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Chapter 645 The Guest Staying Over

She met with Luke at the door and they went down right away.

After the 30th floor, they ran into the police officers who were going upstairs. They smiled and informed them that SWAT had taken over and they could go back now.

All the police officers were most grateful.

As they ran downstairs, Selina didn’t forget to complain about the stupid bigshots on the top floor. “Do you have any idea how condescending those people are? They asked me why the police weren’t there yet. Do they think that climbing 82 floors is the same as walking a hundred meters?” Luke jumped down to the next floor. “Aren’t they scared of dying?” Selina also jumped down the stairs after him. “Some of them are, and some came with bodyguards. They already left by the time we arrived. Those left upstairs aren’t at that level.”

Luke was enlightened. “So they’re putting on airs and acting bigger than they actually are?” Selina: “Of course. They were bossing around the staff and waiters. They had all kinds of demands and had no time to check the rooftop.”

Luke found that odd. “Then how did they know that helicopters couldn’t land on the roof?”

Selina: “The bodyguards of the bigshots who ran off first checked it out. Everybody else heard their report and didn’t bother to go up again.” Luke: “…Fine, we can’t a.s.sume that everybody is proactive. Some people are still lazy even with the threat of death.”

As they mocked the bigshots upstairs, they jumped down the stairs like agile monkeys, and in two minutes, left the plaza.

They then got into their car, which Selina had driven over. This time, Selina was the driver and Luke was in the pa.s.senger seat, which made it easier for him to get down and save people. With Selina collecting information on their surroundings via the drones and cameras on the car, his rescue operations became more focused. They did their best to find emergencies and major accidents to help at. A stream of experience and credit points continued to flow into the system. However, no media paparazzi bothered to interview them.

Both the detachable siren flas.h.i.+ng on the car and the badges that Luke and Selina were wearing made these professional paparazzi lose interest.

Police cars weren’t uncommon, and police officers were rescuing people everywhere.

Their target wasn’t those ordinary police officers, but that extraordinary person – Batman!

This superhero who suddenly appeared out of nowhere during this catastrophe was their real target.

Thus, as the media helicopters hovered in the sky and the news vans interviewed the people saved by Batman, n.o.body bothered with a certain minor detective in his police badge and police car who was still diligently saving people. After bustling around all night, Luke and Selina finally left the central district at dawn.

All the public service departments were rus.h.i.+ng about, but most of the emergencies had been taken care of, and Luke and Selina just told Elsa that they were taking a break. Returning home, Luke opened the door and glanced at Claire’s room. He then made a shush gesture at Selina. Selina looked at him suspiciously. Luke changed into house slippers and then pointed at the shoe cupboard that his body had been blocking. Selina immediately understood.

There was a pair of gray high-heeled sandals on it.

They didn’t belong to Claire.

The little monkey was too active and only wore sports shoes.

While the high heels looked dirty, the brand suggested that they were expensive. Claire would never buy them for herself.

Luke and Selina didn’t have to be too careful, as long as they didn’t talk and laugh too loud. The house was reasonably soundproof.

They each took a shower and got something to eat from the fridge. Gold Nugget slipped out of the room and wagged its tail at Luke.

Luke: “Fine, nothing happened here last night. You did a good job.”

Gold Nugget’s eyes bulged; it wasn’t entirely satisfied. That was it? Luke gave it two plates of food from the table. “I made you something.” Gold Nugget frowned, but after thinking for a moment, it still lowered its head and focused on the food.

It had planned to ask for a reward, but Selina suddenly warned it via their link not to say anything. Sensing Selina’s thought, Gold Nugget shut up.

But it was still a little confused: Wasn’t it a human rule to get paid for the work you did?

Looking at its expression, Selina said telepathically again, the rule doesn’t apply to family and friends. I don’t charge you rent for sleeping in my room every day, right? Gold Nugget: …It’s Dollar who sleeps in your room.

Selina was astonished. You’re getting better and better at being shameless. Who have you been learning from?

Gold Nugget didn’t stop eating as it glanced at a certain someone at the dining table.

Luke, who had been reading the local news while eating, turned his head. “What’s wrong?” He didn’t notice their telepathic conversation at all, but was fully focused on the news on the tablet. “Luke, you’re back!” someone called out cheerfully from the other side of the living room. Luke raised his head with a smile. “Of course. We were busy for the whole night; we need the break. You could have slept a little longer. Blake, good morning.”

On the other side of the living room appeared two beautiful girls in loose T-s.h.i.+rts and shorts. Their hair was uncombed and their clothes were rumpled.

Claire ran over and circled Luke as she said to Selina, “Right, good morning, Selina.”

Selina said good morning back and continued eating, not bothered at all by Claire’s off-handed greeting.

Luke was her brother. Naturally, Selina couldn’t compare with him.

She simply waved her hand. “Blake, can I call you that?”

Blake walked over a little quicker and smiled awkwardly, “Yes. Selina, h.e.l.lo.”

Selina: “If you’re hungry, come and have some food. It’s easier to fall asleep when you’re full.”

Blake was surprised. You sleep when you’re full? How much weight would you

put on?

But looking at Selina’s figure, she didn’t say anything at all. Selina wasn’t afraid of putting on weight. Coming back to herself, Claire then dragged Blake to the bathroom.

A moment later, they returned to the dining table, and everybody started to chat.

Luke and Selina didn’t ask why Blake stayed over. They didn’t think she would be happy to talk about it.

They talked about the earthquake last night.

The L.A. news was playing on the tablet nearby.

Looking at Claire, who was eating cheerfully, Luke asked, “Did you call Robert and Catherine?”

Claire nodded. “I called them last time and told them not to worry right after I called you.”

Luke didn’t ask more.

After breakfast, Selina immediately returned to her room to sleep. Her stamina wasn’t as good as Luke’s, and she needed a good rest after a busy night. Luke, on the other hand, made himself a pot of green tea and watched the news on TV in the living room as he enjoyed his tea.


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