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Chapter 722 Deliver Babies in an Emergency

“Sir, there is nothing more important than human life. This young lady must know it is an emergency and did not say that for fun. In this case, it will be better to let her have a try. Anyway, the situation is unlikely to get worse than it is now,” the person said.

Lin Mengya suddenly turned around, only to see an extremely sincere smile.

It was the man who had stalked them before.

She did not know when he had also come here, and he came forward to support her, which surprised her a little.

“Besides, as an elder in this village, you certainly want the woman and her babies to be safe more than anyone else does. I’m willing to vouch for this young lady. If she fails to save the woman and her babies in the room, I’m willing to be at your disposal,” the man continued saying.

Hearing his words, even that old man found it difficult to refuse.

Moreover, perhaps the man’s composed expression imperceptibly made him much more convincing.

Glancing at the crowded courtyard, the old man could only let out a deep sigh and said with a nod, “In this case, I’ll have to trouble this young lady. Darling, lead this young lady in.”

The old man must enjoy high prestige in the village.

After he made the decision, those, who had tried to stop Lin Mengya and Qinghu, stepped back.

Lin Mengya breathed a sigh of relief and nodded at the old man, and then she was pushed into the room by an old lady coming out from behind the old man.

The women were helping out in the yard, leaving behind a bunch of men staring at each other.

“Buddy, thank you,” as the only outsider apart from Lin Mengya and Qinghu, the man naturally stood by Qinghu’s side and said to him.

However, Qinghu’s face did not soften at all.

After snorting coldly, he didn’t want to ask the man what the man thanked him for. However, he fixed his eyes on the room Lin Mengya had just entered.

No one was more important than Lin Mengya to him. As long as he found anything wrong, he would immediately rush in and take her out.

“The young lady must be a master of medical skill with rare benevolence. Buddy, rest a.s.sured. All people in this courtyard are common people, and none of them can do harm to the young lady,” the man didn’t seem to care about being treated coldly by Qinghu and continued talking to Qinghu.

Although Qinghu ignored him, he knew that what the man said was true.

“Don’t think that you can put on airs in front of me after defeating me once. If you can’t carry out your promise, I will definitely tear you into pieces!” Qinghu threatened the man in a chilling and deep voice, making the man show a slightly serious look in his eyes.

A moment later, the man nodded and said, “I, Hou Yuetian, will definitely do what I said. Buddy, just rest a.s.sured.”

Lin Mengya knew nothing about the conversation between the two men outside.

At the moment, she was frowning tightly and staring at the old woman, who stood in her way like a fighting c.o.c.k.

The old woman was in her fifties and had a small face, but her shrewd eyes were full of schemes.

She was dressed in blue clothes stained with dust.

Although she was in a mess, she stood in front of Lin Mengya and blocked the only pa.s.sage to the inner room.

“Sister, what are you doing? My husband has allowed this young lady to help. She is very capable and probably can save your daughter-in-law!” The old woman, who pushed Lin Mengya here, came forward and tried to advise the old woman in front of them to let them in with tactful words.

Unexpectedly, the old woman from the Tian Family looked Lin Mengya up and down and said with a snort, “Humph, how can she, a disabled person, help out? Sister, it is not your daughter-in-law who is in danger, so you can easily allow her to help!”

Her abrupt words instantly led them into an

Fortunately, Lin Mengya was not a petty person. Although she was regarded as a disabled person, she did not get angry at all.

In the room, the woman in labor was crying in pain in an increasingly weak voice. It was obvious that she was running out of strength.

Lin Mengya did not have time to argue with this tricky old woman. She looked around and suddenly said, “Aunt, can you come over? Perhaps I can save your daughter.”

No mother would stand by and watch her child die.

Moreover, her daughter was pregnant with her grandchildren.

On hearing Lin Mengya’s words, the woman’s mother, who could only lean against the door and cry at the moment, glared at Lin Mengya, as if she had grabbed a life-saving straw.

“Young lady, can you really save my daughter?” Holding back her sadness, the woman’s mother asked. She had pinned all her hopes on this strange lady.

“It’s not too late to let me in now,” Lin Mengya said.

At present, they could not get the babies out, and the woman in labor was running out of strength.

If she went in, she could use a Ginseng Pill to maintain the woman’s vital energy and then find a way to deliver the babies. In this way, she might be able to turn things around.

