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Qinghu didn’t know whether to be angry or to smile as he forcefully patted Lin Mengya’s head.

“Little girl, don’t talk about death so easily. If I really die, I will definitely die by your side. It’ll be your choice whether to bury me or not.”

It sounded ferocious, but a flicker of misery flashed in his eyes.

If no one was able to rid him of the poison within three years, he would live for only three years.

But that was long enough.

“Well, I will dig a hole and bury you in there. Wild dogs or something else will gnaw your pretty face!”

Lin Mengya felt such pain that she held her head in her hands. “Such a fox, beat me so badly.”

“Oh, I learned by chance the ident.i.ty of the little guy you picked up. Would you like to know?”

Lin Zhongyu’s ident.i.ty? Lin Mengya had to admit that she had felt a little bit curious about it.


She shook her head to refuse. She hated poking her nose into Xiaoyu’s business without his consent.

“Oh, we took Xiaoyu with us when we got out, right? Where is he now?”

Lin Mengya didn’t realize it until now. How could she lose a living person.

She hit herself on the head, silently regretting being careless.

“Young Master said he would go back first to do something else. Don’t you remember, Master?”

Baisu had spoken. The three other servants looked at Lin Mengya with confusion.

It seemed that the master’s memory had become worse and worse ever since she quarreled with the prince.

“Oh, I’ve forgotten that. It’s getting late. Let’s go back.”

The world had become completely dark outside. It was still raining though.

Qinghu immediately called someone to prepare a carriage to send them back to the prince’s mansion.

Unexpectedly, in the rain, someone raced toward them on a horse just as they got out of Furong Restaurant.

“Sister! Are you still here, sister?”

A teenager’s anxious voice came.

Lin Mengya opened the curtains only to find Lin Zhongyu dripping wet.

“I’m here. What’s going on, Xiaoyu?”

The boy showed some anxiety on his face as he shouted before jumping off his horse.

“They took Yue Ting away! You were not there, and neither was the prince. I don’t know what they told Concubine De. They took Yue Ting and Yue Qi away.”

Xiaoyu’s words chilled Lin Mengya.

How could it be? Why would someone dare take Yue Ting away by force?”

“Who took her away? Where have they gone? Do you know?”

With an unsightly expression, Lin Zhongyu nodded and spat out word by word:

“Mrs. Yue did it. She said to take Miss Yue to a farm village outside the city. Yue Qi felt worried so she followed them. They might be outside the city by now.”

What the f*ck? Lin Mengya felt mad fires burning in her heart. How dare Mrs. Yue!

Was it not enough to murder her sister? How dare she harm Yue Ting now?

“Let’s go. Be our guide, Xiaoyu.”

Right now, the heavy rain was unable to stop them.

Qinghu followed Lin Zhongyu’s lead and drove the carriage with Lin Mengya and her servants in it toward the outside of the city.

Hope everything would be okay!

On the road, trackers they had sent ahead constantly sent back news.

The Yue family really had a farm outside the city. The news was that the carriage had returned alone after sending Yue Ting and Yue Qi to the farm.

Mrs. Yue really seemed to want to hide Yue Ting at the farm.

However, Lin Mengya increasingly felt more worried.

Soon, they arrived at the farm.

The door was firmly shut. Lin Mengya didn’t even think about it and directly ordered someone to break it open.

Lin Zhongyu and Qinghu raised their feet simultaneously and kicked open the door as they made eye contact.

Such a huge farm was currently empty!

“Sister! Sister! Mother, please let me go! I must save my sister! I must!”

All of a sudden, Yue Qi’s voice came from the main room.

Lin Mengya hurried toward the door only to hear the clear sound of slapping.

“Idiot! That b.i.t.c.h can never relieve our family from the disgrace she brought us even though she killed herself. Are you going to doom your own life?”

Her words were cold and held none of the love she should have had as their mother.

Lin Mengya clearly heard unfathomable disgust even through the door.

“No! I don’t believe that sister will seduce the second prince. I won’t believe either that the heartless letter was written by brother Nansheng! Mother, please, please let me go! Sister will definitely die if I get there even a little later!”

Lin Mengya kicked open the door and saw Yue Qi kneeling on the ground and begging Mrs. Yue in a tearful voice.

Light red marks had been left on her fair face.

However, her tearful eyes were still determinedly focused on that fierce woman.

“Such a worthless idiot!”

Mrs. Yue, who had a n.o.ble face, was about to raise her hand and slap Yue Qi again.

Her arm was caught by an icy hand.

“Mrs. Yue, if you really want to teach your daughter, consider first whether she is yours or not!”

