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Chapter 61 – Activity

Song Xiao didn’t meet Yu Tang that night, so he returned to the dorm by himself. His roommate Gao Ao had already returned, and was sitting on the bed and reading a book with a very profound-looking cover.

It wasn’t early anymore, so Song Xiao showered and prepared to go to bed. Before going to sleep, he took out a book to read as usual. In his last life, he was the a.s.sistant minister of the Ministry of Revenue, and was mainly responsible for the state treasury and foodstuff, so he was more adept in handling accounts. Thus, when it came to learning business management, he started with the financial side of it. He had borrowed an introduction to international accounting from the library today, and planned to gain some understanding of it.

It was a little difficult to read an English book. Song Xiao listed out the terms he couldn’t comprehend and looked them up. After memorizing over thirty terms or so, it was no longer hard to read the rest of the book.

As he read, Song Xiao suddenly raised his head and looked at Gao Ao on the opposite bed. That person was still attentively reading his book and was completely silent. Song Xiao frowned slightly. Just now, he had felt a gaze on him. After wading through the bureaucracy for so many years, he still had a sense of vigilance.

“Gao Ao, what society did you join?” Song Xiao opened his mouth and asked.

“Mathematics club.” Gao Ao glanced at him then quickly looked away. “Have you joined the Angels Club?”

“Mn. Senior Emily didn’t say what the Angels Club is about; do you know?” Song Xiao asked with a smile.

“How would I know?” Gao Ao rolled his eyes, put away his book, and drew up his blanket to go to sleep.

Looking at this roommate who was hard to interact with, Song Xiao shook his head and turned off the lights. Laying under his quilt, he sent a text to Yu Tang.

【 Let’s eat breakfast together tomorrow? 】 After typing this sentence out, he deleted it word by word. Song Xiao rubbed his nose against the blanket and turned over.

【 My roommate is a little weird 】 Replacing it with this text, he frowned and felt that it wasn’t right either. Given Yu Tang’s temper, he might think that Gao Ao was bullying Song Xiao – what was Song Xiao going to do if Yu Tang rushed over to beat Gao Ao up?

【 Goodnight, my emperor 】 In the end, Song Xiao turned it into this meaningless sentence. He rubbed against his pillow. After not sleeping with Yu Tang for over a month, he sort of missed his embrace.

After Yu Tang dealt with Blair, he returned home. This villa wasn’t far from campus, as it was purchased by the first Yu family member who came to Halun University many years ago. Now, it was available to any child of the Yu family who was studying in this area.

There weren’t many children in this generation who were Yu Tang’s age; his cousin from seventh uncle’s family, Yu Qi, had also come to America for university this year. The little genius had gone to study in a university near Silicon Valley, so there were only Yu Tang and Dugu An in this villa now, as well as two Filipino maids.

“How’s the training?” After exerting himself in beating someone up earlier, Yu Tang sat on the sofa and sipped on an iced cola which a maid gave him.

“The closed training will take half a year or more,” Dugu An stood by Yu Tang’s side and said in a low voice.

Yu Tang swirled the cola in the cup and muttered to himself for a time. Just as he was about to say something, his phone abruptly sounded with the short cry of a xiao, and he promptly picked it up for a look. Looking at the simple and short three words which didn’t contain any punctuation, his expression couldn’t help softening. Raising his head and noticing that the maid was still present, he restrained his urge to get up and walk around, and instead coughed dryly. “I see. Wait a while longer.”

“Yes.” Dugu An nodded.

Yu Tang lowered his head and looked at the text message again. He rubbed his chin pensively, then made a call. “I want to see Song Xiao’s procedure to attend as a day student done in a week.”

During the long and endless dark nights, how could it just be the empress who found it hard to sleep alone?

The Angels Club held activities very frequently. On the second day as a member of the society, the president notified Song Xiao about taking part in an activity.

“Oh, Sean, you’re here.” The muscular president saw him from a distance, and even waved in greeting.

“My name’s Song, not Sean.” Song Xiao didn’t want to take an English name. A n.o.bleman would never change his given name or surname; he would never change his name on a whimsy just to be liked by others.

“Oh, sorry, Song.” The president good-naturedly followed his p.r.o.nunciation. “Names in another language are always hard to remember. Do you still remember mine? Haha, I’m Jerry; you know the cat and mouse, right…”

President Jerry seized Song Xiao by the shoulders and chattered nonstop about today’s activity as they walked into the clubroom.

“Today’s theme is love. Song, you’ll be acting as Cupid. An Asian Cupid will definitely attract the admiration of pa.s.sersby.” The lively young miss Emily came over and slipped a white changpao and a pair of feathered wings into Song Xiao’s arms.

The muscular Jerry wore a peach pink-coloured short skirt, Emily wore a masculine suit, and the other members had also changed into bizarre clothes. There was even someone carrying a musical instrument.

“Let’s go, ladies and gentlemen.” Jerry twisted his bucket-sized waist and stepped forward in his high heels. Just as he reached the entrance, he fell on the floor with a ‘thump’.

Song Xiao’s lips quirked. It seemed he had discovered what this club was about.

In one corner of the city square, Cupid Song Xiao held a plastic bow and arrow as he stood on a stone block. Jerry, wearing a short skirt, knelt before his feet in a pleading pose, as Emily in her Western suit arrogantly raised her chin.

The large boy in their society who was carrying a saxophone sat next to them and did his best to play a romantic tune. The musical instrument case was open and on display to everyone. The square gradually became lively, as pa.s.sersby looked at this amusing performance. They would pause and throw some spare change into the case.

