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Chapter 1371: Teammates and the Future

Since Gold Nugget was so free to scold people online every day, Luke simply had it use a bunch of alternate ident.i.ties and leave comments for a while.

Gold Nugget made extensive use of Luke’s instructions to forcibly change the atmosphere in the comments.

With this, Artemis’s technical shortcomings just became a minor problem. n.o.body was in the mood to be picky. Instead, there were a lot of shut-ins who wanted to lick the screen.

Her popularity as a female live streamer also increased rapidly.

Although there currently wasn’t a platform for Artemis to make a lot of money, she still drew in some income.

Some second- and third-tier games realized that this was a business opportunity, and occasionally had her record herself playing the games every now and then. Naturally, they had to pay for this sort of soft promotion.

Artemis also enjoyed it. Although she wasn’t a star, she still had fans.

There was no shortage of online nuts.

What was even better was that there were all these other things she could live stream, like going outdoors, camping, eating and playing extreme sports; there was enough for Artemis to slowly try for the rest of her life.

The twins were leaving decent lives, and it was just Stacy left in the end.

The side effects of using her Replication ability caused her mind to be affected by the personalities of the people she replicated.

But with Luke’s regular treatment and restrictions on using her ability, her mental state improved significantly.

However, the side effects of Elementary Replication weren’t completely eliminated.

She no longer had the memories and experiences of the people she replicated, but the impact on her personality and behavior didn’t disappear completely.

If Stacy wanted to act, she could only take on minor roles or act as an extra.

She wasn’t short of money, and Luke strictly forbade her from doing anything behind the scenes. She could just focus on acting under b.u.t.terfly’s surveillance.

Luke had a long-term plan for the three girls. He just supervised and guided them as necessary. As long as they didn’t do anything bad and trained diligently, they could do whatever they wanted.

After all, they were only 16- or 17-years-old. It would already be pretty good if they became mature individuals with upright values and stable personalities in five years.

In this regard, the three girls couldn’t compare with Mindy.

At the very least, Mindy had been taught by her father. Although she was young, her worldview was basically already fixed, and she would become a “vigilante” sooner or later.

Though the three girls were in the same company, they didn’t spend as much time together due to their different paths.

But most of the time, humans became friends because they shared a secret.

And if it was a deadly secret, they would have an even closer connection.

Coupled with the existence of a “wizard” like Luke, the three girls couldn’t sever this connection, nor would they fight each other.

The reality was that the three of them were gradually getting used to a new life where they no longer had to move together all the time. They also realized that no matter how close they were, they wouldn’t be together forever.

Everybody had their own lives and were living happily.

Thus, the three girls could only be considered backup teammates.

It would be at least another two to three years before Luke revised the situation again and decided whether or not to give them things like armor and the Kunlun Chi Refining technique.

The truth was that the profits Stephanie brought in as a singer alone were enough to make up for the money that Luke had invested in them.

This investment of Luke’s definitely wouldn’t make him a loss, but ultimately, his gains were just petty cash, which was far less valuable than a teammate. He could only wait and see.

Finally, there was Alice and her daughter, whose situations had taken a turn for the better.

Luke immediately took Carrie off his list of teammates.

He had given the teenaged trio a few years to determine their future, so there was naturally no way that he would use Carrie, who was only ten, as child labor.

Alice, on the other hand, was a little special.

After he used multiple abilities to keep her mind under control, she now trusted and relied heavily on him.

If Carrie was the pillar of support of her mental strength, then Luke was the foundation which kept her mind stable.

After several months of recuperation, the mother and daughter had settled down.

Luke equipped them with the Thousand Faces System and gave them new ident.i.ties in New York, and they became neighbors with his clone.

They currently lived in a villa 300 meters away from his clone’s seaside villa.

However, they didn’t know that Luke was close by, and that his clone could keep an eye on them at all times. Luke also didn’t need to travel far to treat Alice.

William Stryker had been dead for months, and Luke had also confirmed that there were no hidden bombs in Alice.

Now, Alice and Carrie were both 1-star teammates, and could become his most trusted helpers.

Their armor and training were also on the agenda.

Alice had been trained by William, and was basically a qualified

Carrie wasn’t going to train as a fighter; she would learn just enough to protect herself and to live a safe life in the future.

Both mother and daughter didn’t have much training. Most of it was safety training, plus some training with armor and equipment.

Alice had Intermediate Self-Healing, and her bones had been replaced with a very rare metal. The armor was mainly to help her hide or escape.

Carrie had learned similar things, but her armor was just for protection and to help her to retreat in a timely fas.h.i.+on.

It sounded like a lot of ha.s.sle, but apart from the fact that they had to be treated regularly, they basically spent the rest of the time quietly, and were much less troublesome than the three girls.

However, most of the problems with the trio were either solved by b.u.t.terfly or with money, so Luke didn’t have to waste much energy.

In any case, being able to find 1.5 teammates as acknowledged by the system and who could step up to the plate at any time within a year already exceeded his expectations; he couldn’t be greedy for more.

Now that four sets of armor had been sent out, there were a lot more things than ever for him to take into account.

The tyc.o.o.n’s armor was constantly being improved on. While Luke wasn’t as obsessed with perfecting his armor, appropriate adjustments still had to be made.

But this would be a long and gradual process, so there was no rush.

Luke’s current focus was mainly on the general components for an armor template.

The so-called general components for the armor were similar to what Luke had heard of in his previous life.

However, what he needed wasn’t a template for the body of the armor, but for the parts.

He hadn’t researched this before because he and Selina had been the only ones who used the armor he made, so equipping themselves wasn’t a big issue.

On top of that, they went through new generations of armor very quickly.

Now, he, Selina, his clone, Damon, Mindy and Alice could all wear armor into battle.

While he would still need to design individual components, it would save him a lot of trouble if he could develop some common components, or come up with a standard external plug-in interface for all the armor he made.


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