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Chapter 721: Escape Car and Location Tracker

“Just call me Adrian.” Adrian was relieved.

A voice came from the backseat. “Daddy, who’s this big brother?”

Luke turned around and waved with a smile. “Hi, pretty lady. Call me Luke.”

“Nice to meet you, Luke. My name is Liz!” A five-year-old girl rubbed her sleepy eyes and gave him a big wave.

It had to be said that with Luke’s smile and nice face, it was easy for women to feel close to him, no matter their age.

In the backseat, Adrian’s wife also smiled in thanks.

Everybody had to eat, and it was impossible to run from an earthquake indefinitely.

With the help of a “well-informed” person like Luke, it couldn’t be any better if they could minimize the impact on their lives as much as possible.

As they chatted, the car got to ten kilometers of the prison, and Luke stopped Adrian from continuing forward.

“Turn north first, then east. Try to stay as far away from the prison as possible,” Luke said in a low voice in Adrian’s ear.

Adrian was surprised. “What’s wrong?”

Luke sighed. “It’s all because of that young gang master who put up that hundred-million-dollar reward for his rescue. Some people took advantage of the earthquake today to take action. Some criminals might show up on the run here later. It’s best that you don’t pick up any hitchhikers, at least not during this period of time.”

Adrian was lost for words. Looking at Luke’s departing back, he murmured, “Thank you.”

Jogging back to the car, he turned the wheel and headed north.

“Why are we suddenly going north?” his wife asked curiously.

Adrian: “…Luke just said that the road ahead might be blocked by the police. It’ll be very troublesome to pa.s.s through.”

His wife quickly said, “Then let’s go around it.”

On the other side, Luke rode his bike over and soon arrived at the prison.

He screeched to a stop next to a command van. Luke craned his neck and asked, “How’s it going, Harrison?”

Harrison immediately scuttled out of the command van and threw a headset at Luke. “Hurry up. Those guys are already inside. They’re evacuating now. They must’ve succeeded. Wait, is that… a bike?”

Luke said, “There was traffic, bro.”

Harrison slapped his forehead. “I forgot. Most of the police reinforcements are stuck on the road.”

Luke said, “Don’t count on them. The city’s a mess and looting is happening everywhere. By the time they get here, it’ll only be for the cleanup.” He put in the earpiece.

Harrison said, “The criminals are withdrawing northeast. If you hurry, you’ll be able to catch the tail end.”

Luke said, “Got it. I’ll get going first.” He got on his bike again.

Harrison climbed back into the van. “Falcon is here. Attention, all units! Falcon is on a bike. Snipers, don’t hit the wrong person.”

There was a brief silence on the radio before someone said, “Bike?”

“Yes, a bike. Otherwise, would he have run dozens of kilometers here?” Harrison cursed in frustration and quickly deployed the police force.

The number of criminals this time exceeded everyone’s expectations. There were more than three hundred of them.

Some of them were particularly tricky. They wore bulletproof vests and could still move quickly even after being shot.

The prison itself wasn’t that easy to break into. There were three walls around the isolation zone and a steel wire fence around the perimeter.

But there had been a series of explosions inside the prison tonight which had blown up several key locations, allowing the criminals to charge into the prison and escape the police’s encirclement.

Harrison could only hope that Luke could create a miracle.

At that moment, he didn’t have high hopes. After all, Luke had arrived a little late.

Luke rode his bike all the way around the prison to the northeast.

A bunch of criminals were holding off the police.

The police had been faced with a sudden attack.

The robbers had opened up a new pa.s.sage in the prison with the explosives, which caught the police off-guard. For the moment, there was no way for them to head out and provide backup, and the new pa.s.sage was occupied by the enemy. The situation was at an

Luke arrived on his bike and tossed it into some shrubs on the side. He then stepped to the side and drew his gun.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of gunshots rang out, and the gunfire around the pa.s.sage opening suddenly abated.

Luke took down more than ten criminals from the side, and the enemy formation was in shambles.

Luke hid behind a slope and checked the situation with his lenses.

At the same time, he activated Sharp Nose to track Alex Montell’s scent.

Very soon, he detected the scent of that pest. Sure enough, he was headed northeast.

Luke unhurriedly reloaded.

Chase after Alex?

There was no need for that.

This guy had been on Luke’s blacklist for a long time, and it couldn’t be any better now that he had dared escape police “protection.”

If he died in prison, a lot of people would definitely investigate it.

But if he died while escaping from prison, that was a different matter.

If anyone wanted to investigate, they could ask the criminals who were with Alex!

It was just that finding the criminals would be another problem.

Thinking that, Luke took out a drone and controlled it to approach a fleeing car that had several criminals on it.

The drone flew to the rear of the car and stopped. With a soft pop, it shot out a small tracker at the bottom of the car.

Looking at the yellow dot on his fake phone, Luke nodded in satisfaction. He then picked up his gun and reloaded before he stood up again.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

In the end, the last few robbers toppled backward, but the car with the GPS tracker had already fled.

Crouching down again, Luke reloaded and reported in his earpiece, “Hondo, the criminals at the back door have basically been eliminated, but there’s no sign of Alex. He probably ran away earlier.”

Harrison simply replied, “Got it. A Team will immediately search the northeast. B Team will check on our men and reload ammo. Reinforcements will be there in five minutes.”

He then said, “Thanks, Falcon.”

Luke smiled and mumbled to himself, SWAT doesn’t have Alex this time. Sorry, Harrison!

Then, he called Selina. “I’m behind a slope twenty-five meters outside a gap in the northeast. Come pick me up.”

Two minutes later, Selina drove the car to a road nearby and picked him up.

The case here now had nothing to do with them, since Luke was just a temporary helper.

Harrison’s SWAT team was the main force sent by headquarters to provide reinforcements. This was a transfer of resources between LAPD HQ and the LSPD bigshots.

As for the pursuit, that involved the jurisdiction and authority of the county police. The police department had never been involved, and it would be troublesome if Luke and Selina meddled.


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