One of the three most famous societies in Halun University, the Angels Club, was, in fact, a begging organization!

“Oh, gosh, look at that Cupid.” A girl pa.s.sing by saw Song Xiao with his delicate facial features, and couldn’t help raising her hand to take a photo.

“This is my first time seeing a Cupid with an Eastern face ne.” The pa.s.sersby pointed and gestured at them, making Song Xiao feel incredibly embarra.s.sed. As a scholar, to actually come out and beg was quite the insult to his educational background.

But he had already come out, and couldn’t give up halfway. Thus, Song Xiao could only raise the bow and arrow in his hands higher to block his face. This really was embarra.s.sing to death.

Jerry was very excited about wearing women’s clothes. Every once in awhile, he would change poses and display his extreme charm. It made the pa.s.sersby burst out in loud laughter, and they threw money at the group one by one.

Two hours before noon, this group of youths had earned over 200 USD, and they packed up happily. Song Xiao rubbed his aching shoulders and raised his phone to discover seven missed calls. Six of them were from Yu Tang, and one was from Gao Ao.

Song Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly. This roommate usually wouldn’t even say a word to him, so why did he suddenly give him a call? It was incredibly curious, but in the end, it was still his family’s emperor who was more important, so Song Xiao gave Yu Tang a call first.

“Where are you?” Yu Tang’s voice held some anger.

“Club activity. I’m in the western square.” Song Xiao blinked. He and Yu Tang had agreed to have lunch together at noon, but it wasn’t time yet, right?

The other side was silent for a time, and seemed to be even angrier. Coldly tossing out a “Stand there and don’t move”, he hung up.

Jerry was going to treat everyone to cheap hamburgers, then take the money to the bank to be remitted. When he called for Song Xiao, Song Xiao didn’t move.

“Sorry, Jerry, I have to wait for a friend.” Song Xiao was now also unhappy due to Yu Tang’s unexplained anger, but if the emperor wished for his subject to wait, then this subject had to stand there and not move. Thinking that Yu Tang didn’t like him partic.i.p.ating in a club, he said, “Also, I can’t partic.i.p.ate in this club anymore.”

A begging club… this sort of game, which would be popular with youths for a time, truly wasn’t suitable for him.

“Jerry, did you not tell Song Xiao what our society does?” Seeing something amiss in Song Xiao’s expression, Emily immediately smacked Jerry.

The group members looked at one another, only now realizing that they had pulled this fellow in, but hadn’t even told him what they did. It would be humiliating if Song Xiao wrongly a.s.sumed that they were beggars.

“This money is used to help the elderly and children who suffer from rare diseases. Sometimes, we also directly donate to the orphanage.” Jerry scratched his head embarra.s.sedly and handed Song Xiao a detailed list of the donations they had collected the year before.

The Angels Club was very big, and whoever wasn’t in cla.s.s would go out to beg. Thus, from the list, there were remittances almost every day.

“We hope that everyone in school will partic.i.p.ate.” Jerry laughed. They relied on their acting, arts, and talents to perform, and converted it into money which they then donated to charity. This amount of money wasn’t much, but it could make the people of Halun University get into the habit of charitable giving.

Everyone in this school was all future elites of society. If they became used to doing charity, they would still do this sort of thing when they later became great politicians or famous tyc.o.o.ns.

Song Xiao raised his head to look at Jerry in his pink skirt, and instantly felt that he was much greater. His eyes curved. “I’ll sincerely think about it.” Chinese words always left some leeway, unlike the straightforwardness of Americans.

Jerry happily took his little companions away and Song Xiao was left standing by himself in the square.

Song Xiao lowered his head and called Gao Ao back. “What’s up?”

“Where are you?” The same sentence, but when Yu Tang asked it, it was as it should be. When Gao Ao said it, however, it became somewhat odd.

Song Xiao raised his eyes and saw Yu Tang walking toward him from the other end of the square. “Is something wrong?”

“I couldn’t find the dorm key just now. I’ve already found it.” Gao Ao was going to ask something else, but Song Xiao abruptly hung up.

Yu Tang walked over quickly and grabbed the hand which Song Xiao was holding his phone with. “Are you completely disregarding zhen’s words?”

He had told Song Xiao that he had to do his best not to leave him, and if he had to go out, the secret guard had to accompany him.

Song Xiao had already hung up before Yu Tang started speaking, and he couldn’t help wrinkling his brow at Yu Tang’s painful grip around his wrist. Looking up to glare at him, Song Xiao saw that his eyes were filled with worry, and the angry words on the tip of his tongue were swallowed back as he only said one word: “…Hurts.”

Little Theater

Fish Tang: I see that you’re itching for a spanking, waiting for zhen to discipline you, aren’t you?

Xiaoxiao: Hurts

Fish Tang: Where does it hurt, quickly let me have a look (Hugging and blowing)

Didi: (¬_¬) Yielding just like this, is it still discipline?

Fish Tang: I see that you’re itching for a spanking

Didi: Ow ow, hurts

Fish Tang: It’s supposed to hurt

Didi: QAQ

Baobao Notes

If you guys noticed, I’ve been updating a little lesser and later than usual. That’s cuz my semester was and is going into a h.e.l.lhole of a.s.signments piled together once again… The constant rush is almost over (I think), and I might be able to translate more from next weekend on. Like oof, I’ve been so busy that this chapter was translated over a week ago, but I just didn’t have the time to put it up…


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