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Chapter 1249: 500 Gone and Refres.h.i.+ng Abilities

Luke turned around and looked at Gold Nugget, who quickly shook its head and whined to indicate that it hadn’t taken any dirty money.

Luke could only sigh. “The fear isn’t whether an article has support or opposition, but that n.o.body sees it at all. Gold Nugget’s foul mouth…”

“Huh?” the dog head prompted.

Luke said, “Not literally. It refers to how you scold people online.”

The dog lowered its head and continued eating its lobster.

Luke turned around and said to Selina, “Gold Nugget scolding people will only increase the article’s popularity. A lot of people will just read it to begin with, but when they see Gold Nugget cursing, they probably won’t be able to help but curse back. It’s a chain reaction. More people will start fighting, the news will become even more popular, and this dumb dog won’t get a single cent for it; it’s helping promote the news for free.”

Selina understood what he meant, but didn’t think much of it. “Even if it’s really paid five cents per comment, it’s not much.”

Luke raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

Selina was suspicious. “What’s wrong?”

Luke said, “Little Snail, tabulate how many comments Selina’s account has sent in the past two days.”

Two seconds later, Little Snail replied, “A total of 5,720, sir.”

Luke exclaimed, “So little?”

Little Snail answered, “On average, there are more than 37 words per comment.”

Selina subconsciously calculated the amount in her heart. “Holy sh*t! Does that mean this guy posted more than 100,000 words?”

She had never really thought about it. Now that she knew that the dog had posted over 100,000 words online to curse people out in the last two days… Didn’t it have too much time on its hands?

Sensing her shock, the dog decisively turned around so that Dollar’s b.u.t.t was to Selina.

Pondering for a moment, Luke didn’t tell her that the 5,700 multiplied by 37 was actually more than 200,000. He simply shrugged and said, “I’m afraid a high-quality comment like this will cost more than 10 dollars.”

Selina chuckled. “So did it miss out on 500 dollars?”

Pondering for a few seconds, Luke shook his head and said, “Don’t think about it. It can’t even memorize the multiplication table. As a fake online troll, it doesn’t even know how much money it should get.”

The dog head: I can’t hear you, I can’t hear anything! Anyway, I have more than 500 dollars in my stash … Hm, I’ll ask Selina how much money I have tonight. Maybe 50,000 dollars, or 500,000 dollars?

Gold Nugget didn’t know that its current stash wasn’t 50,000 or 500,000 dollars, but more than five million.

It had been going out with Selina for so long to beat up people, and they split the profits 50-50 between the both of them. That money had since acc.u.mulated in the millions.

Selina had mentioned it before, but since Gold Nugget didn’t have a good head for numbers, it quickly forgot.

All it needed to know was that it had a lot of private money. The exact figure wasn’t a problem.

In any case, the fiend took care of living expenses, so the rate at which Gold Nugget used money was far slower than the rate at which its private stash grew.

Ignoring the activity outside, after Luke finished version 1.0 of the Thousand Faces System, he was finally able to spend most of his time researching “the strength of the dragon.”

This actually wasn’t difficult research.

While the two old hags, Alessandra and Mrs. Gao, weren’t very outstanding after several centuries, they were at the peak when it came to proficiency in cultivation.

In the bas.e.m.e.nt of the seaside villa, Luke raised his fists and looked left and right with a pained expression. “Are you kidding me? This ability has a built-in cheap special effect?”

His fists were like two 60-watt incandescent bulbs that glowed with a bright yellow light.

This was the standard way to use the strength of the dragon: gather it in the hands and turn them into indestructible iron fists for use in battle.

Despite Luke’s complaints, he was actually quite surprised.

That was because he realized that as long as he controlled the amount of energy released, using the strength of the dragon in a fight wouldn’t cause him to suffer serious side effects like for Alessandra and Mrs. Gao.

The reason was very simple.

Alessandra and Mrs. Gao could be considered to have walked the “evil path,” which used the strength of the dragon to extend their lives.

When a person cultivated the strength of the dragon, the human body needed to form a “seed” with this mysterious power.

Then, they needed to gather enough “chi” in the body to feed this “seed” and make it stronger so that it could be used in battle.

The bodies of Alessandra and Mrs. Gao, who wanted to live longer, were already decaying. They couldn’t cultivate enough chi to strengthen their bodies. Instead, they could only extract the strength of the dragon to maintain their decaying bodies.

The rate of their regeneration couldn’t keep up with the rate at which the strength of the dragon was being consumed, and they would be sucked dry sooner or later, and die.

Luke, however, was completely different.

His Elementary Self-Healing and his extraordinary physique were the biggest “chi” generators.

His super strong physique also gave him a robust digestive system, and he could eat a lot to increase the bio-energy required for the Kunlun Chi Refining technique.

When Alessandra and Mrs. Gao were at their strongest, they were only twice as strong as an ordinary person. After their bodies aged, they didn’t even have half the physique of an ordinary person before they died.

When it came to food, what both of them ate in ten days was less than what Luke ate in over a day.

In this regard, the chi which the both of them refined was even less than one tenth of what Luke could refine.

They couldn’t make ends meet, and could only squander the strength of the dragon on preserving their lives.

Luke, on the other hand, had cultivated the strength of the dragon to a particular level in just two days, for the price of nothing more than his clone eating like crazy.

Also, the two women had too many secrets, and it was hard to find a suitable expert to study them, while Luke himself was a veteran researcher.

He and Selina now had specially-tailored diets of various high-grade nutrient solutions and high-energy foods.

After all, the food they usually ate outside was just padding; coupled with three meals a day, that was only 50 to 60% of what they needed daily.

The taste of the food was still important to the both of them. They didn’t want to turn eating into a mission, so they naturally couldn’t ensure a balanced diet.

What they lacked had to be supplemented with high-energy foods and high-grade nutrient solutions.

Luke’s exclusive food plan was more balanced and not especially special.

For Selina, he had to specially ensure that she had a high enough body fat percentage to prevent her “chest muscles” from truly turning into muscle tissue.

Combining all these factors together, Luke’s Kunlun Chi Refining was like a perpetual motion machine, and he could cultivate for more than ten hours a day.

As for Alessandra and Mrs. Gao, they would be lucky if they could have cultivated for even an hour every day before their deaths.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the chi which Luke had used for the strength of the dragon in these two days was more than what they could use in half a year.

It was very easy for Luke to master the basics of the strength of the dragon, which had been slightly imperceptible at the beginning, and reach a minor threshold.

As for a major achievement, that would take a long time.

Alessandra and Mrs. Gao had always used the strength of the dragon to extend their lifespans, and had never had the chance to cultivate it to a significant threshold.

They had the method for cultivating to a significant threshold, but had never put it into practice.

Here, Luke’s cultivation rate slowed down.


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