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Chapter 18: The black calamity

At the entrance of each level in the dungeon ‘Sanctuary of the Evil G.o.d’, there is a safety zone designated at the first room when one descends to a level where monsters cannot step into.

It was a consideration that did not fit the dungeon famed to have the bad name of the worst and most evil in the world.

The party advances the capture while letting Reiji acquire battle experience, and decided to take a rest in the safety zone of the 6th floor. No, it was forced to be taken.


As for saying that, the Spartan discipline of Orlaine and Eligor is beyond overheating, and Reiji gives up at last.

“Mouu, the two of you……Please do not overwork Mr.Reiji forcibly too much.”

“Oh, I’m ashamed. Because his muscles are good, I became interested unconsciously.”

“I, I’m sorry! Are you okay? Mr. Reiji.”

To Reiji who possesses a supporting skill and carries a technique that is like a sponge absorbing water, both Eligor who is teaching the sword and Orlaine who is teaching magic too, forgot about the addition and subtraction and overworked him.

While lending him a shoulder due to dizziness that almost caused him to fall when traveling around the 5th level, the party finally arrived at this room after descending the stairs somehow.

As soon as they arrived in the room of the safety zone, Tena chided the 2 people who got carried away and overworked him abusively, while placing the head of the fallen Reiji who has reached his limit on her knees.
Were the 2 people self conscious too? They sat meekly in seiza while listening to Tena’s preaching.

“Are you ok? Mr. Reiji.”

“Ahh, Un. I settle down a little, thank you.”

Reiji who took a rest was finally able to arrange his breathing and answer while lying down in that state to Tena, who worriedly wiped the sweat off his face with a cloth produced.

Although it’s the 2nd time with his head on Tena’s lap, he wasn’t aware of the soft feeling of the thighs felt on his cheeks as he was tormented by lower back pain last time, and Reiji blushes reflexively when a sweet body smell filled his nasal cavity.
But, fortunately or not, Tena did not notice it.



“Wawa, you can’t do that!?”

However, even if Tena didn’t notice, there is a watchdog with black wings.
Reiji who was holding dishonest desires, his head was stabbed many times by a sharp beak and gave a scream.

“Though I do not know the actual time within the labyrinth, but it’s probably at night outside?”

“There is also Mr.Reiji’s fatigue, how about taking a nap here tonight and capture the remaining levels tomorrow?”

“That’s right.”

The party decides to spend a night in the 6th level, taking a nap while making sure to take turn and stand guard particularly.

It was morning, and the party restarted the capture.

No, rather, both Reiji’s sword and magic were able to have more refined movements compared to the day before, and he could play an active part as both the vanguard and rear guard within limitations too.
This is because yesterday’s experience was arranged during his spare time and it was able to become entrenched.

With the deployment of Eligor at the front, Reji next, and Tena and Orlaine as rear guard, the party advanced the capture more favorably compared to yesterday.
In addition, it was agreed that Reiji will basically remain in a position of Banzai during the intervals when enemies doesn’t appear.

The 10th level was reached like this, and a strange pedestal appeared in front of Reiji’s group who continued searching.

“Ah, this pedestal is──”

in addition, a cavity and a mark……Should I look for a slate or something from this floor and fit it in?”

Although Orlaine with previous experience of challenging this dungeon is about to start explaining, Reiji sees the engraved characters and the mark in the cavity and predicts the answer before that.
Meanwhile, just 2 seconds have pa.s.sed. Orlaine had a surprised expression and was at a loss of words to Reiji who arrived at the correct answer too quickly.

To begin with, in the dungeons that exist in this world, it’s only here at the ‘Sanctuary of the Evil G.o.d’ that has something similar to this sort of intellectually demanding device installed.

Only in this dungeon, where Anri with knowledge of a different world became the dungeon master, is the only dungeon where intelligence is called into question.
The dungeon ‘Sanctuary of the Evil G.o.d’ has the highest level of difficulty, not only in the strength of monsters appearing and miasma, but also largely due to the existence of this sort of intelligence testing ordeal.

Therefore, the resident in this world doesn’t have the know-how to capture such devices too, being not familiar with it.
Of course, that can’t be helped. There is no need for such know-how in other dungeons, and because it’s unnecessary, it’s impossible to improve.

However, Anri set the device based on her memory of a game in the beginning, and if one has experience of play games generally in the original world Reiji lived in, it wasn’t that much trouble.

“Y, You understand it well……”

“Amazing, I’m impressed!”

Therefore, why Orlaine is surprised by Reiji cannot be understood by just revealing the sense of respect. From the way he sees it, this is because he merely unraveled a simple problem that did not even include the solution.

“Then, let’s gather the slates.”


“And there, okay.”

When Reiji buries the slate collected from the floor on the pedestal, the stone wall in front opened left and right and cleared the path.

“Be careful, the monsters encountered next is on a different dimension compared to the monsters that appeared earlier so far along the way.”

“I, Is it such a strong monster?”

“Yes, it’s an opponent which previously, Mr.Eligor and 2 out of 4 of the heavenly kings, and with that 3 heroes including me, somehow defeated.”

“Gathering people up to that extent somehow……what is it?
If so, isn’t it difficult to defeat it with this number of people?”

Reiji’s face clouded over to the words of Eligor and Orlaine.
No matter how you think about it, the fighting power of the present party is inferior to that in her speech.