Lin Mengya, who was hopping mad now, shocked Mrs. Yue completely with her first sentence.

She turned around and found these guys in front of her dripping wet. One of them looked like a demon from h.e.l.l with his radiant eyes.

“What do you mean? I’m teaching my own daughter. It’s none of your business!”

Lin Mengya would have definitely rushed to kill the evil woman had there been a sword in her hand.

Things had come to this, but Mrs. Yue still did not restrain herself.

On the contrary, she shouted:

“This is the Yue’s place! You have no right to be here!”

Lin Mengya sneered. She really hated talking to such a wicked woman.

Lin Mengya turned to hold Yue Qi’s hand and showed her concern.

“Are you okay? What happened to Yue Ting?”

Yue Qi, who had been frozen in astonishment at the unexpected entrance of Lin Mengya, suddenly looked extremely excited.

She grabbed Lin Mengya’s arms hastily and screamed.

“Sister Lin, please save my sister. She received your brother’s letter and heard lots of dirty words from my mother. She might attempt suicide!”

Upon hearing that, Lin Mengya felt even more furious.

My brother’s letter? How could that be possible?

Lin Mengya glared at Mrs. Yue with her eyes full of killing intent. One more!

“You heartless thing! Nothing will happen to you if Yue Ting is fine, but if she really kills herself, I will let the Su family to pay for it, including your real daughter! I will definitely dig her out, even if I have to dig to the greatest depths!”

By now, Lin Mengya had confirmed her own guess.

The vicious, stupid woman had no idea that she was digging her own grave.

Because of the urgency, Lin Mengya followed Yue Qi behind the mountain before she could finish dealing with Mrs. Yue.

Outside, it was raining and thundering.

Indoors, Mrs. Yue was shocked and raging.

The secrets, which she had kept for many years, were so easily disclosed today.

Upon thinking of Lin Mengya’s fierce face, Mrs. Yue had a feeling of coldness come over her.

But so what?

“Sister owed it to me! So did the whole Su family!

“No one can do anything to me as long as the Empress hasn’t fallen from power!”

“Lin Mengya is just a b.i.t.c.h. I need to make good use of Yue Qi sooner or later.”

Out the back door of the farm, Lin Mengya hastily followed Yue Qi to the back mountain.

There was a cliff.

When they ran over, they found Yue Ting sitting on the edge of the cliff, out of her wits.

“Don’t do anything stupid, sister! Don’t!”

Yue Qi yelled in a tearful voice. She was about to approach when Qinghu grabbed her.

Yue Ting was in an uncertain condition. If Yue Qi rushed over to her, it might cause an accident instead of helping.

“Yue Ting, I’m Ya’er! Come back. Don’t do anything foolish, alright? I’m scared.”

Lin Mengya slowly got close to Yue Ting and tried to make herself sound mild.

Yue Ting, who seemed as if she had been struck by lightning, came to her senses a little because of Lin Mengya’s shouting.

However, she smiled gently in the same way she did when the first time Lin Mengya saw her in the Lins’ house⁠—simple and elegant like an orchid.

“Ya’er, I know Nansheng didn’t write it. I know. I know it all.”

Yue Ting’s tears fell from her face with the rain.

No one could tell whether she was crying or laughing.

“Since you know my brother won’t be so heartless, why do you still want to die? Please, Yue Ting, come back. I’m very scared!”

However, Yue Ting shook her head with a pitiful smile on her face.

Her smile looked like a flower blooming for the last time⁠—beautiful with no spirit.

“I know that Nansheng won’t abandon me for it. But do you know? What’s written in this letter is true⁠—I’ve become a joke in Dajin. Nansheng is a hero. I can’t allow him to suffer shame for me.”

Yue Ting turned around still with a smile.


Lin Mengya rushed over and tried to pull her back.

But Yue Ting moved faster than her. A figure in white jumped off the cliff.


Lin Mengya and Yue Qi shouted heartbrokenly on the cliff.

Lin Mengya felt pain in her eyes as she witnessed Yue Ting disappear from her sight.

It seemed her hands would have been able to grab Yue Ting’s clothes if she had exerted more power.

Even Qinghu, with his high degree of Kung fu, had failed to rescue Yue Ting.

The gentle, cultivated and intelligent girl who had a lifelong love for her brother, had jumped off the cliff.

“Yue Ting!”

Lin Mengya hadn’t turned her eyes away when fresh blood spouted from her mouth.

“Sister Lin!”



“Little girl!”

Everyone watched Lin Mengya in panic.

Lin Mengya then fell into Qinghu’s embrace.

The rain became heavier.


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