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Chapter 213 – Was An All-Out War. Tactics Were King

The battlefield on the ground was already in full swing. The Esville’s battle robots were depleting at an extremely fast speed. They were about to lose control of the intruders’ whereabouts.

At that moment, Avril descended from the sky with two large knives in her hands. The huge blades were like a whirlwind. It swept up all the zombie-like monsters.

“Sky-Splitting Slas.h.!.+” shouted Avril loudly.

The two knives in her hands instantly turned into light shadows that covered the sky. It was similar to a fis.h.i.+ng net.

Corpses of different sizes fell from the sky like rain. However, most of the aliens still landed on the ground unscathed. Some of them had wounds on their bodies, while others were not hurt at all.

Avril sucked in a breath of cold air. Sky Splitter was the most powerful combat skill she had learned after advancing to a level 10 creature. Even a level 12 creature could be struck down by her blade. However, these aliens only had a few wounds on their bodies. They were obviously at least level 13 creatures.

As for those aliens who were not injured at all, their strength could not be estimated!

At that time, Angelina had also rushed to the battlefield. Her hands emitted a layer of light, and she raised her hand to press on the shoulder of one of the aliens. She began to display her superpower.

In an instant, Angelina’s skin was aging and shriveling at a speed visible to the naked eye. The color of her skin had also turned gray-black. She was a.s.similating into the appearance of an alien.

Angelina cried out in surprise and immediately let go. She quickly retreated, and her skin recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Angelina shouted at Avril and Vincent in the sky, “Be careful, these aliens don’t have any special abilities. It’s just that their seemingly rotten bodies are very hard!”

After hearing this, Vincent flew to the ground and said, “Avril, go and protect Angelina. You guys, try to break through the outer perimeter gradually. Don’t linger in battle!”


Avril responded and turned around to rush to Angelina’s side. The two sisters rushed to the outer perimeter of the battlefield together.

Vincent looked at the alien races around him and took out his brand new Cup of Fate. He shouted coldly, “I don’t believe that you don’t have souls either!”

Vincent shouted loudly, “Soul stripping!”

The perfect Cup of Fate in his hand instantly burst out with a black light, covering the entire battlefield.

The effect of Soul Stripping was that it could instantly kill all targets below the user’s level and extract their souls!

As soon as he saw the battle between Avril and the other races, Vincent had already discovered that the cultivation levels of these other races were uneven. With the help of the Cup of Fate, he could filter out the stronger ones.

After the black light faded, nearly one-third of them had fallen on the battlefield. At the same time, it also meant that the remaining two-thirds were all above level 16!

Vincent raised his five fingers and shouted, “Summon the spirits!”

The souls of the foreign race emerged one by one. They walked in front of Vincent devoutly and knelt down on one knee, showing their loyalty.


Vincent raised his blade and pointed it at the other members of the foreign race. He commanded them in a loud voice.

All the low-level souls of the foreign race turned around without hesitation. They charged at their companions like madmen and started to attack them.

Vincent controlled one of the souls but he did not ask him to fight. Instead, he called out to him and asked, “Your race is…?

“The Undead Race!”

“Why are you here?”

“The appearance of the Black Hole is a great opportunity to expand our forces. We found a strange thing in the Black Hole world, so we followed it all the way here!”

“Go and join the battle!”

After Vincent got the answer he wanted, he waved his hand and summoned the undead soul away.

The undead soul turned around and ran away.

Vincent looked up at the sky and saw various battles.h.i.+ps and floating cannons. They were already in place. He immediately spoke into his earpiece, “Are you ready?”

The voice of the ruler sounded from the earpiece, “In three minutes, you can fire at full force!”

Vincent nodded, spread his Flaming Wings, and flew away from the battlefield. He was searching for Avril and Angelina everywhere.

Finally, Vincent saw that Angelina and Avril had already run away from the battlefield, so he immediately flew over.

“Vincent, hurry up!”

Angelina and Avril had also heard the news of the impending fire through the earpiece. During this time, each of them stretched out a hand and shouted anxiously at Vincent.

Vincent flew in front of the two women under the countless hands that were grabbing at him. He grabbed their hands tightly and used their strength to pull himself away from the battlefield.

At the same time, the voice of the ruler sounded from the earphones, “All firepower has been gathered. Begin the first round of cannon fire attacks. Test the strength of the target!”



Countless energy cannons were fired at the same time. The entire battlefield was filled with explosions.

Vincent looked at the cannon in front of him with a face full of joy. He was waiting expectantly for the battle to end.

Avril looked at Vincent’s appearance and could not help but ask curiously, “There’s no need for us to intervene. What are you so excited about?”