“Honestly, I can say that there is a possibility to be defeated in 5 minutes.
If we feel that it’s impossible, we’ll withdraw immediately.”

“That’s right.
Me too, if I collapse in the dungeon by any chance, and I am robbed of my holy bow……”

“A, Ahaha……”

When one falls in this dungeon, their lives are not forfeited but in exchange, weapon and items and money etc. are seized.

Looking at that sorry state, Tena who knew of the circ.u.mstance had a bitter smile unintentionally.
This is because the black rose mansion where she lives in, was built by Orlaine who was robbed of her sacred weapon and thoroughly overworked as a compensation to retrieve it.

As arms and the likes are not stolen as long as one guards against collapsing, Reiji’s group decided beforehand that they will withdraw when it becomes dangerous.

“That’s right, Reiji.

If a good result appears, we will challenge it before the effect is broken.”

“I, I understand.
Although it will be good if it doesn’t result in the outcome of being tormented by back pain like yesterday again……”

At Eligor’s instruction, Reiji answers with a slightly stiff expression.

He should be able to reuse ‘Random Summoning Possession’ because 24 hours have pa.s.sed, but it wasn’t a power he would use willingly.
However, it’s also a fact that it would be helpful if a good result appears at this timing when challenging the boss. If it’s a miss, it would be better if they wait until the effect expires before challenging it.

“Random Summoning Possession”

When Reiji concentrates his consciousness and chants, a translucent shadow covered his body.
And, the vision of armor and cloak emerges.

“Ah, by any chance this appearance……”

“Apparently, it seems like my power.”

“This is a success.”

It seems like this time, Eligor’s power is drawn.
Although it just a reproduction of 90% of the power, it’s a reproduction of the strength of a top cla.s.s powerful person in this world. It can be said that it will be very effective in combat.

“Are there any changes on Mr.Eligor’s side?”
“Hmm? No, there isn’t any particular change.”

As it was unknown what happens to the other party when the power was summoned, Reiji asks Eligor, but Eligor answers so after checking his physical condition. Even if you say that strength is borrowed, the power of the lending side doesn’t seem to decrease.


When Reiji who was relieved looks at the status display for the next test, a change had occurred in it’s contents as expected.

Name: Reiji

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Occupation: Demonic swordsman

Level: 23

t.i.tle: Hero of a different world

Mana: 3935 ~ 1528307

Skill: Auto Magic (Lv. 8)

Sword art (Lv. 6)

Item Box (Lv. 3)

Dark Magic (Lv. 4) [New]
Abnormal status resistance (Lv.3) [New]

Equipment: Sword left to fate

Light Knight Armor

Possession: Eligor = Romariel [New]

“The reason why skills are added is probably because I borrowed the power of Mr.Eligor.
But there doesn’t seem to be an influence on the level and mana level.”

Although his level went up by a lot thanks to experience gained in fights along the way to here, but that is all to it. Seems like the level and mana value isn’t particularly changed by ‘Random Summoining Possession’.
Instead, it’s likely that skills Eligor holds are added, and a new possession column is appended with Eligor’s name written down.

“What are you doing? There is not much time before the effect vanishes.
Now, let’s go.”

“Ah, Yes! I understand.”

The party set feet into the boss room of the 10th level.

In a room within the dungeon possessing with an area and height that was unthinkable, that awaits calmly.

Ominous black scale covering it’s whole body which is larger than a house, eyes shining with a ferocious glint, sharp claws and fangs, and above all, powerful wings that felt like it could cover the world when it’s expended.

“Yes, that is the guardian of level 10, the most evil and wick black dragon──”

Taking over Orlaine’s words, Tena calls out singing it’s name.

“──Anri’s sama’s pet, Vnee.”


Just as if, somehow, the black dragon in front is a vision of an awfully cute existence.

“Wait, Ms.Tena! Please do not lower the morale at a strange place!?”

“I, I’m sorry! It’s unintentional!”

Tena who ruined the atmosphere because she called it’s name unintentionally before sounding out was scolded and apologized to Orlaine in a hurry.

“Mouu…….Pull yourselves together.
That is black dragon Vardneel The most evil and wicked dragon that is feared.”

“Black dragon Vardneel……”

While Reiji’s group exchanged words and watches the situation, the black dragon doesn’t move and stares at them calmly.
To the calm att.i.tude it could be felt that it was due to the composure of the strongest being.

Although the party who is cautious stares at every movement of the black dragon, Orlaine recognizes something grave before long.

“!? Mr, Mr.Eligor! Didn’t the room become larger compared to before!?”

“Nu? Ah, Did you not know that?
It seems like it was expanded after we challenged it.”

“L, Like this……”

The black dragon that was already huge under normal circ.u.mstance, would grow further if it spread it’s wings.

In fact, when Orlaine’s group captured him formerly, one of the causes of victory was because the black dragon could not utilize its full strength due to the small room.

However, the black dragon can fight freely to some extent if it’s the present room of this area.
Orlaine’s who recognizes that fact is rapidly turning pale.


And then, the black dragon spreads its huge wings with a roar to affirm that expectation.
With it’s gigantic body looking even larger due to it’s rapidly expending wings, a terrifying sense of intimidation hits the party.

The next moment, the black dragon flaps powerfully and soar its ma.s.sive figure up to the sky in one go.

“It’s coming!”

Vnee 「♪」 (s.p.a.cious~)

TN: probably like this? (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


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