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Chapter 207 Beautiful Lobster and Diorama Killer

After getting something to eat in the restaurant, Luke entered the casino on the ground floor at five in the morning.

The casino was still crowded with players who didn’t care about the time.

There were no clocks or windows in the casinos in Las Vegas, so that tourists could forget the time or wouldn’t rest until they had lost their last dime.

Luke took out a thousand dollars’ worth of chips and wandered among the tables.

Same as most tourists, he bet when he was interested and left when he wasn’t.

After an hour, he had taken a look at almost every kind of game in the casino.

His final conclusion was that it wasn’t hard to win!

But the easiest way to make a fortune was blackjack, which required the least cards to play.

As an experiment, he played a few games at a blackjack table.

He left the table after winning a hundred dollars. He converted his chips back into cash, and was left with just 820 dollars after losing the rest.

Luke shook his head inwardly.

He had spent a lot of time wandering among the tables just now. If he had instead stuck to one game the entire time, he could’ve lost hundreds of dollars in an hour.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if he lost thousands of dollars in one day.

Gambling is really bad!

Luke mumbled to himself and went back upstairs. It was around half past six.

Standing in front of the gla.s.s wall with a cup of coffee in his hand, Luke peacefully enjoyed the city skyline before dawn.

At half past seven, Selina came out drowsily.

Luke turned around and looked at her. “What are you doing?”

Selina said, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Luke was speechless. “Need I remind you that your room has its own ensuite?”

Selina said, “Oh, I thought I was at home.” She then returned to her room.

Luke chuckled.

Selina coming out wasn’t a surprise, but did she forget that she wasn’t wearing pajamas?

What he saw just now was quite different from his view at the door to her room earlier.

When she moved and turned, certain parts of her body were truly… bouncy.

Luke returned to his room with a smile and changed his clothes.

He was going to visit Old Greyson, so he couldn’t be dressed too casually.

After he changed, he knocked on Selina’s door.

She had been in the bathroom the whole time. Did she have that big a bladder?

Leaning against the door, Luke knocked on it again. “Selina, get up already. We’re going to visit Greyson. We can’t be late.”

A long time later, Selina murmured, “…Okay, just let me sleep a while longer.”

Luke said, “I heard that the restaurant has Australian lobsters today.”

Selina suddenly came out of the bathroom. “Ah, I want to eat lobster.”

Luke said, “No problem, but put on your clothes first. I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

Confused, Selina looked down at herself and asked, “Why aren’t I wearing any clothes? Did you take them off me?”

Luke didn’t respond to her slander at all. Did she not remember that she had only slept in her underwear last night?

Selina wasn’t really bothered either. After living with Luke for months, she had accidentally exposed herself too many times to care.

Half an hour later, when Selina came out in a gorgeous outfit, Luke whistled. “Well, well. You’re getting prettier every day.”

Selina did a little turn. “How do I look? I’ve never worn this before.”

Luke remarked, “It’s beautiful and suits you well.”

Selina wasn’t dressed in the style of an officer. With her brown coat, her black-and-white plaid s.h.i.+rt, and her gray pants, she looked s.e.xier than usual.Visit website our

n.o.body would think that she was a police officer.

Selina nodded in satisfaction and went downstairs for breakfast with Luke.

She wouldn’t have been so gung ho about getting up if it wasn’t for the Australian lobster.

After Selina had her fill of Australian lobster and Luke paid the bill, they left for the forensics center.

At ten to nine, they showed their credentials to the guards and entered the forensics center.

Selina was quite amazed by the forensics center’s interior design, which was quite futuristic.

Luke smiled and didn’t say anything.

He didn’t expect to be able to visit the holy land for CSI teams so soon.

He found Old Greyson’s office, but n.o.body was inside.

Luke asked a person who was pa.s.sing by. The man looked funny and had a funny voice, but he was a nice guy and told them that Old Greyson was in a nearby lab.

Luke and Selina thanked him and found the lab twenty meters away.

A handsome middle-aged man was scrutinizing a diorama in the lab as if he were appreciating a work of art.

Luke knocked, and Old Greyson reluctantly put his magnifying down and looked at the door. He then smiled. “You’re here.”

Luke asked, “Can we come in? That looks like fun.”

Old Greyson said, “Of course, as long as you don’t touch it.”

Luke leaned closer and observed the diorama for a while. “This is practically a masterpiece. Greyson, when did you become an artist? This is pretty lifelike, and gory.”

The diorama was in fact a realistic-looking murder scene. Even the blood and the injuries on the victims were perfectly depicted.

Old Greyson thought for a moment and shook his head. “It’s not my work, but an exhibit by a serial killer that we call Diorama Killer.”

Stunned for a moment, Luke observed the diorama more carefully. “So, this is a calling card left behind by the killer? There must be more than one of them, right?”

Old Greyson pointed in another direction. “There’s another one over there.”

Luke went over to the second diorama, but instead of observing it, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

A moment later, Luke turned back with an odd expression on his face. “Have you found any leads on this Diorama Killer? Like… her gender?”

Old Greyson asked solemnly, “Her? Are you saying that the Diorama Killer is a woman?”

Luke said, “Maybe, maybe not. She could be an accomplice, or just the person who helped the killer to make or place this diorama. It’s a woman no older than thirty years old.”

Old Greyson said, “…Are you high?”

Luke chuckled and said, “No, it’s just my gut feeling. I doubt that it can be confirmed without proof.”

Frowning at him for a moment, Old Greyson nodded slightly. “Alright, got it.”


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