“You don’t understand! It’s a good thing that there’s no need for us to make a move. Moreover, there are huge benefits waiting for me!” said Vincent very proudly.

The Cup of Fate’s ability to strip souls had a huge limitation. It could only deal with targets whose strength was lower than his own.

However, the spirit-binding method was different. As long as the body had a soul, no matter how terrifying the opponent’s strength was when they were alive, they had to obediently become Vincent’s servant.

Therefore, if Vincent was alone, he would not be able to harvest all the high-level undead creatures on the battlefield. However, if he borrowed the firepower of the Esville Race and wipe out all the high-level undead creatures, then he would be able to harvest a large group of high-level fighters!

Under Vincent’s expectant gaze, the artillery fire on the battlefield finally ended, but the result was disappointing.

Very few undead creatures fell under the artillery fire, and the vast majority of the high-level undead creatures were still standing unscathed on the spot.

The voice of the ruler sounded from the earpiece again, “I’ve estimated that the target levels are all between level 22 and level 30 creatures. If we want to kill all the targets, we’ll need even more powerful firepower output. With our race’s current materials and technology, we’ll be able to conquer the corresponding weapons within half a day!”

Unexpectedly, the ruler wanted to give up and make another plan!

Vincent, who was waiting to harvest the high-level souls, could not help but feel anxious when he heard that. He raised his head and looked at the flying machine in the sky, he questioned, “With your current firepower, you can actually focus on a small area-of-effect attack. You can definitely kill those undead creatures. Why are you wasting time?”

“The targets are too scattered. We can’t cover them at all. Moreover, the Esville Race will be able to overcome the technical difficulties very quickly. Mr. Vincent, there’s no need to worry!” said the ruler.

Vincent saw that the undead creatures on the battlefield had already started to disperse in all directions. He could not help but rebuke angrily, “Idiot! By the time you guys conquer the new weapons, these undead creatures will have long-run far away. At that time, won’t we still have to kill them one by one? How many resources will we have to expend then?”

Vincent finally understood why the Esville Race had been invaded this time!

The highly intelligent race had the ability to continuously innovate technology, so their ability to solve problems was different from humans. They would not think about how to deal with problems more efficiently. Instead, they would think about solving any problems by conquering even more difficult problems.

This habit could not be said to be good or bad, but it obviously had a drawback, which was that the consumption of resources was extremely huge!

Therefore, as the Esville Race had already developed this world to the extreme, they had to send drones to all parts of the Black Hole world to search for worlds that were rich in resources, and then build teleportation portals to exploit their resources.

This time, the Undead Race had found the entrance to the Black Hole of the Esville World.

“It seems that I have to change your way of thinking!”

Vincent’s gaze was resolute as he tapped on his earpiece and said in a deep voice, “Ruler, please hand over control of all firepower to me. I have a way to eliminate these undead creatures!”

“This is the highest authority of the Esville Race. It can only be given to you after all the members of the race have voted on it!” replied the ruler.

“Alright! Then go and ask for their opinion now. How long will it take?” asked Vincent.

The ruler replied, “About three minutes!”

“Then go quickly!”

Vincent nodded and turned to Avril and Angelina. He said, “Help me stall these high-level undead creatures, but be careful of their strength. Be careful not to be hurt by them!”


Avril responded and moved to the side of the battlefield.

Angelina stood in place and did not move.

Vincent extended his arm very tacitly. Angelina immediately grabbed his arm and absorbed his ability.

“Very good, it’s still the World Cleansing Fire!” said Angelina with a smile. She spread the Flaming Wings on her back and flew to the other side of the battlefield.

Vincent sighed with a smile, “Fool, actually other abilities are more abnormal!”

He then flew up and calmly watched the battlefield below.

Vincent did not take part in the battle, nor did he help Avril and Angelina, who were struggling on the battlefield.

The voice of the ruler finally sounded from the earpiece, “Mr. Vincent, the vote has been pa.s.sed. You can now command and fire!”

“Avril, Angelina, retreat immediately!”

Vincent shouted to the battlefield. He then took off the earpiece and slowly placed it into his eyes. It immediately became a pair of tactical eyes.

Vincent pointed at the position in his and began to quickly set up, “All cannons, attack from various sides of the battlefield, but make sure that the firepower on the western battlefield appears weaker!”

All the cannons immediately opened fire, bombarding the battlefield according to Vincent’s command.

Under the artillery fire, all the undead creatures were stunned by the explosions. They had no choice but to run to the west, where the firepower was obviously weaker.

At that moment, Angelina and Avril had already left the battlefield. They watched the undead creatures from afar and smiled at each other. This was because they had already understood Vincent’s intentions.

Vincent saw that all the undead creatures had gathered together and immediately said, “Now, fire with all your might!”


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