’s nothing for me to do, so I feel a little embarra.s.sed. Is there no other place here?” Jace was immediately moved by Vincent’s enthusiasm and diligence. He nodded emotionally and said, “There is another place, but it has been empty all this time. It’s just that there was a human being locked up there recently!”

“A human!”

Vincent was excited, but he immediately realized that he had lost his composure. He said, “I have never seen a human before. Can you bring me to take a look?” Jace did not suspect anything and said kindly, “Of course!”

It was just a human. He wanted it to be a prize in the warrior game, but because the warrior game was criticized by others, it was temporarily put on hold.

“He’s locked in the second underground level. We interrogated him every day in hopes that he will reveal his accomplices!”

Vincent forcefully restrained his worry as he said, “Since it’s the second underground level, it must have a better effect to speed up cultivation?”

“Of course, the special feature of Flying Snow Wilderness is that the lower the temperature, the faster the cultivation speed!” said Jace whilst nodding. He really liked the talented teenager.

Vincent said firmly, “Then let me go to the second underground level. It’s convenient for cultivation and won’t affect the big figures upstairs. Additionally, with my current strength, it’s easy for me to interrogate a human!”

After thinking for a short while, Jace nodded and said, “That’s right. I will take you there!”


Vincent hurriedly replied as he followed Jace to the second underground level.

The temperature of the second underground level of Flying Snow Castle was so low that it was unbearable. As soon as Vincent stepped in, he felt a bone-chilling chill and subconsciously s.h.i.+vered.

However, the benefit of this unbearable low temperature was that the cultivation speed was twice as fast compared to the first underground level. While Vincent was surprised, he could not help but worry about his teammates who were locked up there.

At the end of the dark second underground level was a prison covered in frost. A human was tied to a chair. His body was covered in wounds and bloodstains. He was trembling non-stop. It seemed like he would not be able to hold on for long.

When Vincent saw him, his pupils constricted and tears almost came out of his eyes. However, in front of Jace, he tried his best to hold them back.

The person locked up in prison was none other than Vincent’s long-lost comrade, Chris!

After experiencing so much in Beast World, being able to see his comrade was definitely the greatest enrichment for Vincent. However, at that moment, how to recognize Chris and how to rescue him had become a difficult problem!

“This is a human. From now on, you can stay here and train. If you can’t withstand the cold, go up and take a look. As for when interrogating him, be careful not to kill him. Mosshull still wants to keep him as a tribute to Lord Gajero!” Jace patted Vincent’s shoulder as he instructed him.

“Don’t worry,!”

Vincent nodded. Jace reminded him about the matters regarding training. He then turned around and left.

In the entire second underground level, only Vincent and Chris were left. However, Vincent was not sure if there were any eyes spying on him in the surroundings.

“Let’s meet. My name is Vincent!”

Vincent did not reveal his ident.i.ty immediately. Instead, he pulled a chair and sat opposite Chris. As he observed his injuries, he spoke in an interrogative tone.

Chris suddenly opened his eyes and turned his head to look at the tiger-headed man in front of him. He instantly lost interest and snorted coldly, “Hmph, you think you’re worthy of being called Vincent?”

“Oh? So, you have a human companion named Vincent?”

Vincent displayed his interrogation talent and asked Chris confidently. At the same time, he had already judged his injury. Although it was serious enough to move, fortunately, it did not hurt his fundamental body.

Moreover, because the beasts in Flying Snow Castle were very powerful, they did not cripple Chris’s cultivation. As long as he helped him recover from his injury, he might be able to have a breakthrough!

Chris realized that he had leaked information regarding his team and immediately shut his mouth. He no longer paid attention to Vincent’s question and only said resolutely, “Kill me!”

“It seems that I have guessed correctly!”

Vincent leaned against the back of his chair and said with a smug smile. Nevertheless, he secretly p.r.i.c.ked up his ears and paid serious attention to the movements around him.

“Thud, thud!”

The faint sound of footsteps grew further and further away from the dark until it disappeared into the second underground level. However, it did not escape Vincent’s ears.

On the top floor of Flying Snow Castle, Mosshull stood in front of an extremely large energy device. His face was filled with worry.

“There is only one pa.s.sage for the Beast Race to travel to the myriad realms. Nothing must happen before Lord Gajero returns! Otherwise, Lord Gajero will only be able to circle back through the Black Hole. But at that time, many variables will have to be added!” Mosshull muttered nervously. He kept pacing back and forth in the room.

Ever since Gajero descended from the 10,000 worlds, defeated the Bear King, and ruled over the Beast Race, he was the first to surrender to the fox tribe in the name of his close relatives. The second to defect was the snow wolf tribe led by Mosshull.

The news of the Bear King’s return among the beasts was spreading more and more fiercely. Mosshull was most worried about the fate of himself and the entire snow wolf tribe!

“My Lord!”

At that moment, a young man from the snow wolf tribe walked up to the top floor and bowed respectfully to Mosshull.

“That new tiger kid went to the second underground level?” asked Mosshull as he turned around.

“Yes! I stopped in the dark for a while. He has some experience in interrogation and has already asked for some information. There should be no problem!” reported the young man from the snow wolf tribe.

Mosshull nodded and said, “Since there is no problem, I am relieved. As long as he doesn’t leave the second underground level, there is no need to keep an eye on him!”


The young man from the snow wolf tribe accepted the order and left.

After his subordinate left, Mosshull turned his head towards the energy device and began to pray respectfully.

“Great Lord Gajero, your most loyal believer is praying here. Currently, the Beast Race is in a bit of a mess. Only your personal arrival can calm it down. Finally, all your believers are here to pray for your return!”

In the second underground level, Vincent listened patiently for a long time. After confirming that there were no other observers around, he opened his mouth and asked Chris, “What’s your name? Can you tell me? Perhaps I have a friend with the same name as you!”

Chris closed his eyes and snorted coldly, completely ignoring Vincent.

When Vincent saw his reaction, he continued speaking, “Since you’re not willing to tell me, then let me tell you about my friends. Far away from here, I have a group of very reliable cla.s.smates and partners. There’s Chris, Swire, Nabil, Angelina, and Avril. Of course, there’s also our teacher, Chris. I haven’t seen them for a long time, and I miss them very much. I believe that you’re feeling the same as me right now, right?”

Chris raised his head and looked Vincent up and down in disbelief.

“See you, at last, buddy!”


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