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Chapter 229 Persuasive Detective Luke

Selina searched under her seat and found a vest. “Here. This should work.”

Stunned, Jenny let Selina throw a vest over her head.

A moment later, Jenny took down the vest from her head. She hesitated at the “LAPD” printed on the vest, but still put it on in the end.

Selina looked at her in the rearview mirror, then s.h.i.+fted her gaze before she said, “It’s not bad, right? Bulletproof and warm.”

Jenny quietly complained, Can’t you see that my b.r.e.a.s.t.s are still exposed to the air, or that my b.u.t.t can’t be covered by this vest at all?

However, this vest was the only thing that counted as clothing in the car.

Jenny was still slightly cold. She could only put the towel around her neck to block the gaps in the vest and keep her neck warm.

While the two women were locked in an unfriendly exchange in the car, Luke was engaging in a different sort of exchange that was even more unfriendly with the WD-36 gangsters.

Looking at the gangsters who were hiding or scurrying around in fear, Luke didn’t really want to kill them.

That was mostly because Luke would be in a lot of trouble if he went on a killing spree outside his own district.

Thus, he didn’t kill any of the gangsters, and at most only injured them.

If he really wanted to finish them off, the best solution would be to make them disappear.

No bodies, no blood, and no reports meant no cases for the police department.

Finally, two police cars approached in the distance with their sirens blaring.

The WD-36 gangsters were obviously in a panic. Some of them fled, and those who stayed behind were also looking for places to hide.

However, there were always those who thought differently from everyone else.

When the two police cars were dozens of meters away, some of the gangsters started shooting at them.

The two police cars hurriedly pulled over. The officers got out quickly and shouted, “LAPD! You’re surrounded! Drop your weapons and get down on the ground!”

Of course, n.o.body obeyed them, but the four officers from the police cars raised their guns and started firing at the gangsters two seconds after the warning.

Obviously, they hadn’t meant it! Luke watched the show from the rooftop of another building further away.

Now that other police officers had arrived, he didn’t want to take action anymore.

Everything Luke had done after confirming Jenny’s abduction had been on purpose.

After injuring a dozen or so gangsters, he let the backup officers take care of the rest. Any of the officers who wanted to claim the credit would then say that they were the ones who had injured the gangsters, so Luke wouldn’t be held fully responsible for everything.

A few minutes later, more sirens echoed in the air, and a dozen police cars pulled up and surrounded the entire area.

Luke knew that it was almost over. There were thirty officers here, and only a handful of WD-36 gangsters; the latter wouldn’t be able to keep resisting for long.

Also, the longer they resisted, the more severe their punishment would be.

Luke slipped back to his car and got into the pa.s.senger seat, before he smiled at the s.h.i.+vering lady in the backseat. “h.e.l.lo, Miss Gwenis, what an honor to see you again.”

With a complicated expression, Jenny said, “Ah, it’s good to see you too, Detective Luke.”

Luke said, “Can you tell us what happened today?”

Jenny was apparently too embarra.s.sed to talk.

Luke shook his head and said, “Jenny, look, I didn’t read you the Miranda warning; this isn’t an interrogation, but simply a private chat. Nothing you say here will be recorded. We’re only trying to find out the root cause of everything. After all, ten of those gangsters are already down, and we’ll need an explanation.”

Jenny hesitated for a moment, but finally confessed the basic situation.

The matter wasn’t complicated at all. She wanted to buy weed, and made a deal with the WD-36 people at the back door, but they suddenly kidnapped her this time.

Finding it odd, Luke asked, “You’re a regular client; why did they abduct you?”

Jenny was a loyal customer, and wasn’t reluctant to pay.

If Luke’s guess as correct, the pound of weed which was delivered to Sheerah had actually been Miss Jenny’s order, except that it was sent to the wrong place.

That pound of weed had been sold at three times the market price. If Miss Jenny was so generous, why would they kidnap her?

It wasn’t a smart thing to mess with the rich, especially an influential tyc.o.o.n like Jenny’s father.

Jenny, however, fell silent again.

Selina was enjoying the drama. Seeing that it wasn’t going to continue, she rolled her eyes and gestured at Luke.

Luke thought for a moment. He then got out of the car to get into the backseat.

After that, he took off his coat and covered the pitiful, s.h.i.+vering girl with it. “Do you feel better now?”

Her head lowered, Jenny was silent, but she suddenly threw herself into his arms and burst into tears.

Selina continued enjoying the drama.

Luke snorted and gently stroked Jenny’s back.

It was a trick for soothing someone, similar to stroking a cat or a dog.

Very soon, Jenny’s wails turned into low sobs. Luke took a box of tissues from Selina and gave Jenny one. “There, there. You’re safe


He sounded gentle and calm, like the baritone of a midnight radio show host.

Jenny cried so hard that she couldn’t stop hiccuping. She accepted the tissue and wiped her tears.

A moment later, she finally said gloomily, “After my father found out about… that thing last time, he changed my security guards and told them to watch me. But I couldn’t take it anymore, and contacted the gang to buy weed. To avoid the new security guards, I pretended that I was sleeping before I slipped down to the back door.”

Luke and Selina looked at each other, both amused. It’s almost like you wanted something to happen to you!

Her head down, Jenny didn’t see their expressions. Sobbing, she continued, “But I didn’t know any of the people that came to my house. They s.n.a.t.c.hed me after taking my money.”

She was silent for another long moment.

Selina couldn’t help but look at Luke suspiciously, but Luke simply shook his head, hinting for not to be hasty.


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