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Chapter 185 – Dragon King, Human Contract

“What, what’s going on? There seems to be something attracting the Monster Horde!”

Teacher Chris looked at the strange scene in front of her and could not help but sigh.

Chris looked at the surrounding monsters and said, “The monsters gathered in front of the cave are all level seven creatures and above. It seems like they are the main force that invaded Black Hole Zero!”

Vincent thought for a moment and said, “Everyone, get ready for battle. Start clearing the monsters from the outside. Swire will look for an opportunity to check the situation in the cave from above!”

“Yes!” replied Swire. He spread his angelic wings and flew into the air. He circled around the cave.

The rest of the people began to clear the monsters around them. Vincent stayed where he was and acted as a support for everyone.

The situation there was too strange. Vincent had to make the most stable arrangements!

“Vincent, there’s someone in the cave!”

Suddenly, Swire shouted anxiously from the sky.


Everyone raised their heads in shock.

The Black Hole Zero had not had a battle for ten years, how could there be anyone there?

While everyone was in a daze, Teacher Chris maintained her composure. After decisively withdrawing from the battle, she shouted at the others, “Everyone stop! Saving lives is more important, we have to clean up the battlefield faster!”

Everyone understood what Teacher Chris meant and immediately retreated to Vincent’s side.

“Vincent, it’s all up to you now!” Chris sighed somewhat resentfully.

Vincent raised the Cup of Fate with his left hand and shouted, “Soul Stripping!”

All the monsters that were level ten immediately fell to the ground. Their pitch-black souls were pulled out from their bodies.

“Spirit Capture!”

Vincent raised his right hand and curled his fingers. He captured all the souls for his own use. The army of souls that he had just subdued charged towards the few remaining level ten monsters and started to bite them.

Everyone ignored the monsters that were feeding on each other and followed Vincent towards the karst cave.

When they arrived at the entrance of the cave, everyone could not help but cover their noses and mouths. There was a fishy smell in the air that made everyone feel nauseous and dizzy!

Vincent endured the stench and bent down. He saw that there was indeed a person in the cave. Moreover, when he saw his chest constantly rising and falling, he was certain that the person was still alive!

“All of you stay up here, I’ll go down and have a look first!”

Vincent turned his head to warn everyone. He then jumped into the cave.

Inside the cave, the ground was covered with rotten minced meat and dark red bloodstains. It was as terrifying as purgatory!

Vincent arrived at the pile of minced meat and looked at the person whose limbs were all covered in rotten meat. He realized that the person’s entire body was covered with wounds. However, what flowed out from his wounds was not fresh blood, but pure psionic power. It was just that he did not know how long this person had been injured. There was not much psionic power flowing out from his wounds.

His psionic power must be the reason why a large number of monsters were drawn here.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” asked Vincent with a frown.

When the man in the pile of minced meat heard his voice, he subconsciously raised his head to look at Vincent.

Only then did Vincent realize that there were two b.l.o.o.d.y holes on the man’s face that were unbearable to look at. His eyes had long been gouged out!

After seeing him in such a state, Vincent could not help but feel pity for him. He sighed, “Forget it, don’t say anything. Let me save you first!”

As he spoke, Vincent ignited flames in his hands. He carefully controlled the temperature of the flames and burned the surrounding rotten meat into ashes. The foul-smelling black smoke floated out of the cave.

After all the rotten meat had disappeared, Vincent’s eyes widened in shock. This was because the person in front of him was not buried under the rotten meat but actually had no limbs at all!

To be precise, his limbs had been chopped off!

What Vincent did not expect to see were a few sets of human bones under the rotten meat. They looked like they have all died a long time ago and were not from the same era!

After seeing the scene, Vincent could tell that there were a lot of secrets behind it. He then turned the flames in his hands into two large hands. He was ready to drag the person out of the cave.

However, after several attempts, Vincent did not move the person in the slightest. Only then did he realize that the person’s back had actually fused with the cave’s rock wall!

“Don’t, don’t waste your energy! This is a seal from a powerful race. Their strength far that of the peak of the Human Race by several times. No matter what, it cannot be undone!”

The person stuck to the cave suddenly spoke. His tone was calm. However, because he had not communicated with anyone for a long time, his words were somewhat unclear.

Vincent scratched his head and took out the Cup of Fate.

Since it was a seal, it must also be a type of psionic power. Then, it would definitely be swallowed by the Cup of Fate!


Vincent shouted softly. An illusory light instantly surged into the Cup of Fate. The person stuck to the rock wall immediately slid down.

“How, how is this possible?”

The person exclaimed in shock. However, he had lost his eyes and limbs, so he had to use other ways to express his emotions.

“The era of the Human Race has changed! Anything is possible!” sighed Vincent softly. He then used his flames to drag the person out of the cave.

