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Chapter 1424: Recall the Future Commander

Elena turned around with a smile and pecked his cheek. “Is that a compliment?”

Luke nodded with a smile. “Let’s take a look at the next one.”

Elena bent forward and flipped to the second drawing. “This… Well, I don’t know what to think. Although I admire Batman, there isn’t much news on him. Maybe it’s because I’ve been hearing people talk?”

Luke looked at the drawing thoughtfully. “What is Batman holding?”

Elena was a little uncertain. “Maybe… some sort of missile? Or a rocket?”

Luke asked, “Why is it just him and the missile up here?”

Helpless, Elena b.u.mped her head against his chest. “Yes, that’s it. I don’t know how to draw the rest. I’m so angry that my chest has been hurting these days.”

Luke had a strange expression on his face. “Really? Let me check; it might not be anger.”

Elena blushed and spat out, “You, do you think you’re a doctor?”

Luke said calmly, “No, but I know a thing or two about checkups.”

Elena pinched his back. “You must’ve checked a lot of people, right?”

Luke chuckled. “In New York, I mainly work with you.”

He wasn’t lying.

Unlike CEO Jenny, who was busy flying here and there, Elena was pretty much based in New York and New Jersey, and spent most of her time painting and studying at the college.

Given Jenny’s itinerary, it wasn’t easy to meet up with her, so Luke naturally looked for Elena more often.

Elena smiled. “But I think it’s time for dinner.”

Luke said, “It’s fine. I had a lot of lunch.”

Elena pinched his back hard. “But I didn’t have enough for lunch.”

Luke said, “Hm, I’ll do the work. I’ll feed you dinner, and you just need to use your mouth.”

Elena was already unable to speak. Her snow-white neck curved like a swan’s as she moaned softly.

That night, when Elena was already asleep, Luke narrowed his eyes as he held her.

On the other side, his clone contacted Robert. “How’s your old comrade?”

Robert quickly replied, “Not bad, but he doesn’t want to join our security company. I think… he might not be able to adapt to this peaceful life.”

Luke said, “Then I have someone who needs his help here. I’ll send someone to look for him. Pretend you don’t know about this and don’t bring it up.”

Robert was silent. “What aren’t you telling me?”

Luke said, “If your old comrade is willing to talk, you can ask him directly. Otherwise, it’s best to pretend that you don’t know anything. Right, you and Catherine, remember to tell Claire not to come to New York in the future. If she has to come, try to stay in Na.s.sau County or Long Island. The same goes for all of you.”

Robert pondered for a moment. “Are you worried that the monster attack will happen again?”

Luke said, “Sort of.”

Robert asked, “What about you?”

Luke chuckled. “Even ten Claires combined can’t hold a candle to one of my fingers. That’s why I’m worried about her.”

Robert didn’t scoff this time. Instead, he asked solemnly, “Are you sure you’ll be alright?”

“I’m sure,” Luke replied quickly.

After a long silence, Robert heaved a long sigh. “Fine, you… be careful. If it’s really dangerous, you should stay away. The police aren’t soldiers. There’s no need for them to risk their lives on the battlefield.”

Luke thought for a moment, then made a very formal pledge. “Whatever the case, I’ll ensure my own safety first and foremost. I won’t take unnecessary risks.”

Robert was stumped and didn’t say anything, but the worry in his heart finally lessened.

He had watched Luke grow up, and naturally knew him very well.

He was someone who was never careless with his words. If he wasn’t confident about something, he wouldn’t give any guarantees. He definitely wasn’t hot-blooded or would impulsively brag about something.

But that also meant that Luke was very trustworthy.

After hanging up, Robert hesitated for a moment, before he finally found Frank Castle and told him that someone might come looking for him.

This old comrade had a bad temper. Robert was really afraid that he would shoot the person who came.

Frank frowned. “Who?”

Robert swallowed his words. He didn’t want to risk exposing that this had something to do with Luke. “It won’t be an enemy. I guarantee that the person won’t be hostile toward you.”

Frank just nodded and didn’t say anything else.

After this old comrade found Frank and brought him to Texas, Robert simply said that he had a client who had told him Frank’s whereabouts.

But later, while talking to their other comrades, Frank found out that when Robert learned about his accident, he had sent someone to look for him for at least half a year.

He had saved many comrades, and only this one had been willing to spend the time to confirm his situation.

Robert might be weaker in combat strength, but he was smart.

Before his boss, Ray Schoonover, specifically pulled Robert into the team, this guy with rabbit-like vigilance left the team ahead of time to avoid being killed for knowing inside information

It was only after Frank killed Ray that he slowly figured it out.

Thus, the nickname wasn’t wrong.

Robert was known as Gray Rabbit precisely because he had a lot of ideas and was very vigilant.

Of course, the nickname was mostly meant to mock this guy for being “dirty” and as timid as a rabbit.

After looking at Robert’s family situation, however, Frank had nothing he could say.

Apart from an adopted son and a stepdaughter, this guy also had a pair of biological children, and he and his wife, Catherine, had a good relations.h.i.+p. He also had plenty of food and a simple job as a sheriff.

When he was free, he played guns with his old comrades, tinkered with cars, and drank beer. He pa.s.sed his days happily.

Occasionally, Frank would be hit with a flash with remorse.

If he had been as vigilant as Robert back then instead of focusing on just fighting, he might have been able to lead a warm and peaceful life after retirement with his wife and children.

Thus, Frank believed Robert when he said that there was no danger.

At the very least, with these words, he wouldn’t be quick to draw his gun and kill the other party at any time.

The contact was very quick.

After Frank confirmed his arrival time in Dallas, the contact sent a message half a day later to say that he would wait for Frank at the rendezvous point.

Robert gave him some instructions on safety issues.

For example, he had to try his best to conceal his appearance and figure during the trip. He didn’t have to prove his ident.i.ty to anyone. He just needed to give a secret signal and a fake name, and the contact would pick him up and send him to New York..


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