“Okay, go ahead. Young lady, I trust you with my daughter’s life!” The woman’s mother made this decision for the sake of her daughter’s life almost in an instant.

The old woman from the Tian Family still tried to block Lin Mengya’s way but was stopped by the woman’s mother.

“If you dare block this young lady’s way again, I’ll fight with you desperately! Others might be afraid of you, but I’m not. I’m telling you, if anything happens to my daughter, I’ll make your family pay with your lives!” The woman’s mother said.

She, who was a delicate and pitiful mother at first, now had to put on a ferocious look.

Lin Mengya knew very well that she was just a poor mother trying to save her daughter.

Frightened by the ferocious look of the woman’s mother, the old woman from the Tian Family shrank back and finally got out of the way reluctantly.

Lin Mengya was immediately pushed to the woman in labor. After a quick check, Lin Mengya knew that she did not have much time to save the woman.

“I’m a doctor. Please come and a.s.sist me. This is a Ginseng Pill. Please dissolve it in water and feed it to her. Also, prepare hot water, scissors, hard liquor, and an oil lamp for me,” she said.

Given the primitive conditions, Lin Mengya had to take a risk.

After being pushed to the bedside by the midwife, Lin Mengya knelt on the ground and checked on the babies in the woman’s womb.

The two babies were in good condition with their heads out, but their mother was too weak to deliver them.

It would take a lot of effort to bring the two naughty babies to the world at the same time.

Soon, the things Lin Mengya asked for were sent to the delivery room.

Everyone in the yard was waiting silently. They could only put the woman’s life into the hands of fate. Seeing basins of b.l.o.o.d.y water taken out of the room, even Qinghu couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.

He had confidence in Lin Mengya’s medical skills. However, they did not get any result until now, which made him seized with anxiety.

At this moment, there was a sudden commotion from outside the courtyard, attracting everyone’s attention.

They turned around, only to see an old man and a young man appear in the yard of the Tian Family.

“Uncle Zhong, how is my wife?” As soon as the young man entered the yard, he inquired the old man, who allowed Lin Mengya to deliver the babies, about the situation.

Qinghu realized that they might be the husband and father-in-law of the woman in the room.

However, he looked down on the man in front of him.

Since the man was so worried about his wife, why didn’t he stay with her?

“Alas, you’d better get in and check it out. By the way, Brother Tian, I have to tell you that you’d better discipline your wife properly, or she will embarra.s.s you,” Uncle Zhong said.

Hearing his words, Tian Laosan blushed in embarra.s.sment.

He nodded and followed his son into the courtyard.

Learning that a female doctor suddenly came to deliver the babies, he, who had frowned tightly, showed a relieved look at once.

However, the old woman from the Tian Family was a hard nut to crack. She kept talking about how much the female doctor should pay if the female doctor failed to save her daughter-in-law.

The woman’s mother was too worried to stop her. She could only lean against the door, wiping off her tears and glancing at the delivery room from time to time.

They did not know how long they had been waiting. People usually felt time pa.s.sed slowly when they were tense.

In the room, the woman gradually stopped crying in pain.

Everyone was in breathless anxiety, wondering if the woman did not make it.

Even Hou Yuetian and Qinghu looked serious.

Unexpectedly, there came a sudden shrilling cry from the delivery room.

A moment later, the babies’ cries broke the solemn silence in the courtyard.

“The babies have come out! Congratulations! They are a baby boy and a baby girl. The mother and the babies are all safe!” The midwife said.

Although she was tired, she neatly cut the umbilical stalks of the two babies, and wrapped them in red soft floral quilts after cleaning them.

Everyone felt relieved. The arrival of newborn babies always brought people a better mood and luck.

Tian Laosan and his son froze for a moment, and then smiled with tears in their eyes and accepted the others’ congratulation.

No one noticed that the old woman from the Tian Family suddenly sat down in a chair dejectedly like a defeated c.o.c.k.

“Thank you for your help. Thank you,” the young man from the Tian Family said.

It was the first time for him to be a father, so he was overjoyed with an excited smile on his swarthy face.

However, no one noticed the old woman from the Tian Family seemed to have made up her mind and slipped into the delivery room.

The smell of blood had not yet dissipated in the room. The midwife and those women were busy preparing some food for nourishing the woman, who had just delivered her babies.

Therefore, the babies, who had just been born, were placed in the cradle beside the bed.


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