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Since his old disease relapsed three years ago, his father hadn’t left the Hall for three years.

“Was my father still alive?”

“Lord, the empress’s things have been packed and we can leave the palace now.”

Long Tianhao turned around and saw Jinyue, the close-fitting maid who came into the palace with his mother since she married to the Emperor looking at him with a smile on her face.

“Aunt Yue, thank you for accompanying my mother for so many years.”

“I, the handmaiden, was the dowry of the empress. I saw the empress struggle in the imperial harem for these years, and I did take pity on her. Since you have married, the empress can finally have a better life.”

Long Tianhao just nodded but didn’t speak.

There was too much conspiracy in the harem and the Queen was headstrong and the crown prince was jealous and suspicious. So, it might be a good way to take his mother to live with him.

Another burst of happy laughter rang from the bedroom.

It seemed that his new wife was very favorable and cute.

At least, in order to make his mother smile, he would have to protect this girl.

Lin Mengya in the bedroom, who tried her best to make Concubine De laugh, did not know that she had just gained a significant promise that would protect her life.

It shouldn’t be so hasty that Concubine De returned to the Mansion.

Since the Queen deliberately suppressed it, the returning hardly disturbed anyone.

Lin Mengya dealt with Concubine De’s well-meaning tests several times on the way, and she answered very well. Concubine De’s guard against her already decreased by half.

Moreover, she was clever and read many novels about palace flights in her previous life. She was well-spoken which immediately made Concubine De laugh with crooked eyes.

Even Jinyue, who was always cautious, was greatly impressed by the new princess.

Long Tianhao rode on a horse, but his mind was stuck to the situation in the carriage.

A trace of complex emotions flashed across his cold eyes.

In the beginning, he only felt Lin Mengya was a burden and a shame, but he didn’t think just after a short day, she could make everyone change the way they viewed her.

“It was hard to predict everything in the world and perhaps Lin Mengya would become an important p.a.w.n in his hands.”

In the evening, Concubine De didn’t want to be separated from the daughter-in-law, so she called Lin Mengya to the Art Courtyard to sleep together. However, Prince Yu, who guarded the empty house alone on the second night of the wedding, was scoffed stealthily by the servants.

The new princess was really attractive. Even the indifferent prince became pa.s.sionate like blazing fire and dry wood after seeing her.

The mother-in-law who just met her also loved and doted on her.

The pathetic prince, who just married to the new wife, had to join the battle of fighting for the princess.

There would be noise and excitement in Prince Yu’s Mansion.

“Princess, it is time to get up.”

Lin Mengya, who slept in the warm tent, was dug up from the bed and she didn’t know what happened.

Concubine De talked with her for a long time last night, and she didn’t sleep long before she was woken up again.

With her eyes closed, the maids washed her face and dressed up for her. It was not until she was once again stuffed into the sedan chair that she was told that today was the day for her to return the Lin family.

Hanged on! Returned to the home?!

Lin Mengya immediately braced herself up and opened her big eyes. “She can hide her real ident.i.ty from the world. After all, few people could see the girls who stayed indoors all the time before they got married.”

However, if she returned home, wasn’t she going to see Lin Mengya’s family?

Then, wouldn’t she be revealed?

The first thought that came to her was to run away.

Because if her lies were seen through and Prince Yu knew he was cheated, the consequences…


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