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Chapter 266 Power at the Lowest Level

Luke could finally relax.

If there had been multiple deaths tonight, the case would’ve been thoroughly investigated.

Now that n.o.body had died and only three people were injured, it wouldn’t be too serious an investigation, right?

Well… maybe not.

Those people who had been keeping an eye out for Bullseye, including Wales, would definitely pursue him even more intensely.

Bullseye had caused quite a scene, but had escaped with his life.

After Bullseye ran out of daggers and bullets, Luke could’ve worn him down.

After the battle, Luke estimated that Bullseye’s physical attributes should be five times the normal.

Bullseye’s body was weaker than Luke’s, so he could only withstand Luke’s attacks with his terrifying skills in shooting and knife-throwing.

However, Bullseye’s instinct for danger was as good as Luke’s. He dodged in advance and avoided Luke’s shots many times.

Bullseye was quite tough in both offense and defense. The bombs that he was insane enough to carry on him also helped him escape.

No wonder he was Kingpin’s top fighter, and was able to live so well in New York!

If he were less capable and brutal, he would’ve been killed a long time ago.

Regretfully, the battle was another tie since Bullseye retreated before Luke could defeat him.

So, Luke still didn’t know what Bullseye’s abilities were.

But he wasn’t overly anxious.

Bullseye was based in New York, a grand battlefield which Luke was destined for. He would have Bullseye’s abilities one day!

Drinking Dr. Pepper, Selina suddenly said, “Is there anything you want to tell me?”

s.h.i.+fting his gaze from the TV to Selina, Luke asked, “You really want to know?”

Selina hesitated for a moment, but then lifted her chin. “At the very least, you can tell me more about Bullseye and the female shooter we encountered.”

Luke thought for a moment, and decided that it was impossible and unnecessary to keep it a secret.

In a few years, many extraordinary people would show up, and a certain playboy would even publicly reveal himself as a superhero on TV.

As his partner, Selina had already encountered some of those extraordinary beings. It wouldn’t hurt for her to know more about them beforehand.

So, Luke explained the other side of this world in a simple and straightforward way.

In summary, he said that there were a lot of unusual guys in this world. Like regular guys, some of them were good and some were bad, except that regular guys needed weapons to do bad things, while those unusual guys had super abilities for that.

Hearing that explanation, Selina said, after a long moment, “You’re talking like they’re street gangsters.”

Luke chuckled. “Actually, despite the fact that they have abilities, they usually resolve problems the same way gangsters do.”

If a problem couldn’t be resolved through negotiations, it could be resolved through battle.

Selina’s excitement faded after she heard such a boring answer. She asked again, “Is that why you want me to train harder?”

Luke shook his head. “It’s not just you, but the both of us who are training harder. I’m not invincible. Do you remember that woman we saw in Las Vegas?”

Selina answered quickly, “That long-legged woman?”

Luke nodded. “I could barely hit that red-skinned monster, while he could only escape in panic from that long-legged woman, which suggests that she’s levels above us in strength.”

Selina asked, “How many levels?”

Luke said, “It’s like the difference between school, state, country, and world champions. She might be one of the best in the world, and we’re just beginners.”

Selina immediately got it.

Luke looked at her and sighed. “I’m not demanding tremendous things from you, but you should at least distinguish yourself on the lowest level to increase your safety.”

Selina said, “Huh? That sounds easy.”

Luke looked at her with complicated feelings. “That’s the level that Bullseye is at. How much more training do you think you’ll need before you can fight him?”

Selina: “…You’ve got to be kidding me! How can he be at the bottom?”

Luke sighed and raised his head to look at the ceiling. “I’m sorry, but he’s truly at the bottom.”

Of course, this was purely from a combat perspective.

Actually, it wouldn’t be hard for Bullseye to anyone with super abilities; his abilities were too suited for killing.

Selina watched TV for a while, then went to bed.

Luke, on the other hand, turned off the TV and returned to his workshop.

With his physique and his Elementary Self-Healing, it would be too wasteful if he didn’t work hard.

His two hours of sleep were only for getting rid of his mental, not physical, exhaustion.

Even though Luke’s Mental Strength had increased, he could only reduce his sleep time and not completely do away with it just yet.

Speaking of which, he had to boost his Mental Strength to 20 as soon as possible. A lot of things would change after he crossed this threshold. He was only one level from there.

After what happened tonight, he didn’t believe that Bullseye would remain here any longer.

A lot of innocent people had been put in danger when Bullseye created the explosions, and he would definitely receive special attention for causing such panic.

Thinking this, Luke sent a message to Damon, and soon received a reply.

He read the message and was greatly relieved.

Damon and Mindy had been smart enough to drive away immediately after the explosions.

The two of them were now leaving Los Angeles to go back home.

If they hung around, they would probably be found out when the various law enforcement agencies descended on this case the next day.

Bullseye had Kingpin to cover for him, but it wouldn’t be easy for Damon and Mindy, who were essentially lone wolves, to conceal themselves well enough.

The next day, Luke and Selina had breakfast and went to work.

They asked Elsa for updates after they reached the police department.

Feeling like they had gotten lucky, Elsa replied, “It should be Bullseye. That guy was hiding in Los Angeles all this time and never left.”


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