When Vincent placed the strange person who had been sealed in the cave for an unknown amount of time in front of his teammates, it immediately caused them to cry out in shock.

Teacher Chris looked at the injuries on the man’s body in horror and asked softly, “Senior, may I know your name?”

The strange man, who had no limbs and could not see, took a deep breath and muttered, “It’s been too long! I’ve forgotten what my name is. I only remember the t.i.tle given to me by the Human Race. They all call me the Dragon G.o.d!”

“Dragon, Dragon G.o.d? You’re the Dragon King?”

Teacher Chris exclaimed in shock. She could not believe that all of it was true.

The others also shook their heads. They could not believe that this extremely miserable man in front of them was the strongest king-cla.s.s superpowered man that people kept praising.

Before Vincent appeared, the peak of the Human Race’s combat power was this man who, although was a king-cla.s.s superpowered man, made the other four experts of the same level feel ashamed of their inferiority!

How could the peak of the Human Race end up in such a miserable state?

Vincent nodded and said, “It should be true! I’ve seen it just now. He indeed has the strength of a king-cla.s.s superpowered user. He’s very powerful. The psionic power in his body has been drained for many years, but he can still kill the monster at the entrance of the cave through the air and tear it into pieces to prolong his life!”

After hearing that, everyone immediately fell into silence. They looked at the strange man in front of them, not knowing what to say.

The Dragon King laid on the ground and smiled calmly. He then looked in the direction where Vincent was and asked, “How did you save me? That seal is so powerful that it’s impossible for a human to break it!”

Vincent bent his finger and gently knocked on the Cup of Fate so that the Dragon King could hear its sound. He then said, “This is a treasure refined from the heart of the demon’s high priest and one of the arms of the demon lord, Gajero. It can devour anything that is formed by psionic power and refine it!”

The Dragon King was a little stunned. He then said awkwardly, “Demon Race? Gajero? It seems like I have really lost touch with the times! Although I don’t know what you are talking about, I can feel that you are very strong. You should be the core force of the Human Race against the Black Hole!”

Vincent said, “Senior, you’re too kind. We’re the Falcon Country’s G.o.d-Slaying squad. We specialized in dealing with the threat of the Black Hole!”

Unexpectedly, when the Dragon King heard what Vincent said, his expression suddenly changed drastically. With a ferocious expression, he shouted, “G.o.d-Slaying squad? Quick, go back! Don’t ever enter the Black Hole world, this is all a scam!”

Everyone looked at Vincent with a blank expression. Vincent on the other hand gestured for everyone to wait. He continued to ask the Dragon King, “Senior, I don’t understand what you mean. Why is the G.o.d-Slaying squad a scam? And how did you end up like this?”

The Dragon King was silent for a moment. He then let out a long sigh and said, “Sigh, to tell you the truth, I was a member of the G.o.d-Slaying squad back then! It was because I carried out the mission to explore the Black Hole world that I fell into this deep scam and ended up like this!”

“A member of the G.o.d-Slaying squad back then? That was ten years ago?” said Teacher Chris with a shocked expression. She was Quinn’s teacher, so she naturally knew some of the secrets of the Falcon Country.

Moreover, Teacher Chris also knew that the only surviving member of the G.o.d-Slaying squad back then was the current Falcon Country’s emperor, the Western Eagles, King Swain!

According to Swain, the G.o.d-Slaying squad had encountered a series of fierce battles as soon as they entered the Black Hole world. In the end, all of their members were heavily injured and had no choice but to retreat back to the human world. When they were on their way back, they were attacked by an extremely powerful unknown race and suffered heavy casualties. Only he was lucky enough to escape!

The members of the G.o.d-Slaying squad knew very little about the history. They were even more curious about what happened to the Dragon King!

The Dragon King said calmly, “Actually, you don’t know that the G.o.d-Slaying squad was also created because of me. The members were simple. Apart from me, there were also king-cla.s.s superpowered individuals from the four countries. A total of five of them joined hands to explore the Black Hole world. However, in order to avoid being seen by others, they would leave behind some fake records in their respective countries!”

After hearing that, everyone was shocked. They knew who the king-cla.s.s superpowered users from the four countries were. Weren’t they the current emperors of the four great countries?

“Did the four of them work together to injure you?” asked Vincent.

The Dragon King shook his head and said no unwillingly.

“No! They made a deal with me. The other party is a very powerful race from another world, and they call themselves the G.o.d Race. They are willing to give the Human Race a chance to protect themselves through a deal. Moreover, it’s not the first time the Human Race has made a deal with them!”

After hearing what the Dragon King said, Vincent instantly thought of the skeletons in the karst cave. It seemed like there were more secrets behind all of this!


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