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Chapter 386 Investigating the Seaside Villa

Luke offhandedly had Sonia help them check with Dr. Scorsese, and they very quickly obtained the report for Bella’s body.

There were no surprises at all.

Bella had been strangled to death, and there were traces of the suspect inside her. After being locked up for two days, the suspect gave up and confessed.

It happened a few nights ago. He heard engine noises and then a collision.

He got up to check, and saw that two boats had collided in the distance.

After a while, the person on one of the boats pushed another person, who was lying down, into the ocean.

Then, the boat, whose bow had broken, sailed to the simple pier, and Bella had gotten off, cursing

She had been wearing scanty clothing, and it was night on the sh.o.r.eline with n.o.body around, so the suspect had committed the crime.

Of course, he might also have been motivated by the jewelry and watch that she was wearing.

By the time the guy roused from his madness, he found that he had already strangled Bella to stop her from screaming.

The guy was stupid, and simply wrapped Bella up in canvas, threw her into the boat, and hid the boat in the bushes near the pier.

After a couple of days, however, he realized that this wouldn’t do, as the smell could be detected from far away.

Thus, he looked for a car, and planned to drop the boat and the body somewhere far away.

It never occurred to him that he could destroy the boat and the body.

He was dumb, but the reality was that there were plenty of criminals who were even dumber than he was.

Besides, those with brains wouldn’t kill someone for so little money.

The jewelry Bella had been wearing could only sell for several thousand dollars. The suspect hadn’t even spent it yet, except for buying the pickup.

n.o.body was really surprised at this outcome.

Too many of the guys the police brought in had done stupid things on the spur of the moment, and this suspect was just one of them.

After Bella’s case was closed, this guy was handed over to the district attorney.

In his confession, the suspect mentioned that Bella had been yelling things like “go to h.e.l.l, b*tch” and “you’ll never steal my husband from me.”

Coupled with the report from the forensics department, Luke and Selina could more or less determine the cause of Wendy’s death.

The wound on Wendy’s head was caused when she hit the edge of the boat, as suggested by the green paint around her wound, and it had been fatal.

There was an explanation for her dislocated right arm as well.

After the boat was brought back and examined, the forensic scientists discovered that her boat was out of gas.

Luke could picture it easily.

After Wendy’s boat ran out of gas, she tried to pull the starter rope to reactivate the engine. It was at that moment that Bella, bent on revenge, crashed into her boat.

The violent collision caused Wendy to lose her balance while she was pulling the rope. She dislocated her right arm, and her forehead hit the edge of Bella’s boat.

From that moment on, Wendy never regained consciousness.

There was no water in her lungs because she was already dead when she hit the water.

After finding Wendy unconscious or dead after the collision, Bella simply dumped her in the ocean and sailed her boat back.

But just as she was feeling pleased with herself, that black hobo noticed her, and robbed and raped her before strangling her to death.

It was quite the ironic ending for Bella.

This case was no longer important, since everybody involved was already dead.

Luke handed the case over to Elizabeth, then started to look at the other cases.

As he did so, he never stopped collecting and sorting out information.

He had more and more intelligence on Wolf Elsworth, but he wasn’t in a hurry to deal with the guy anymore.

The Elsworth family didn’t just rely on Henry Elsworth as the face and backbone of the family..

There were other members of the family who were in oil, finance, electronics and other industries.

Henry had gone missing along with his plane, which seriously affected the family’s influence in Los Angeles, but the family’s foundation wasn’t shaken.

The family was both as wealthy and powerful as ever.

It was no wonder Dustin and Elsa had stopped Luke from working on the Elsworth family’s cases. They really were trying to protect him.

However, not doing anything for now didn’t mean not doing anything forever. Luke was slowly gaining an understanding of how the family worked, and when the timing was right, he didn’t mind giving them a push. The Elsworth family definitely had enemies. Powerful ones.

But these enemies were just ordinary professional rivals, not life-and-death foes.

At worst, they would only try to undermine each other for a government seat in Los Angeles.

Not meddling was the right thing to do.

Whether a minor detective lived or died meant nothing to such gigantic families.

It was a shame that Mr. Smith had already retired; given how he did things, he might’ve been able to kill off all the important people of the Elsworth family.

Luke could only sigh and instantly abandon that meaningless fantasy.

Mr. Smith was already a father, and was playing house with a hot woman and a dog.

That was pretty much the best sort of family a guy could ask for. Luke couldn’t count on him all the time.

That night, Luke burned the midnight oil as always after Selina trained and went to bed.

At midnight, he packed up his tools and left the house.

A few blocks away, he drove out a relatively new black Ford to his destination.

Wolf Elsworth had been quite active recently.

Word had spread of the death of Wade Davis, the real estate magnate from Texas, and his company was about to go bankrupt.

However, Wolf lived as carefree as ever, as if he hadn’t sent anyone to kill a police officer or intercept a prisoner at all.He was hosting a party at his seaside mansion, the one which had the two rare j.a.panese red maples at the entrance.

Luke wanted to take a look at what Wolf was up to.

One kilometer away from the villa, Luke got out, but instead of pressing forward, he took out a piece of equipment from the trunk — a drone!

Of course, it wasn’t one of those fancy military products, but it was cheap, convenient and practical.

Letting the drone go, Luke returned to his car, and accessed the feed from the drone via a wireless connection on his laptop.

Looking at the extremely clear vision of the mansion in night vision mode, he chuckled.

For purely investigative purposes, he didn’t have to risk going in himself now; this gadget could take care of it.

The drone took photos around the mansion from a distance without approaching it.


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