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Chapter 447 Monster, Release That Girl! I’ll Do It!

Luke wasn’t unfamiliar with the sensation, except that he was feeling it all over his body instead of just on his hands.

He didn’t know how to describe it.

He also observed Quentin’s reaction.

In fact, Quentin should have already woken up from choking on the disgusting liquid, but he was still unconscious.

Could it be that the nightmare couldn’t affect Quentin because he was unconscious, or the signal in here was poor, so Freddy’s attack didn’t have any effect?

Various thoughts flew through Luke’s head as the two of them continued to sink into the bottomless quagmire of filth and blood.

On the other hand, Nancy felt suffocated the moment she sank into the swamp.

The slick, filthy blood filled her mouth and nose, and the strong stench made her feel as if she was falling into h.e.l.l.

It was like an ordinary person falling into a pit filled with sh*t.

After what felt like both a long and short while, she suddenly fell out of the swamp, and the darkness in front of her eyes lightened up a little.

Her eyes opened wide as she felt herself land on a soft bed. Above her head, the dark red blood swiftly shrunk until the ceiling returned to its original gray color.

Was this… her bedroom?

Nancy stared blankly. When she lowered her head, she found that her T-s.h.i.+rt and jeans had been replaced with a white dress.

Her expression changed.

She was very familiar with the style and color of the dress.

This was the dress worn by the little girl in her dream, who was none other than herself back when she was at Badham Kindergarten.

“Three! Two! One!” A low voice rang out and the door of the room opened.

Leaning against the door, Freddy tapped his claws on it. “I’m coming in, little Nancy.”

“No! Don’t come here!” Nancy mumbled in fright.

Freddy just chuckled as he drew closer. “Your eyes say no, no, but my mouth says yes, yes!”

As he spoke, he snapped his claws, and Nancy was immediately restricted by invisible ropes, her limbs stretched out on the bed.

“P- Please don’t!” Nancy had sunk into despair.

Freddy jumped gracefully onto the bed and lay down next to her. Propping his head up with his left hand, the cold, sharp claws on his right hand trailed slowly up her smooth calf.

When the tips of the claws brushed over her skin, Nancy was terrified; it felt like her leg was bleeding when in fact it was a few minute scratches.

Freddy’s claws continued moving upward as he lifted the bottom of the white dress. “Do you still remember that this is my favorite dress?”

Nancy shook her head with difficulty. “No, I don’t.”

Freddy cackled. “You remember now. I know you’ve seen my gift for you. Your heart is filled with pain and fear. They’re calling to me.”

As he spoke, the claws moved further up underneath the dress, going past her knee and her thigh.

Nancy closed her eyes miserably. “Somebody help me!”

Freddy hooted. “There’s n.o.body else here, including your little boyfriend.”

As he spoke, his claws ripped the hem of her dress.

“Open your eyes and look at me!” Freddy suddenly yelled.

Nancy was unable to fight back, and she subconsciously opened her eyes before suddenly exclaiming in shock, “Oh my G.o.d!”

Freddy laughed. “No, your G.o.d isn’t here. It’s just me, and I’m going to send you to h.e.l.l.”

But it was as if Nancy didn’t hear him as she mumbled, “Quentin? And… Luke?”

Freddy stared blankly for a moment, before he suddenly turned around.

At that moment, in one corner of the ceiling, the dark red liquid spat out two people before it swiftly shrunk to nothing.

One had a drooping head and limbs, which suggested that he was unconscious.

The other person twisted in the air to land nimbly on the floor.

Looking at the two people on the bed, he dropped his forehead into his hand. “Oh, Freddy, Freddy. Like I’ve told you a million times, don’t do such despicable things to a pretty girl, you wretched eunuch!”

Surprise flashed in Freddy’s eyes. He got up slowly. “It’s you again?” Luke said, “That’s right! I am the living embodiment of justice — Skywalker!”

Stunned, Freddy then laughed so hard that he could barely stand straight. “Haha, haha. Skywalker? I’m so scared! Hey, where’s your lightsaber? Where’s your cape? And most importantly, where’s your Force?”

As he spoke, he turned around and lay down next to Nancy again, stroking her smooth skin with his claws. “I like the sound when my claws cut their skin, and when they cry and scream…”

“Monster, release that girl!” Luke roared. “I’ll do it!”

Freddy: “Huh?”

Nancy: “What?!”

Luke smiled in embarra.s.sment. “Haha, sorry, I remembered the wrong line! It should be… Don’t touch her!”

Hearing the familiar line, Freddy felt that everything was finally back under his control.

His claws continued upward as it cut the white dress open. “How can I give up something so wonderful?”

He stopped at Nancy’s chest and pressed down sharply. The sharp tips of his claws looked like they would stab into her heart the next moment.

Seeing this situation, Luke suddenly said, “Huh, she’s such a big girl already, why isn’t she wearing a bra?”

Freddy: “Huh?”

Nancy: What?”

When Luke asked that, he had already sent Quentin hurtling forward.

Looking at Quentin whizzing in his direction, Freddy couldn’t quite grasp what was happening and instantly disappeared. An unconscious Quentin hit Nancy hard. Unable to cry out, she could only gasp in pain.Quentin was so heavy it felt like her stomach was caving in.

Freddy reappeared next to the bed. “Wow, it looks like I have two toys now.”

Luke curled this lip. “Sure. The boy is on the top anyway. You can kill him first.”

Freddy: “Huh?”

Nancy: What?”

Luke slowly walked over. “I’m not gay. Why would I protect another man? A real man should rely on himself.” Freddy: “…”

Nancy: “…”

We really don’t know how to argue with that.


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