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The expression of his handsome face was completely frozen.

But their posture was really ambiguous.

The distance between them was only a few centimeters, and even Lin Mengya could feel the smell of the man in front of her.

“I was sorry and did you feel hurt? I didn’t mean to do so.”

Lin Mengya felt a little embarra.s.sed. After all, if she hadn’t suddenly grabbed Long Tianhao, he wouldn’t have fallen to the bed board.

Although over the years, there was no concubine in his mansion. But Long Tianhao was, after all, a prince, so, of course, he still understood these things.

“Could you cooperate with me and act for the people outside? I would definitely tell you the prescription.”

G.o.d, this was clearly a matter of them. Why did it sound like that Lin Mengya was the only one to be worried?

Lin Mengya didn’t know Long Tianhao didn’t say a word, but held up the body and slapped on the bedpost.

Immediately, the carved big bed made a sour noise.

Lin Mengya paused and thought, “Was the sound a little loud?”

The eunuchs and mammies who were overhearing outside the room all felt surprised and were listening to everything in the room.

“Eunuch Li, it seemed that our Prince Yu was really fierce. Listening to this, I , a nanny, had listened to the wedding night of 13 princes and only the night of our Prince Yu was like dismantling furniture.”

Long Tianhao had a strong inner strength but now his face drew three black lines.

His cold eyes turned and looked at the window—”Talkative!”

“That’s right. I had served quite a few masters in total but none of them was as frantic as our Prince Yu.”

The black line on his face became darker and if it wasn’t a special occasion, Long Tianhao would surely rush out to kill the two noisy crows and throw them out of the yard.

“But, our Princess Yu—”

Long Tianhao took one look at the little girl hiding in the corner of the bed and thought since they were acting, how could they do without a heroine?

A gleam of amus.e.m.e.nt flitted through his eyes, and he pinched Lin Mengya silently with his big hand.

“Ah, what were you doing?”

This pinch hurt her so that she almost cried, so she mercilessly stared at the man in front of her, but only to find the corners of his mouth turned slightly upward.

“You had to do something for the play, right?”

Lin Mengya immediately understood what Long Tianhao meant, and she turned her eyes, choked her throat and shouted wildly.


Pinching her neck, Lin Mengya called out all the words she knew.

When she was in college, the women who didn’t behave themselves in the dormitory watched many such films.

She couldn’t learn the high-level, but it was not hard for her to learn the simple.

“Good, the princess is informed and considerate. Although she is a bit stupid, isn’t she a woman? ”

The nanny outside the window once again issued the feeling. Long Tianhao refrained from laughing and took one look at the woman who was shouting vigorously.

He didn’t see what the nanny said about her, but she was definitely quaint.

When she woke up, Lin Mengya only felt as if her throat was burning.

She didn’t expect the calling last night lasted for two hours.

They two just did stare at each other. One shook the bed and the other one holding the neck called blindly.

Finally, just as she was about to cut her finger to let blood drip on the bed as an indication of broken virginity, Long Tianhao was very humane to take out a dove but she didn’t know where he found it.


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