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Chapter 346 Mr. Smith’s Rescue and Grat.i.tude

Smith lowered his head and stared at the Glock on the ground in silence.

Suddenly, he picked it up and raised the gun.

The bearded man roared, “No, you can’t…”

Bang! Bang!

The bearded man’s expression froze as two bullet holes appeared in his forehead.

Smith didn’t even bother to look at him. He moved his gun to the side.

Bang! Bang!

Two holes appeared in the forehead of the unconscious Hammerson on the ground.

Lowering the gun, Smith was breathing hard as he looked at the person in the shadows. “What now?”

When he asked the question, his finger trembled on the trigger; he was ready to attack if necessary.

The person in the shadows seemed to chuckle and also clapped his hands soundlessly, as if applauding Smith’s decisiveness.

Then, the person unslung a black travel bag from over his shoulder.

Throwing the black travel bag down to Smith, the person in the shadows quietly retreated into the darkness.

Frowning at the spot where the person had vanished, Smith opened the black travel bag after a brief hesitation, only to see rolls of euro and dollar bills.

After a quick check, he confirmed that the cash wasn’t new and was fine to use.

Taking a deep breath, he zipped up the travel bag and gave it to Donna. “Let’s get out of here.”

Donna was surprised. “Huh?” She looked at the bodies all over the ground, then hurriedly accepted the bag and helped Smith out of the factory.

Smith said, “We’ll take this car. Drive Hammerson’s car into the factory, then find something to lock the entrance.”

Donna immediately understood.

Hammerson was a rich man and his car was very eye-catching.

Gangsters like the bearded man, on the other hand, definitely didn’t use cars registered under their own names, so they wouldn’t be easy to track.

Secondly, this was an abandoned factory.

As long as the entrance was locked, n.o.body would notice the cars that were inside for months, or even years.

Donna helped Smith into the car, then gave him the baby. “You can keep Oliver company first. It seems that he missed you.”

Smith lowered his head with a smile; the face of the baby in his arms wrinkled with an aggrieved look, as if it would start crying at any moment.

Smith said softly, “Hey, we’ll find a quiet and beautiful place soon, and start a new life. n.o.body will hurt you anymore, Oliver.’

The baby burst into tears despite the soothing, but Smith’s smile didn’t dim at all.

This was the cry of life!

He was alive, Donna was alive, and even little Oliver was alive.

There were hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bag, enough for them to hide somewhere for years.

Rocking little Oliver in his arms, Smith’s mood was complicated when he recalled the stranger just now and how the man had tossed him the bag of cash.

A German shepherd suddenly jumped out of the factory. It was none other than the dog which Hammerson had brought with him.

It circled Smith and sniffed Oliver, and it whined as it wagged its tail in delight.

Smiling, Smith touched the dog’s big head and said, “It seems that you don’t want to stay either. You can come with us.”

A few minutes later, Donna drove the car away from the abandoned factory with Smith, Oliver and the German shepherd dog.

Soon after they left, Luke returned to the factory. Watching them go off, Luke chuckled. “In the end, I’m still the one stuck with clean-up; hitmen really aren’t professional at getting rid of trash.”

Ten minutes later, both the bearded man and Hammerson, as well as the men that had come with them, disappeared completely from this world, although their cars were still parked inside the abandoned factory.

Who was to say that these two didn’t suddenly receive enlightenment, and decided to go on a journey with their subordinates?

Not long after, Luke waved his hand on the side of the road as Selina came to pick him up.

Recalling everything that had just happened, he secretly murmured that it was quite nice to be a spectator once in a while.

He checked the system and was quite satisfied.

Mission: Eliminate Hertz’s gang.

Total experience: 2,000. Total credit: 2,000.

Contribution rate: 80%. EXP +1,600. Credit +1,600.

Mission: Kill Hammerson.

Total experience: 500. Credit: 500.

Contribution rate: 80%. EXP +400. Credit +400.

20% of the experience and credit had gone to Mr. Smith for being the one to actually kill the two bosses, which was understandable.

And this was just Luke’s earnings for today.

He had also obtained 200 experience and credit points for killing the five shooters in Elsworth Park, and 350 credit points for providing a.s.sistance last night.

He had earned 2,550 experience and credit points from Hammerson and the bearded man in just one day, and his experience had reached a total of 19,440 points.

More importantly, Mr. Smith would take the blame for all the kills.

Suddenly, a system notification popped up.

System: You have received Smith’s appreciation. You may now learn all his abilities.

Smith’s abilities: Basic Firearms, Basic Special Combat, Basic Intelligence Gathering… Elementary Penetration (special mental cla.s.s)

Luke was stunned. What was that?

Closing his eyes, he studied Smith’s ability in the system carefully.

Elementary Penetration (special mental cla.s.s): Prerequisites: 20 Mental Strength and 10,000 credit points. There wasn’t much information, but Luke didn’t think that the ability could be bad, based on both its value and the simple explanation.

An image popped into Luke’s head: The man in black in the body bag, who had a carrot sticking out of his head.

Luke smiled. It seemed that there was one more ability for him to buy after his level-up.

He was running out of credit points again, which was so… exciting.

Selina noticed his smile. “You ran into something interesting again.” It wasn’t even a question.

Luke nodded and said, “Let’s go back to the police department first and see if there’s any news.”Selina didn’t question him further. This definitely wasn’t a small matter, and confirming it through official channels was also a good thing. What was an official channel? For example, private information straight from Elsa and Dustin’s mouths, which would be very trustworthy.

Back at the police department, Luke wasn’t in a hurry to see Elsa. Instead, he fetched two Dr. Peppers and enjoyed them with Selina.

If it was big news, it would take time for it to be confirmed first, and Elsa and Dustin wouldn’t get word so quickly.

No more than an hour had pa.s.sed since Smith’s skydiving act.

Sonia and Alessandro joined them. Luke looked at them and smiled. “Do you want one too?”

Sonia thanked him but declined, and Alessandro said, “I think I need more calcium.”

In other words, fizzy drinks were bad for the bones.

Luke chuckled and opened his desk drawer.


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