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Chapter 337 Licensed Legitimate Therapy Clinic

A moment later, Luke soothed her with a smile. “Ma’am, the bullet didn’t nick your artillery or bone. There’s no need to be anxious.”

The woman finally calmed down at Luke’s gentle voice and warm air. She remembered something and said, “The baby… a man took the baby. I couldn’t stop him.”

Luke comforted her. “It’s alright. I’ve already let my colleagues know to look for the baby. It’ll be fine.”

Looking at the woman, he sighed inwardly. What a nice person! She was still worried about a baby she didn’t know even when she had been shot in the leg.

Selina arrived with the car. Luke found the first aid kit and treated the woman’s injury, before he had Selina watch her.

Luke then got up and examined the bodies of the four men in black. Verifying that they were already dead, Luke left them alone.

He stood up and narrowed his eyes at a bridge hundreds of meters away.

On the bridge, a big man was leaving quickly with a baby.

How interesting.

A few minutes later, the patrol cars arrived.

Luke informed them of the situation since Selina was taking care of the wounded woman.

A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived.

Luke and Selina escorted the woman to the ambulance and gave her a card. “You can call us if you run into any trouble.”

The woman nodded gratefully. “Thank you.”

Luke patted her hand and said, “You’ll be up and about in no time.”

Watching the ambulance leave, Selina asked in a low voice, “What’s up with that baby?”

She had noticed an impoverished-looking middle-aged man take the baby away, and that Luke had seen him, but hadn’t given chase.

Luke took off his thin gloves and threw them into a dustbin. “That man was the one who put the baby here in the first place.”

Selina was surprised. “What?”

Luke started the car and said to Selina, “Also, he was around the entire time we were fighting the four shooters.”

Selina was even more confused. “But why?” They were police officers, and if the man had planned to abandon the baby, he could’ve just given the baby to them.

Luke’s eyes flashed. “It’s hard to say. Let’s go and find out what this gentleman is up to.” The car sped up and drove away from the park.

“Ask Sonia to look into baby-related cases in recent days, like missing person cases. The baby can’t have been born too long ago,” Luke said.

Selina immediately called Sonia.

A moment later, she hung up the phone and shook her head. “Nothing.” There were missing children in this enormous city every day, but no newborns had gone missing recently. Luke wasn’t really surprised.

Six armed men, and a single man who clearly wasn’t to be trifled with – these were the two parties involved in this incident, and their focus was the baby.

As for Luke and Selina, and the unfortunate woman who had been shot, they had only gotten caught up in it by accident. The baby that the two parties were fighting over couldn’t be simple.

Very soon, Luke caught up with the dest.i.tute man.

The baby he was carrying was much easier to track. What Luke hadn’t told Selina was that the man carried a strong smell of the baby’s milk and p.o.o.p, which meant that he had been taking care of the baby for a while and hadn’t just picked it up for the first time earlier.

The man had enough time and opportunity to kill the baby or use it to achieve some goal, but he had instead put the baby in a park and waited for someone else to pick it up, which was very strange.

Half an hour later, Luke parked the car in front of a standalone five-story building.

The red and white building looked like a church, but it definitely wasn’t one. With his Sharp Nose, Luke was very clear on this point.

Selina looked at the building. “This is the place?”

Luke nodded and got out unhurriedly. “Let’s go. This will be a great eye-opener for you. Remember not to look too surprised.”

Selina immediately grew vigilant. She thought of multiple possibilities: Rotten and b.l.o.o.d.y corpses? Gang members torturing their enemies?

Luke knocked on the door, and a young woman in a nun’s robe opened it with a smile.

She was stumped for a moment when she saw the strangers. “How can I help you?”

Luke smiled and took out his badge. “LAPD.”

“Ah!” The woman immediately grew solemn. “We’re a licensed, legitimate therapy clinic.”

Selina was dumbfounded. Was this woman… a shrink in a nun’s robe?

She couldn’t help but examine the nun’s robe more carefully, and immediately sensed something wasn’t right.

The nun’s robe that the woman was wearing was a little strange and seemed a little revealing

Also, what was with her nipples?

It might not be a stipulated rule, but wearing a nun’s robe without a bra… didn’t make sense.

During Selina’s observation, Luke said, “We’re not here to check your license or search this place, but we don’t mind doing so if we don’t get satisfactory answers. So, I’ll ask and you’ll answer, okay?”

The young woman’s face changed for a moment, before she finally nodded. “Ask, then.”

Luke asked a few questions, and the answers he received weren’t a surprise. He nodded and said, “Okay, take us to this Mr. Smith.”

The young woman hesitated, but looking at Luke’s smile that wasn’t a smile, she could only nod. “But please don’t interrupt the patients that are being treated, okay?”

Luke nodded.The young woman let them in and closed the door, before she turned around and went upstairs.

Selina almost couldn’t help exclaiming in shock as she stared at the young woman on the stairs with wide open eyes.

Luke covered her mouth and said, “Be cool, okay? You also need to keep cool once we’re upstairs.”

Selina nodded dumbly. Staring at the naked b.u.t.t in front of her, a thought floated through her mind: Were nuns allowed to wear G-strings?

But what nun would wear a robe that only covered the front?

Luke simply smiled and dragged Selina along. The nun’s robe that the young woman in front of them was wearing didn’t have a back at all. Her back, waist, b.u.t.t and legs were all exposed to the air.

The woman definitely wasn’t a nun.

She looked back at Luke and Selina every now and then, afraid that they might suddenly shout “LAPD,” which would reduce this place to chaos.


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